Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter has hit Poland

These are from President Nielson's blog.

 This is the scene of the big round-about as you look outside the Katowice chapel.  Lots of construction and lots of mud...aka: rain.  By the end of Conference on Sunday...
..this is what it looked like.  Winter had come to Poland!
A blanket of snow had covered the whole city of Katowice.

Monday, October 29, 2012

1st week in Katowice

Well hey guys got some cool news i have to shave everyday now because i actually have facial hair lol this week was sad and good at the same time it was transfer week and i left my first city and my trainer i was scared to leave elder myler because i am still learning polish and i feel as if i wasn't ready! but when i met my new companion we instantly clicked! he is from south jordan and went to bingham. his name is Elder Mikolyski he is really cool he is the zone leader and i am the jr companion. but so nothing too exciting really happened Tuesday was sad because i had to leave my amazing investigators  they were amazing! but Wednesday i had a long train ride that was a total of about 8 and a half hours which was a killer! but when i got into Katowice i noticed it was the ghetto of Poland  wow i mean like raider fans live here i swear! but to be honest i was excited and the first night we did a white board and i had to contact on my own which i did really well at i was able to communicate with people and they understood me and i understood them so i know i am improving thanks for all your prayers! like i said nothing to exciting happened this week but i am doing good and having so much fun. i had my first Sunday in a chapel not a library so that was really cool! pres neilson came because it was district conference or stake conference and every time he is here the spirit is so strong he is an incredible guy!!  and well yeah that about it i am doing the same old same old i love you all and pray for you all!
Elder Harris

Monday, October 22, 2012

Have you heard of Katowice?

Well with this week being Transfers i got the call President Neilson, that i will be going to Katowice to be with Mikolyski! He is the zone leader and i am his junior companion! I am sad to leave Elder Myler because i mean he is Elder Myler he is awesome and he has taught me so much the lord wants me in Kato with Mikolyski so i am so excited to experience this new journey! Speaking of Journey Me and Elder Myler this past week have been singing them when ever we are on the tramwaje so that has been hilarious and so much fun! this week has been stressful! we had one of our Missionaries in the hospital and we were helping them. so that was way stressful and scary to see but all in all it was funny because the doctors all try to look hot and pop their collars like they mean something its funny its like a cit com really! but on Friday as i was cytacing the book of mormon i hear this boom crash! skiddddddd! and i look outside and  dont know how to lane change or turn i know i am fast driver but this people are dumb and finally it happened a suv pushed a little taxi onto the tramwaj tracks and it was a mess but no one got hurt luckily! this week also with my invesgagtors was amazing! know that i know i am leaving them it makes me sad! Monday we had family home evening with mickal and his family we made them chocolate chip cookies and chili cheese dogs they loved it and we had a good lesson and that family is slowly progressing but with time they will! i am going to miss them for sure and the hardest one i have to leave is Lukasz he is amazing looks just like justin timberlake but he is always helping me with my language and he speaks english so that helps but man it sucks leaving him! this week was busy with meetings and helping out other missionaries but thats part of a mission life! i am so grateful to be here and so grateful for all of you and i love my family, you guys are my strength being out here. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon i will email my address next week!! Go Irish!! go Raiders! love you all! dowidzenia no dobra no hey!


Elder Harris

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dinner with Members

I believe this is the Lewis's in the back. She was here in Utah
awhile back and was so nice to bring our Missionaries some stuff from home. 
Elder Harris is in heaven now that he has his Rugby Ball now.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What a Week

hey everyone!!! Wow what a week, Glad to hear from my family and that they are doing good! And happy to hear about my Irish!! but my raiders are being the same. but its been both fun and lets be honest a little weird. Poland is such a weird country nothing like the US, but i am starting to love it. 

 Monday for p day we went to the aquarium and that was fun unfourtunatly they had a huge anakonda snake and i really hate snakes so that wasn't very fun at all, but they had some cool little sharks, sting rays and of course clown fish! then that night we went looking for an investagator whose phone was not working and we followed the address and it took us to the jail and insane people place, how cool is that! its right next to my house! and to be honest they are ten times nicer than any other building in Poland which is messed up. but that was an adventure!

 Tuesday i recieved a little package from home ranch packets and a rugby ball!!! mom your an angel never been so excited to have a ball in my life! so every night i have been playing with it haha. Also we had a scare...Sister Neilson had a little heart attack but she is fine now just going in for surgery tomorrow so keep her in your prayers and if you don't pray well say a quick one please! also on Tuesday A boy name M who speaks perfect English met with us and he is a cool guy. he has this impression that his English is better than anyone's which lets be honest he is polish and i am from the states so..yeah okay dude and he hates everything about Poland, he is way cool just very stubborn! through out the week we have been meeting with some awesome investigators so pray for them as well! And i finally got to watch conference the kids faces are classic when the prophet announces the age change it was in polish so didn't get much out it :( but it was still cool. i love and miss you all write some letters i will write back! miss you and think about you all have a good week!!

Elder Harris

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pic from Sister Ostler's blog

Look at these 4 awesome missionaries. Sister B, Elder Harris,
Elder Myler, and Sister Ostler. I am so grateful that Elder Harris gets to sever with these 4 missionaries. From what I read they have fun on their P days. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pictures from the mission

                                             Shawn at the Zoo
                                            This one's for you Hayden
                                            Looking pretty Sexy!!!

