Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Well I'm in a new city

 Say Cheese!!!!
 Elder Brown and Elder Harris with the cute little girl that reminds him of Jordyn
 Elder Harris's investigator 
Elder Dodge ( His new Companion)

No cześć

Well a lot of your emai'ls have been asking about my new area and my new companion,  but I just got to my new area on Friday, so I am still getting to know him. As of now I really like him. He has only been in the country for about 2 months so he is still new! His name is Elder Dodge and he is from Highland Utah! So really close! I like my new area and am way excited to do work here! I came into a new area with two baptismal dates so hopefully I don't screw it up haha.  
This week was bittersweet! Tuesday was really hard, it just won't stop snowing and it's  so cold. And such a hard day. No one listened, and it was awful, but I maned up and took the challenge and still made it a good day! I am really starting to love everyday more and more here on my mission. Wednesday was my last English class and my class was not to happy that I was leaving, but it's okay Elder Hayes is staying and they love his accent! We also had a pizza party because me and Elder Bokinsky were getting transferred to here in Bydgoszcz ( pretty exctied I am still with him! He is awesome!!! ) and Sister Howells is going to Warsaw,so they had a farewell pizza party  for us.  Elders Bokinsky and Vernon, my first transfer in Katowice Baptized a family and they have the cutest girl ever so the whole time I was just teasing her and stuff. It was a blast. She is so much like Jordyn!
 Also my investagator named Krzystoff was there and he is so cool! he said he is going to write me letters all the time so hopefully I can still help him gain faith in Christ.
  Thursday we all had lunch with the Gypsys in our branch and that was fun! Sucks leaving them. They are so cool! Friday was all day traveling and meeting my new companion! 
 Saturday we had a meeting set up and the guy was so nice, and honestly I am pretty sure I understood everything. I can already see the blessings since being here. Honestly nothing to different is going on. Just working my tail off trying to do the right thing just like all of you. It's interesting, I have been reading conference talks and one I read was by President Hinckley in 1998 Priesthood session and he says something true and of course funny "....the girl you marry will take a terrible chance on you..." made me laugh haha, but it's so true! So we as men we need to be the best we can and not settle for anything less. Rather your Mormon or not your wife deserves the best in you! Um yeah! nothing much else hopefully have some pictures of me and Elder Dodge next week as well as my address love you all and miss you all!!!

Elder Harris

Friday, February 22, 2013

Farewell Lunch with the Missionaries in Katowice

Repost from Elder and Sister Reed's Blog
Guess where we ate? Pizza Hut! The Pizza Hut here are are like gourmet restaurant and are really nice. Left to Right- Elder and Sister Reed, Elder Bokinski, Elder Harris, Elder Hayes (from Wales), Sister Howells, Sister Holmgren and Elder Brown

Tomorrow three of our missionaries are being transferred to different cities.  We feel like we are just barely getting to know them, but we’re sure our paths will cross again before we all leave the mission.  They are all such wonderful, dedicated young adults with heart-felt testimonies which make them effective missionaries.  All except one of them are from the States.  Elder Hayes is from Wales  -  we love to hear his English accent as he talks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yep some changes are happening

 The pink tie club
 Katowice District
A street in Katowice 

Alright Rodzina, (Family)
Hey everyone! So I have one question...when is Easter this year?  But anyways this week was slow, but had some miracles and some changes. So we had transfers this week! And " its going to affect me " Elder Hayes will be staying here in Katowice as the Zone Leader and Elder Dopp his old companion will be here with him, and as for me I will being going to Bydgoszcz as the District Leader. It's my first time being Senior Companion and a District Leader, so pray really hard for me please! haha, but yes I am pretty excited about this and I hope i do good.
 Elder hayes was sick this week a little bit so we didn't get much finding time, it was a lot of area book work and making sure he rested.  We had some good stuff happen this week first on Thursday we had a meeting with an investigator named Leszek who came to chruch last week and we meet with him and he has only had the Book of Mormon for 2 weeks and is through Alma. Crazy! fast reader, he is way interested just has like infinite questions I swear! but it was a great lesson he is awesome! Also that day we decided to go tracking,  something I hate because I have been let in once and you all know how patient I am right, so I was having a great time!  I wasn't onry at all that day.  We decided to follow our plans and we are at this guys door give him a flyer and he says I will use this one day, we thought cool and went to the next door and this guy opens it and yells at us, asks us to leave and being the loving son of god he was that day, walked us out of the building and watched us leave. right as I was about to be really annoyed BOOM!  Miracle! the guy who we gave a flyer too ran down to get us and he goes hey are you guys Mormons? I said yes and he said cool come in please! We met with him and a girlfriend, wife or "really good Friend" because they live together, but he says they are just friends, but they acted married.  They sat us down gave us fruit tea and donuts and said okay teach us we are ready to listen. ("Uh Garth did you hear that I think we are going to get paid for doing Waynes world!") yes what a great thing to hear an investigator say. It was perfect they were nice set, up another appointment and even came to church and it was awesome I am sad to be leaving them though! 
 Saturday we had a branch party talking about the armor of god and it was awesome. The Senior Couple put it on for the branch and we had as a district 8 investigators  there. It was so much fun we had to make the Armour and explain it and Leszek explained his teams Armour so that was cool he is really doing good so quickly too! So this week was fun, but sad that Elder Hayes was sick! Transfers were crazy and no joke transfers are like national signing day. We are on the phones trying to figure out where everyone is going it's stressful!  but lots of fun! I love you all and miss you all. I pray for each and everyone of you who receive this and many more who I don't have your email and I hope your reading this. We must endure to the end with faith. We can say oh it's Monday I will take it easy at work and get through it or you can have the faith that Monday  is going to be a blast! Make the best of it! God lives and loves us! Till next week ya all have fun and be safe and hope everyone had a good valentines day!
Elder Harris

Monday, February 11, 2013

What's Up!!!

