Monday, July 29, 2013

Another great week.

Cześć Wam,

Boy! where do I start with this week. I would like to start off by saying I love you all, I was reading President Monson's talk from last conference during priesthood session and he said something that I really loved. First though I think it ties to you all, even though your not active or maybe not even a member, but I consider all who is reading this apart of my family. He said "A mission is a family affair.." why I liked that is because you guys are my strength to and my excitement. I am working here, but we all sacrificed something for me to be here. Rather it be me as your son, brother, grandson, friend or nephew even cousin, you all are supporting me, and I am so grateful for that.
 This week was really cool. First it started of playing rugby with the other elders! Elder Żeleźniak is from Australia and he plays rugby in a  league so we have been waiting to be in the same city so we can play and we finally got to! It was nice to throw the ball around. We had the Elders doing ball drills, 7's scrums and line outs. We played touch. Everyone was lost, but it was still way way fun. We then had an exchange Monday through Wednesday with Elders from Łódź. It was so much fun.
I was with Elder Caskey and he was trained by Elder Tingey, so I heard a lot about him. He was so much fun. There are a lot of pigeons here in Poland and Elder Myler taught me that if you throw up your keys in the air  the pigeons all scatter and it works, so I was showing him and well lets just say I shouldn't play Quarter Back haha. I got them stuck on a ruff by the tramwaj stop. I had Elder Caskey standing on my back and he climbed up there with all the bird poo and got the keys down. Funny stuff. Go Elder Harris. We had a white board which is a finding activity with the sisters and I met a guy who told me that this meeting was a privilege and was planned in heaven. So yeah we have a meeting with him on Tuesday. I am really excited his name is Janek. We are getting Oskar his recent convert lessons going, and we decided to have them be taught by different families in the branch and for the lesson on the Restoration we went to Bogdan's house and he has the cutest girls. They never smile, but I always get them to smile. That family is such a good example of a family in the church. The meeting went well and even on Sunday, Oskar received the priesthood which was way cool. It's crazy how fast he is progressing. He is loving it all. He will be giving everyone in his family a book this month while he is on vacation. Saturday we had a baptism in the 2nd branch and I love baptisms they are always so spiritual and it's why we are here. It went really good. Elder Saltmarsh did a very good job of getting all together. But yeah this week was good. Everything is good, stressful. I am tired but couldn't ask for anything else right now. I really am loving the mission and what i'ts teaching me. I still love my sports, but I have never felt more joy then serving among the Polish People, my assessors or however you spell it. I love you and miss you all. Have fun and talk to you later!

Elder Harris

Monday, July 22, 2013

What an awesome week!

Cześć Rodzino!

