Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 2 update

Anyways this last week got way easier i am not as much homesick through the power of prayer and the process of growing a pair i am pretty much healed besides at night i think of home, but its better than all day! well this last week we started getting into the grove of things and its not to bad we play beach volleyball all the time or bball but one day we played kickball vs bulgaria and i pitched like CC Sabathia and we won! You can call me the Derek Jeter of Kick Ball no big deal ;) but food is gross still it dont settle good at all.....and holy cow we pray like fijians here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 to 8 prayers a day no joke! but hey my wife will be hotter! lol i am so excited for Elder Taylor Jaussi(tag HIm on Facebook) Elder Austin Emch(Tag him on facebook) and Elder Riley Sanderson(tag him on facebook) to come in this week if you guys are reading this dearelder me your times your coming in so i can come say hi! and dont be scared its hard but gets easier. this week though we taught a new investigator and we were supposed to teach her but it got swithced on me and my companion at the last minute so our lesson was wrong but me and my companion took the challange and did our best and taught by the spirte and wow...the spirit was so strong never had a more spiritual experiance on my mission it was awesome! me and my companion are completely different he is more of a schedule lets be mature all the time type guy....yeah you already know i like pissing him off lol but we still do good together and he is a great guy i just hope he thinks the same. i hope to hear from some of you guys my address is

Elder Shawn Harris
MTC Mailbox #119
Pol-War 0821
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

that would be awesome and i promise i will write back! love and miss you all and some one send me a sports center update and a raider update? Jordan Bennet(tag him on facebook) maybe?

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