This is The Spencer Pub. Who thought Beto would look like this.
(Shawn has a cousin named Spencer and he calls him Beto) 
This is some food I ate the other day
                                                                                        Me randomly

Dear Family!

Hey everyone doing?? I am doing good. this week we had a lot going on and we were on exchange with the APs, so I was able to be with my old companion Elder Mikolyski! So that was way fun! We did lots of work! For starters, Monday was fun it was p day and we went to the mall to help Elder Bokinsky buy a suit, actually it was boring. I am not a big fan of shopping, but hey it's better then nothing. We met with Konrad one of the recent converts in our branch and he is hilarious and so cool. He has such a strong testimony and he even helped on a lesson on Wednesday to a guy who was being really stubborn saying he knew god and Konrad starts asking him questions and he goes see you don't know god, so let these guys teach was hilarious not going to lie! On the exchange Elder Mikolyski helped me with my contacting and I was able to have a street lesson with a mom and her two babies and she wasn't really interested till the end, she started getting some interest and then I gave her a book I walked away and so did she and I notice her reading it she read it for a good 5 minutes then left so hopefully she calls because she didn't feel comfortable exchanging numbers which I understand. 
Also me and Elder Mikolyski had a strong lesson with Krzystoff our Student from English and he is starting to see the imporatnace of reading the book of mormon it was really neat to see! he also came to our little 'Elders Quorm" activity of Ping Pong and he is really good! We had two investigators and one less active there. It was a joy to watch. So on top of a really hard working week I had the chance to translate for the first time and I killed it. I did it's so hard, but hey it was a good learning  exeriance! It was a fun good week just lots of street teaching and our area is picking up. I am excited we get transfer calls this Sunday wow this transfer flew my companion is awesome and he was so much fun. I hope I get one more transfer with him! Just want to you leave you all with my testimony that I know our leaders are called by  inspiration from above. Rather it be a senior companion, a bishop, Sunday school teacher or even Dad our priesthood leaders are here with us because our heavenly father knows they will help shape us! and thanks to this I feel the love of my heavenly father every day! you just got to humble yourself and be willing to listen! and for those of you who are not members of the church, I know he loves you too! he really does I love and miss you all! don't have to much fun on valentines day with out haha I could really go for some Olive Garden right now haha.  Alright talk to you all later!!!
Elder Harris

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wieś Co?? Jestem w Polsce!‏ Hamlet What? I am in Poland

 Me and the Elder's in my district during Culture Night 
        Me and Elder Weir with my less active member, 
who I have been trying to reactivate.  

 Picture of me with my future wife, I hope HaHa

Drogi Rodzinie! ( Dear Family )

Well how is everyone doing? This week was a good week had lot's going on and a lot happening it was really good. First off FYI I love the Book of Mormon and if you haven't read it... Read it. It's amazing! 
This week started off with our exchange and I had to wait 3 hours for Elder Weir to come in from Wroclow and I had a meeting set up so the Senior couple Elder Elder Reed offered to help me out and let me stay with them for the time being. It was so much fun. They made me real food, gosh it felt good to eat real food. Then we ended up getting  flaked...what a surprise right? so we just hung out at their apartment until Elder Weir came. So the exchange lasted until Wednesday after noon like usual. So Tuesday we tore it up in Katowice! We went out of the apartment laughing having a good time with each other and first person we see we start teaching but some Larry ( Missionary code word for  Bum on the street) starts asking us for money and the guy goes sorry guys I have to go now...geez, thanks man and then he asks again, of course we were nice about it and said no, but still I was so annoyed. But we ended up teaching a really good street lesson. Also I set up two meetings the first was with Tomek who is the less active I have been reactivating since I have been in Katowice. He is doing so good  Elder Weir and I taught him a powerful lesson it was good, but I am worried he is getting a little attached to me. What is it with me and big people??  We also taught our investigator Pawel and it went really good he is slowly progressing .It"s awesome to see it! So using that energy from the exchange and the help of Grandma Shauna and her always saying "Attitude is everything", which I always wondered why she would say it or think it,  but it's true. So Grandma Shauna your the best! and I had a positive attitude and this week and it was awesome! We eat things called Kebab its like a gyro thing ,but 100000000000 times better and greasy as crap, but it's good. So I got talking to the guy and I ended up teaching him. I will give him a Turkish Book of Mormon soon! He is Turkish. 
 Thursday we had culture night and we wen to a play called Fiddler on the Roof? anyone heard of it? I haven't,but it was so cool and fun! I understood a lot to! Then the rest of the week was just contacting and having fun, but to top if off, My big old black investigator named David from Nigeria showed up at church I say big old black, because he is 6 foot 5 and really dark which really sticks out in Poland so I was worried how the branch would react, but they loved him! He can't speak Polish so I  translated, but they had a blast and he had fun! gosh I love the love of God! Well I miss you all and love you! I know this church is true! I having fun and seeing miracles. 

Keep the faith everyone!!!

Elder Harris