Monday, March 31, 2014

 pic is of me Swicegood, White and Odyseuś a member here in Bydgoszcz, we all wore our split ties!

Rodzina i Przyjaciele,

So i have been informed that there is a super funny Kevin James movie out called Here comes the boom? i hear it came out maybe a year ago but is funny. is that true? but anyways what a week. To start off the week it was a little rough prosyliting on the streets this week. alot of people in Poland either are JDUBs or Catholic or hate God and have recently been reading stuff on science. And its been frustrating because, all they want to do is sit there and argue about this and that and how science proves jesus false and everytime i go and history have stated that they traced evidences of things that happened in jersulamen back when jesus was here. but they go uh...i never read that i dont believe its true, so i got ah ha! so read this book to find out if its true and they just leave. I have aruging and hate feeling like i am forcing people, but hey its the work and i love it! Me and Elder Swicegood on thursday since we had nothing planned decided to take the day off and go see a movie...haha just kidding, we did what is called an English Fast. its where you speak polish the entire day. we didnt do the entire day but whenever we were outside we did nothing but polish and it was so fun. it was good for him, he is such a hard working missionary i am way lucky to be seriving with him. but now to the weekend maybe my mom has already posted pics of the weekend from sisters Kageles blog but this weekend was fun. We started off doing a sports saturday. of course only one member shows up the kageles oldest daughter and one investigator. but they came so we played a little touch football, and i taught everyone how to play a really simple touch rugby. it was fun. elder white is the only other athletic one who was playing so it made it interesting. Elder Kotter being the love able spaz that he is was loving rugby so i converted one person to rugby on my mission. But then we had the humbling oppurtunity to serve. Sister Kagele helps out with some program that helps serve people not really sure but she had the missionaries a little while ago help out and they asked for us again. so we went to this house, this family was given this place for free by the state but the state didnt remodel it or anything. it wasnt even live in able. it was bad. so we went and helped out did some dry way took part of the wall out and yeah it was cool. they were so grateful but the father told us that we were like angels. It was cool to see a quick diffrence. But my highlight of saturday had to have been the phone call from Krzysztof in sosnowiec. He was baptized! i wasnt able to attend but Elder Hubbard and Anderson taught him and he was baptized. Krzysztof called me and we talked and he bore his powerful testimony of the atonement and the book of mormon and told me how grateful he is for me. It was so cool. His entire process is the definition of the atonement. the lord blesses the ones who are ready. then sunday in church we had fast sunday. i got up and bore my testimony and i always get nervous speaking, that i told the congregation that "Mój Dziadek jest Prorokiem..." meaning my Dzia Dzia is a prophet, but i wanted to say that "Mój Dziadek jest Polakiem..." meaning that my Diza Dzia is polish...yeah super funny but then i fixed it saying that all of us are prophets over ourselves but as members of the church we should follow the phrophet over all of us and thats Thomas s Monson. Yeah its 21 months later and still make polish mistakes. hard language. hahaha but it was a good laugh.then after sacrament meeting me and swicegood taught the young men and womens class becaus their teacher wasnt there. It was so hard they just sat there and looked at their sorry to all my leaders for being a punk back in the day. but it went well. We met with a man named Marek. he is a funny guy. he sits there and listens but always trys to finish my sentances so i looked at him and was like marek we are much be best friends because your finishing my sentances...he starts laughing and he is really liking what we are teaching. will met with him on tuesday and will extend a date to be baptized. so pray for that. then we did culture night. we went to the kageles house and made polish food and then watched 17 Miracles. Have yall seen it yet?? If not repent and go see it. Its so amazing, i love how during all the hard times they dont pray for it to go away but for a way to go through it. faith is so important. weather it be true or not, faith brings people happyness and a understanding of things. the lord really does love us, watches over us and wont let us fall, he is our foundation. Build on the rock of the lord and be a wise man, i love you all and hope you all are doing good. I pray for you and miss you all. Love yall!