Update from Poland

Well this most asked question i have gotten in my emails is how was conference....well unfourtunatly we could get it to stream the file was corrupted so no conference for me, but i did hear about the mission ages...you know so many 18 year olds went oh crap....haha WOW that's insane! that means when i train i will train most likely a 18 year old so weird, and when AJ goes on a mission me and Gabe can go back in the day when we went on missions you had to be 19...wait AJ goes in like 6 or 7 years now hahahah wow! But how was conference i was so bummed i couldn't watch it. update on Z my investigator who went missing and was supposed to get baptized still haven't found that old man but please keep praying we will! This week was really rainy and cold but still fun! 
 Monday it was P Day and we went to the happiest place on the earth...The ZOO! i love the zoo but People in Utah you may think our zoo is lame because of ones like San Diego but honestly Utah's is amazing the one here in Gdansk didn't even have Pandas! and all the big animals where in a house not even outside but it was still way fun!! WE also had a really good lesson with one of our investigators named L he is the man so cool! we talked about the restoration and watched the video and he really liked but his girl is still against us talking about gospel stuff so thats a road block for now. 

Tuesday at the start sucked...it rained it was cold and i was onry as can be! but we had a miracle our last door we were tracking we ran into a man named M and he is awesome! He invited us in and that was my first time being let in by anyone and we talked and he was way into and you could see the spirit working in him through his eyes he was so excited we gave him a book of mormon and wanted to pay us but we said its free he goes i will only take it for free if you promise to come back and teach me about it. duh dude of course! but it was really sweet he was awesome! WE did set up with him but work is getting in the way a road block for now. 

Wednesday not much happened but we met with the cool family again the F family. they are always so nice! but on accident gave me green tea and wow that stuff is nasty!!!! so gross she felt bad but its okay. We finally got to met the husband and he is a stud they are so willing and ready but still have this oh your way is cool i wish our way was like that.....then make it your way! Poland is just so innocent at some times. 

Then Thursday Friday and Saturday kinda sucked. Poor Elder Myler was sick and we had to stay in the whole day. all three days, but i got a lot of studying in as well as watching all of last aprils conference. lucky me right? but it was a good eye opener to realize how much fun missionary work is.Sunday we had a problems with conference, but our investagor L came and told us that he and his girlfriend want to know more about prophets so perfect! they are letting us talk again so pray for that as well! he is amazing guy so cool.well i love and miss you all so much i am doing good and i don't know what goodies i want i am good with what ever lol and my bank account is fixed lol love you all!

Love Elder Harris

Monday, October 1, 2012

Poland Update

Poland smells like rotten fruit most of the time I do not understand why. I mean everywhere I go i see apples and stuff smashed on the ground, its really bad lol. Well how is everyone doing? I am doing good just trucking along. This week was a fun week, it rained the whole week, but still it was fun. I heard that my Grandma Stewart passed away this week as well, so sad to hear but she is with her best friend in Heaven how lucky is she? We are so lucky to know that there is life after death, because lots of people in Poland dont really ever think about it or dont believe in that. That would be so hard when you would lose a loved one and be like well thanks for the past whatever years....no its like well I love you and i will see you on the "the other Side." This testimony really hit me with Tyler, And to see how strong my family was with it all. Every side of my family weather it be my Moms my Dads Gabe side 1 and side 2 My friends any part of my family i am truly blessed to have them in my life. I am have the best family in the world.

Last Monday after Emailing all of you we went to Lunch with an american family who was heading home well the wife atleast so we took them to the only place in Poland that can make mexican food its called Burritos! its amazing! so good! we had lots of fun just talking about memories and goofing off they were a big help to us and we will miss her. then for P day we didnt really know what else to do so me being the lazy me said hey lets go nap...Elder Myler is getting old in his mission and is like well lets see what else we can do....unfourtnatly nothing was going on so we napped it was nice but wish we would have done something fun. 

Tuesday we met with the coolest family in Gdansk! the Frackowiak family! Its a mom and a son and a father but he is in szczecin, and is home but they are awesome. The son in 13 years old and is a stud! so funny! they were fun to meet with they were impressed with my Polish since i have only been here a month but i still think my Polish sucks but hey i will take the compliment. She did give me a piece of candy that had alcohole in it but i didnt know it  had it in it till i tasted it and read the rapper she was so embarassed but Dad happy birthday i had a drink for you ;) But we had a good lesson and the son goes hey can you guys come over again this week? Well laughed and said for sure. 

Wednesday was Elder Mylers birthday he is old he is 22 wow i cant believe that when i am home i will be around that age that weirds me out. but we went to Da Grassos Pizza for dinner it was blast it was us and the sister missionaries so the whole district. Da Grasso Pizza is a Poland missionary staple but it was my first time having it and wow.....amazingly good but i need ranch! so if some one wants to send me homemade Ranch packets that would be cool! Rather than that wednesday was full of contacting! lots and lots of walking.
Thursday i woke up and felt like crap Wednesday I wasnt feeling good as it was but Thursday it hit me bad, So we taught our lessons then came back i slept and then went to another lesson, Elder Myler offered to reschedule but i hate being sick as it is so why sit and whine about it. 

Friday we again met with the Frackowiak family, another good lesson but come to find out kids swear in English so their parents dont get made at them he kept saying the F word i was of course laughing, because i am me haha. Then the mom Basiha asked how can my son loose weight and we told him and she looked at me and says do you play sports? Because if you dont play sports you are kind of fat too unless you play sports then your strong looking...little does she know that i am fat but do play sports so i said i play sports just to make her think i was strong lol that was pretty funny.

Saturday i made calls all by myself for the first time...scary but lucky Poles talk more clearly on the phone so its not a problem. i was able to set up an appointment as well so thats progress lol and then finally Sunday. 

Sunday was fast Sunday so everyone bares their testimony,but this is the same lady who told me my first sunday to find more people in poland for this church becasue she was going to die soon. Yup this is Poland!
Well Poland is blast hard but rewarding love and miss you all! I know this church is true and hope everyone has a good week!


Elder Harris