So sorry I failed to take pictures this's so hard to remember to take pics sometimes. But this week for lack of a good word was wonderful. But it was so so good! nothing better than Polish food, other than the fact that they don't have Mac and Cheese, could you imagine being a little kid and never having Mac and Cheese? Please I cant. But it's some good stuff. Also this week we were heavenly preparing Oskar for baptism!
First thing is we went to the Rynek on Monday again to hang out with the others and we had Zapiecek which is the Pirogi place. We went to my first day in Poland Dzięki Darkowi Mylerowi.
which was incredible! He was so ready and loves everything we tell him. He is like I said a young Robert, feel so blessed to have helped prepare two amazing people. His baptism was awesome it was in an actual font, in Warsaw, we have a legit chapel and a real baptismal font so we did it there! That was cool on it's own. Sunday when we confirmed him we had a member Named Bogdon do it. He looks like Ben ( My Uncle Ben czyli Gabe's brother..) so many Ben's in my life. He is a strong wheeled old Mormon Polish man. He fasted for this and gave the craziest blessing every. Me and Elder Tiney looked at each other after it and said did you catch that? maybe half. He went so deep, but it was really cool. On Tuesday we helped President and sister Edgren out with interviews of the missionaries in our district and got to talk to them a little, they are amazing people! so lucky to have them here with us. Then Thursday, no Friday we helped a member throw away old furniture and that was a blast, we got to wear normal cloths again and shorts in public that was weird but felt nice! sorry no pics of it only videos which are to big to send. I wore a Yankees shirt and my white nike socks. haha! if anyone cares. The most spiritual this week was Saturday. Not only the beautiful service, but we had a fireside after words and Elders Dopp and Cieślak did a musical number and they sang in Polish Abid with me  and it was awesome. Never felt the spirit so strong through a song, lucky Elder Saltmarsh was there to hold back my tears. I am really starting to love music, and on Sunday we watched the work of salvation again. I love the segment when they show all the missionaries and they sing I hope they call me on a mission, because it reminds me of my Nana rocking me on the rocking chair sining that to me. Then they did Army of Helaman. iI am so proud of this work and couldn't ask to be anywhere better. I love my mission and I love this gospel, it's true. I love you all and miss you all. Hope all is good! I live right by the mission office, so I get mail every opportunities every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday so please take advantage! Send stuff to mission home address my mom you should already have it check my blog! and Dear Elders are free for us here so you can still send those so Proszę Bardzo! Tęsknię za wami z całego serca! ( Please! I miss you with all my heart!)

Z miłością (with love,)
Starszy Shawn Misiek Harris  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013

cześć wam! 

This week wasn't to magnificent, but we had lots of miracles happen like always! To start off with Monday we went to the Rynek or Old Town for a little while waiting for the sisters. I took lots of pics, but I will be sending this memory card home soon so then mom you can put all the pics you want up. Rynek is so pretty as you can see.( hopefully you can see) Then we went up Stallions Tower, like I said last week and that was cool. 15 Zlots to go up and see which was kinda lame, but hey it was a neat experience! We were with Sister Howells and her trainee Sister Ott. They are both awesome missionaries! Tuesday was my first time teaching the zone stuff....uh...yeah we did a good job, didn't share enough of what we were supposed to though it was bad communication on our part with the APS, but what we did share went amazing. How it works is you do half the zone one day and the other half the next day. But first it was here in Warsawa and then after that Maciej. One of our old investigators had a bad run in with one of our missionary here which is lame story that is not important, but he thinks we are wasting our time here and yeah he was just yelling at us and being dumb about it, but the whole time I am thinking I am so glad I already know  that the church is true. I love it so much and the miracle awaits. We met with Oskar our baptizmal date that I got transferred into. He is so ready. On Wednesday after being in Łódź for Zone Training we met with his mom and she said she first wanted to come to church..Proszę Bardzo.  She came and 5 minutes after sacrament meeting she said it was okay. So we will be baptized him on Saturday! It's incredible how prepared he was. Reminds me of Robert. Man I miss him, hope he is doing well in Bydgoszcz. While in Łódź I found hannahs friend Brykels grandparents they are so so so nice! Nothing else really happened. Just enjoying and working hard. I am loving  the Conference addition of the Ensign. I recommend you all to read it and study it, it has good things for members and for non members. I love and miss you all. Sorry it's short, but have a good week! Miracles are every where and the lord is waiting to help and bless us look for it and has the courage to ask!

Elder Harris

Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Cześć Wam!