Elder Harris

Monday, March 24, 2014

Drodzy Rodzina i Przyjaciele,
Been reading the Księga Mormona (Book of Mormon) in Polish from cover to cover to try something new and tell you what its not only true in Polish it teaches me something new. For starters its written simply, just like the gospel is. Its simple. The lord knows that life is hard but he gaves us a plan that supports us, and is easy to know. But i read 2 Nefi 9:42...knock and it shall be opened up to you? yall know what i am talking about? its written many times. But every time it is written it uses the word Kołatać in Polish. which is a staropolskie słowo (old polish word) which they used when knocking on castle doors. you had to knock hard on them you know. but it means to knock hard or to bang. Brought a whole new meaning to it. when we pray we need to pray more. He hears us but do we really want it? when its cold outside and you want to get inside what do you do? Knock till you get an answer. like with Prayers you need to knock and knock until they are answered. Me and Elder Swicegood used that to work hard this week. We met with some Active members to try and get close to them. Met with My polish Grandma Anna Wilk and she is always nice but we met with you 9 year old grand son who is just like AJ cutest little guy ever. So we had fun and it was cool to teach. Also we met with Andrzej Wencel. He is a stud member. He speaks perfect english so we taught in english. it was hard not going to lie. but to be honest his testimony is so strong it was cool to see. this week also we were able to find 3 new investigators one being a way cool story. We contacted Józef on the street didnt really want to talk about Jesus and stuff but we gave him some SHORT BOLD STATEMENTS OF TRUTH and he then 1 hour later called saying he was thinking about what we said and that he wants to meet. it was cool! the work is going foreward. sorry not much time today but i love you all so much i pray for you and miss you all! i know this church is true and that faimiles are number 1
Elder Harris

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elder Harris and Elder Swicegood

Hey happy green day everyone!
Nothing new or exciting going on here. The weather for the most part was starting to get really nice. we were pulling out sweaters and cardagins it was nice. This week was really fun, we started off with being in a three some for like 8 hours on monday. because of exchanges and what not, but it was pday so not a big deal. we had a member want to go get this juice with us. Its like fresh stuff way healthy i guess. So we go and well it was really really good. any fruit you want! I got strawberry peach ( of course ) and orange. it was good. but what really opened my eyes is what it means to this members to take missionaries out. Her name is Kasia, the one who was way exctied when i came back and gave me hug. But she and her husband where taught by Gudnason, Tiner and my boy Weir. Their story is so cool but long. But they really dont have money. And so she took us out and paid, she wouldnt let us pay her back but what was humbling was to see how much that meant to here. She told me she had been saving money so she could take us out because she is so grateful for us. Amazing, can we say true meaning of christmas. She wanted to do something for us, i dont know maybe i am not explaining very well but it was humbling to see how much a giving a gift meant to some one. Straight up makes me think of our message of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. he did it for us because he wanted to. But yeah tuesday though had some potiental. We had the whole day set up with meetings from last weeks contacting, but everyone flaked ahhhh it was so hard. Wednesday was busy running around babysitting missionaries and what not. but really it still turned out good. Thursday we had a meeting with Franciszek one of my old investiagators from a year ago. it was such a good lesson. we taught him about the spirit, and how we can recgonize it better. he is going to continue to read but will be on vacation for a bout 2 weeks so we will see what happens. Friday was fun we did a game night, i was the jenga champion but unfortunatly only a couple members came but it was still really fun. we have a member here named Leszek Szymański and he is so funny he always is talking  about movies and i have seen some of them so he is like oh Elder Harris we are very similar and so he really likes me. He actually is the one who helped with Robert and Baptzed him. ON that note nothing from Robert cant get him to answer. keep praying but one day i will see him again. But the game night went really well. Saturday we were blessed to go to Toruń and visit the Skurzyńscy family. they are a straight up huge polish mormon family. cant really get more mormon then them its so cool. they like 8 kids and they are so much fun to hang out with. they live far away so never get attention from members or anything but have such strong testimonys. so its always good to visit them. but to finish off the week it was sunday. I love this branch. Its my favorite branch in poland. Sitting there in Sacrament meeting trying to figure out what needs to be done to build this branch. Here in Poland we are still in Baby stages of the church. like we have 40 on average in church and this is a big branch in poland. and its mostly polish of course we got the kageles but besides them its all polish its cool to see. But besides that that was my week. Love this mission love you all be safe and talk to you later!

