Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 1 update

I am having loads of fun althought at times i am gettting really home sick. Waking up is when my home sickness hits the worst, but as i go on in my studies and as my day goes by it gets easier. There are 11 Missionaries in my district 10 elders and 1 sister they are all great my companion is Elder Baranowski or in Polish Starsky Baranowski. We have taught two lessons already all in Polish, the 1st one was kind of embarassing but the 2nd got lots better! The language is pretty hard but i am getting it i can say a prayer in polish now its pretty great! the food sucks here so all you that told me it is good....i hate you. I have seen Alot of Friends i have seen Elder Case, Elder Burt, Elder Christenson, Elder Shorte and Elder Tidwell. i can wait for Elder Jaussi Elder Emch Elder Sanderson and Elder Fisher in two weeks! and Elder Crawford in a couple more weeks! i hope to hear from you all please write me handwritten letters or Dear elder me and leave your address and i will write you back! i need some encouraging words and want to know how the heat won??? thats terrible! i miss and love you all and i will try my best to update you every week!

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