Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finally Picture's

Wish I could tell you who these people are. 
I know that Elder Harris and Elder Myler were teaching them. This was in Gdansk.
Elder Harris's new companion Elder Mikolski.

Elder Harris around Poland.

Thanksgiving in Poland

We had Thanksgiving on Thursday with our district and had some good food. We had smoked pulled pork, potatoes, pretzel salad, a poppy seed cake, corn, devil eggs, and juice. It wasn't the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but it was so good. 

Looks like a fun group of missionaries.

Monday, November 26, 2012

What a great Week

Well Notre Dame lets win this one for the Gipper! haha I finally have a team that's winning...wow that's weird to say haha. But anyways everyone Happy Thanksgiving once again! Sounds like everyone had a blast eating watching and playing football. I didn't get to play football or watch it :( but we got to eat!!! I will explain later. But I am doing really good. This week was kind of a struggle,  language wise I don't know why, but I am having trouble with this. This language still its so frustrating. But then God gives me a tender mercy that makes me go oh...well Shawn stop whining  So I quickly get over it and just keep on lookin out Polish to people.
This week was great ups and downs, but that's how it always is right? 

Monday for Pday was nothing special we just relaxed and hung out, but it was nice to sit down and breathe for a second though. Me and Elder Bokinsky talked about football most of the time so it was fun. We had another exchange. geez!!! they are annoying I never get a normal Monday its really annoying at first I would be down with all the down time waiting for my companion, but ever since I got my back hurt and had to sit out a day I hate not working its the worse feeling ever.

 Tuesday was a good day though in some ways. For example I spent all night Sunday setting up meetings so we could teach on this exchange and not just contact,  I set up 3 it was awesome! then what do you know I call and confirm it and one who is a family we teach Bozena her daughter has a volleyball game so she cancelled whichIi understand, then Our old Baptismal Date I say old because unfourtunatly his mom is practicing catholic and says we can meet with him but he cant be baptized till he is 18. But he flaked on us. I called him and he forgot. Tis is  the second day in a row he did that. But one lessen went through with this guy named Pawel we taught him  first and watched the Restoration video. we didn't teach a whole discussion first, but went over  prayer and restoration because the sisters "taught him a first on the street" so we just went over that and it was a good meeting I was with Elder Garfield from my group and we did well. 

Wednesday is English day and I love teaching English, our class is so funny we talked about Thanksgiving and this guy who believes in science always has something to say about our church which is fine  We don't teach doctrine in the English class.We  just pray. So I don't know why he acts like that, and plus its free English dude. Just sit down and listen. But I can't say that haha. There is this guy Kris who is my favorite person in the class stands up and goes" Nicholys shut up your so mean to these poor people" in his little English he knows and then the guy goes your right I am sorry and then the class got better and we went around the room saying what we are thankful for and our member Adrian who is freakin awesome turns it into a testimony and everyone was like wow I like what he said...so everyone in class even Nicholys was touched so that was a tender mercy I needed for the day. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving and yes we did something we have a senior couple from Texas and they cooked bbq pulled pork, well they smoked it and it was amazing not going to lie it was so dang good! so we ate and hung out as Missionaries on Thursday for Thanksgiving it was the best.

 Friday morning I got bored and finally made ranch and wow that was heaven on earth so nice to finally get to eat ranch! I even found chicken wings and I was in heaven, finally chicken wings and ranch!!! but we also decided to call Kris and ask if he wants to meet and he said yes. We had elder Mcgrath, the senior couple on the lesson and we talked in English, then talked about the church and it was the most spiritual lesson I have had. It was amazing. Kris is a great guy and kept saying oh I want to read that I want to read that! so we gave him a book and invited him to church and sure enough he came, but left early so we didn't have much time to meet, but he liked it and I honestly see this guy becoming a member he believes in what we believe in so all he needs to do and get dunked. Then to top off the week I am reading in my personal study and I come across this scripture Alma 58:37 and it says this at the beginning "Behold it matterith not we trust in God...." and wow I have never been hit so strong in my life. This is not just a scripture for Members, but for everyone...if your having a hard time and think wow whats going on and this doesn't make sense I testify to you that it doesn't matter put your trust in God and know he loves you. I know for a fact he is our loving heavenly father and loves us all the same and knows us personally don't be afraid of him embarrass him. rather your "Mormon"or not he loves you and I have felt that love so much this week and I know you have too you just have to recognize it. Anyways I love you all and miss you all! Time sure is flying. Its almost Christmas. Have a good week!
Love Elder Harris