This week was a great week here in Poland! But happy 4th of July a little late sorry, I forgot. If you didn't know they don't celebrate that Holiday here.....weird huh! I love the 4th it's camping and being outside with hot dogs! I  was in a meeting with President eating subway haha, but  on Thursday we had Zone Leader council and missionary leader council, I think that's  the correct title. We have 3 zones so each zone obviously has Zone Leaders and Sister traveling trainers they are Sister Zone Leaders pretty much! And it's tradition to get subway, so that was really really yummy. To start off this week we went to the tie store that every Poland missionary raves about it, not sure if I already told you guys or not but it's cool. It's just a little factory with a million ties and we get them for like 9 america dollars and they are the sweetest ties every so if you want one tell me color and I will see what I can do! 
So p-day was more of getting ready and getting used to the area. Today we will be going to Stallions Tower so that should be really fun. I will take lots of pic's, don't worry mom. Wednesday we had a really fun meeting with the Elders from Żoliborz with an active family. We had some really good food and talked about missionary work with them and one of them is really excited to help. He is the young men's president and we well I  kinda got transferred into a baptismal date named Oskar, he is 15 and so ready. We taught him Law of Chasity! haha he liked it so it was easy.  He is so ready to be baptized and the member named Dominik really wants to help with him so that was good. Also on Thursday I got to see Elder Wilson, Neuner and Vernon all from my group so that was way sweet! good meeting and I got my b-day packages they are the best.  Thank you so much! But honestly nothing to exciting going here. Love my mission. Miss you all but, I have work to do here. The church is true. I see miracles every day on the streets of Poland. Be safe and always remember that our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ love us. Individual. Peace is attainable in this life when we rely on God we can't make world peace, but we can do our best to be at peace and love others love you and miss you!

Love Elder Harris

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Cześć Wam
Wow I am so big city struck right now you all have no idea! Being on my mission I am so used to little small towns and only two or three missionary companionship, but here in Warszawa wow! Big city, well nothing like New York but still and so many missionaries! Crazy Crazy stuff!  Monday was hard! We went to the Kageles and had one last dinner with them! they made some hamburgers even BBQ them that was so nice! tasted so good! I should see them again, they are in Warszawa a lot so I hope so at least. Then we went and had a meeting with Anna Wilk.
It was so sad we talked she gave me this big O thing of chocolate and she started crying she even said I was like her  4th son! It was sad, but she is an amazing lady! Gonna miss her! But you all have no idea how much food I ate on Monday! we ate with the Kageles and Anna! I felt so fat...which i am :( Tuesday it rained hard core like all day so nothing really going on, but had my last lesson with Robert.
We were able to get a hold of him. It was so exciting. I hope he can stay active and do good! Gonna miss him so much! But I trust my little old Elder Allen!
That was hard to leaving him I really liked him.  I even gave him the Tie! OH no the tie has been passed down! I told him if he doesn't train he needs to send it to me haha. I love that tie, but i felt the love when Elder Myler gave it to me so I hope he knows I like him! Then bam! Zone leader, I get into Warsaw and first thing we do is help everyone get on their trains and wow it was stressful! trying to remember where I am and yeah lets just say I was a little overwhelmed, but I was fine! it was so much fun seeing other missionaries and being able to help them! My zone is great I love being able to talk to multiple people so yeah I like it so far! We had two meetings one with Maciek he is an eternal who is a character I think Elder Bokinsky found him when he was here, but I  am not sure he is funny but just dosen't want to come to church! to bad I like him! then we met with our Baptismal date Oskar. He is 15 and so solid, he listens and agrees and just wants to learn. Really humble. Saturday it was finally back to work! we were on the streets all day talking and we had some good conversations, but nothing to great. Sunday!!! Was the best Sunday of my mission. First of all the chapel is a legit chapel, just shrunk. President Edgrin came to our branch and he speaks polish! He gave his talk in Polish it was so cool! Me and Elder Tingey ( Mom its Tingey...) had interviews with him and he is a great man I am so excited to serve with him, meaning Tingey and the New Mission President haha. I had to translate a little today for the first time in a long time...And I did it! Elder Hutchinson was so impressed, he is a senior missionary. He is so funny really really like him and his wife, they were with me in Kato for a month or so. Then we were able to see the world wide training! It was so good! I hope you all watched it and don't you dare let them missionaries go hungry! help them. It's hard work of course, but so worth it, but it's the lords work. And we are his servants not just me but all of you! I love and miss you all have a good week!

Love Elder Harris