Monday, November 19, 2012

Back to Work

Well I cant believe it's already Thanksgiving this week, but I won't be getting the 5 F's this year :( Football, Food, Family, Friends, and Females, but it's okay because I am in Poland and how cool is that? Really cool right? This week started off crappy, but I am okay now. I had back spasms last Sunday to Tuesday night. I was on my back and couldn't leave the house! It was horrible. I was really missing missionary work...maybe I needed that kick in the butt. The worst part is, I wass on exchange and he had to sit there as well, but we got to know each other his name is Elder Skolimowski and he is way cool. Way into star wars so i feel as if I know whats going on with star wars now haha. But during my personal study I read Alma 37 and in verses 6,7, and 41 it says" by small and simple things the lord creates miracles "you all already know why I love that, but its true I have done cool things in my life and so far on my mission we are lucky enough to be the lords tools in helping a young boy named Olek be baptized next month so please put Olek and his family in your prayers so that he can make this step! One thing that is cool to see in Poland is how amazing the members are. We have 3 YSA members named Adrian Arek and Patryk oh and Gosia who are all amazing and their testimonies are so strong and the love they have for the church is incredible. I am blessed to be able to be around them. Also we have a member named Jozef who is this old man and every time his friend come with him and tires  to talk he tells him, in his old man loud whisper to shut up because I want to go to heaven unlike you....and its so funny he is being so Innocent about it. So innocent about it too it's hilarious. I love this mission. It's great and hard, but great. I am doing good and having fun My Irish are number 1!!!!!!!!!!! so all youl haters, yeah don't be hating haha. So I am having fun and doing good. Hope everyone is as well. P Diddy (Peyton) Happy birthday! Cant wait to hear from you all next week! Here is a quote sent to me by Gabe that has stuck with me and it helps me through the tough times "What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes....one day you will bask in the sunlight and everything will be good." Work hard and dont back down love what you have when you have it and understand whats important because in the end everything will be good." Manti Te'o 
Love you all like I say a million times. I am grateful for you as my family and friends!
Elder Harris

Monday, November 12, 2012

7 Flakes, Back Spasms, The AP's palying a joke. Fun Time's In Poland

Hey everyone! this week we got flaked 7 times which was a joke!!!! but hey what can you do people have their agency. but we did meet some cool people and of course i am having fun! no pics this week sorry i forgot my cord!

 Tues this week we had p-day since Monday was Zone Conference and I already told you guys about that but, on p-day we got to play touch football! it was 2 on 2, but still it was fun getting out there and throwing the ball around I brought out the rugby ball but no one really wanted to play, but they all wanted to learn how to throw it so I thought them. That was a blast then after that we had a lesson with they lady who gives us free haircuts her name is Bozen she is way cool and she has the cutest kids in the world holly cow her little daughter Paulina is adorable she is ten and we played ninja(mormon game) and we went all around the house till she finally beat me, but it was fun we taught them English and a spiritual thought and she made us dinner and she is the bomb at making Polish food. Polish food is so good. Not sure what it was, but it was amazing!!! and fun!Then on Wednesday we got flaked twice and had a full day of finding, didn't find anyone, but still fun. When we got home the APs called us and wanted to talk to me they told me that I am the next AP hahahahahah ust kidding, but Elder Myler was with them and and it was good to talk to him! he told me about Michal and Lukasz! Lukasz is reading the Book of Mormon on his own. He had the feeling to read so he did and what he reads they talked about in church! So happy to see that he is progressing! and Michal everytime they go over he asks in is loud polish accent trying to speak English HELLO MY FRIENDS! HOW IS MY FRIEND SHAWN DOING?? haha and they go with there kids to FHE at the Americans house!They are doing so well it was awesome to hear! I wish I had stuff to tell you about investigators here. I the Book of Mormon is true, but when I find some good ones I will let you all know hahaha. Friday was Elder Mikolyskis year mark and we burned a tie! it was hilarious! we fried that thing!  but that day we meet a less active who is a big teddy bear named Adam and he was an angel so then a less active named Andrzej, we found out he is now homeless and his wife died... he is a good guy but yeah so pray for him... but I am safe DAD don't worry haha then Satruday we got flaked twice again but after all day of finding the last guy iI contact I get his number and give him a book so keep your fingers crossed! and Sunday sucked, I am fine I promise everyone so don't call the mission home, but I am having back spasms so I am on bed rest until Wednesday, but I have everything I need. I am good, I promise lol so yeah. It's good to hear all about you guys and love you all I am having fun and doing good I promise! GO IRISH can't believe the Raiders aren't doing good, but sounds like they have a bright future at least they are young so I have faith as always! have a good week love you all!!!

Elder Harris

PS Krisy or Mom I need the homemade mac and cheese recipe!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Zone Conference in Katowice

 This is Katowice Zone. Look how happy Elder Harris looks.
Love the smile.
 This is his little district. Went from 2 Elders and 2 Sister's in Gadnaks to this.
Katowice District: Standing: Elders Harris, Mikolyski (Zone Leader), Bokinsky (District Leader) and Vernon.  Sitting:  Elder and Sister McGrath, Sisters Ence and Holmgren.
STO LAT! During lunch we always find time to celebrate the birthdays that have taken place since the last Zone Conference in August. (LtoR):  Elders Neuner, Harris, Sisters Holmgren, Howells, McGrath, Sheley and Ence.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Elder Vernon thinks of Elder Harris

I was reading Elder Vernon's blog, he was in the MTC with Elder Harris. They went on an exchange with each other this passe week. This is what he ha to say about Elder Harris. Elder Harris is still Elder Harris. Oh how I love to here what people think of my son. 

I also had an exchange with Elder Harris this week. It was a lot of fun and we got some good work done. 
He is a champion missionary, and quite a character. 
He has some great one-liners and adds a lot of liveliness to the district for sure. 

Day of the Dead Hoilday

 This is a Holiday in Poland where family members light up their love ones graves. This takes place on November 1st. I guess this could be like our Memorial Day. I like the whole candle thing. Looks pretty cool.

2nd week in Katowice

Hey everyone I heard I have a new cousin. Pretty sweet! He is so cute. I'm so excited to meet him.
 I am doing good here in Katowice. The City were you get yellow eye! so if i come home with yellows that's why haha.  The people are so nice and my branch is the best! but we do have a lady who is crazy and try's to go to the US and stay with missionaries parents her name is "K" so if a"K" from Poland shows up don't let her stay lol. I already know what Dad would say to her hahaha, but I have had a good week not to many lessons lots of finding which is fun but really long and makes the day drag on sometime's, but in the end its all worth it! This week I have been trying my best to better myself in maturity and hopefully it's working. I want to come home a new man someone who is still fun and funny, but a little more grown up you know what I mean, but anyways my companion is great we are always quoting Wayne's world and Ace Ventura and movies like that, it makes the long finding days way fun! He is also helping me a lot with Polish which I am so grateful for! but we had two lessons with an investigator named Olek but we call him Demon Olek, because he told other missionaries he is possessed by one...dude your 15 years young, but we decided to meet with him and just yesterday he agreed that after he finishes reading the Book of Mormon and still believes it is true he will become baptized so I am excited for that hopefully his parents let him they are okay with him meeting with us but we will see! also this week I went on an exchange with Elder Vernon from my MTC  group it was lots of fun and I learned a lot. I know. I became better by his example. So everyone has been asking about Halloween, so in Poland they will dress up and stuff but only little kids do and no trick or treating so that was kinda dumb,  but they have a holiday similar on Nov 1st call all saint day and they go and decorate all the dead people in their families graves with flowers and lights and then you walk around graveyards and look at them. Not sure how it's similar but that's what they do. It was okay not as cool as I was hoping it would be. On Saturday I found out we have an investigator who gives us free hair cuts so that's a plus and by missionary rumor she is a little attractive ..we have a meeting with her tonight.  I will let you know next week haha, but the reason I am emailing late is because we had Zone Conference yesterday and it was sweet I got to see some old mtc buddies and the spirit was amazing honestly Pres. Nielsen is amazing I have never felt the spirit so strong. He talked about showing love for you loved ones and change your attitude and think about the lord. it was awesome but i want you all to know that i love you and i know that this church is true and the Book of Book or Mormon is true.I hope everyone have a good week love you lots!

Elder Harris