Elder Harris

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cześć Ludziom,
I can honestly say that Bydgoszcz is the greatest city in Poland. I love it here. yesterday at church Kasia and Sławek came to church they missed last week ( my "homecoming" ) because they had work. But Kasia comes into the chapel and yells...Mój Synuś! ( my son! ) just like Diza Dzia calls us haha but then she gave me a huge hug. Hahah yeah lets not tell anyone...haha but it was funny, Church was incredible though, its so humbling to see the Polish Members get up and give powerful talks on the atonement, on the restoration and bare a powerful testimony about this church. There is only about 1000 of them and maybe 300 active but they all love it. Its a blessing to be here. And honestly to see how awesome Bydgoszcz is ran and its all polish people besides the Kageles who are just as awesome. So cool. but i am enjoying being back here. We sat up a meeting with one of my old invesitagators named Franciszek, the old man who once had a baptismal date. yall remember him? then meeting went really really well, he understands all that we have to say even he agrees witih it, just dosent have faith in tithing. But as well all know its something that we have to try first. He even is doing a little missionary work himself. He has a college student living with him who is a devoted catholic and he is always arguing with Franciszek for meeting with us and Franciszek is this little inoccent man. So he goes here read this book and then we cant talk about religion. So he gave his book to his "roommate" cool huh? So hopefully we can get him over the tithing hump and over the swimming pool walls into the water. So saturday was interesting. We started off our morning by waking up at the normal time but we get this call at like 7 to help the american family translate for the docotor because the husband JIm had a horrible ear infetion, so we went to the ER and well i got to translate. It was fun, Of course the wife Kelley is making fun of him and taking pics but yeah it was interesting way to start the day. Also dont know if you guys know but Pigeons are everywhere here in Poland and they have a target on Elder Swicegood. that fool has been pooped on twice since being with me. Next time i see one near me i may zniszczyć it. but not even the best part of the day, we have been contacting for like 6 hours at this point ( thats what we do all the time ) and well someone stopped a young girl named Klara. She was so interested and even set up with us for tuesday so we got a new investigator. BOOM! this week has been really long with finding. Nothing to much going on here. Its slow right now but picking up. we had a really good zone confrence on tuesday but its sad that i am the oldest one in my zone. it was a huge awakening. really this mission is amamzing and dont want it to end have learned so much, and really cant imagine life with out it. My testimony of prayer has grown so much being out here. I have seen blessings and answers from my prayers thanks to you guys. Prayer works, the holy ghost is the way we feel spiritual throughts and our answers. The book of mormon is the word of God. reading is enough evidence of it. Like Elder Holland say no good man would write that book unless he be called of God. i know Joseph Smith was called by God at a young age, like it says in the scriptures come unto me like a little child. he called a young man who  was humble like a child and restorted this gospel. I love you all and miss you all. I work hard everyday because i know your all cheering for me on the sidelines. you all have been here for me and i thank you for it!

Elder Harris

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Witam Was Wszystkich,

 Well hey everyone, pics are on another email. But its so amazing to be back home in Bydgoszcz, i can honestly say i would be completly fine being in Bydgoszcz the rest of my mission. Church was really cool, was able to get up and bare my testimony, usuallly before church we have time to talk with the members but we were busy in a branch council, and we ended late so no one relly noticed me until i got up. but as i was baring my testimony i see like 85 percent of the branch smile and recongize me. Renata Adams mom the 12 year old who got baptized that i taugth brought me this big old tie with flowers on it and sewed a heart on the back that says Witamy w Bydgoszczy Siostra Renata i Aduś meaninng welcome to bydgoszcz sister renata and adam. so that was cool she wanted to get me flowers but boys dont like flowers so she got me a tie, how sweet! But to this week, It was sad leaving Kato, we did dinner at Adrians house this branch president, he is a gypsy he is the one with me in the red shirt. we had pierogi and just spent some time with him, he was really sad to see me leave again. it was hard man thinks are starting to hurt when you leave, you really get close to these little branches and its hard to leave them. I will for sure always be in contact with him. Also did the final meeting with Krzysztoff, the pic makes him and his mom look scary but they are not sometimes poles dont smile haha. But it was a really good lesson, Maria his mom didnt like it, she wished me a thousand things. in poland well in polish you wish people things all the time so during new years its a pain because its like a contest to see who can wish the most and well Maria won it was like a 5 minute wishing session no joke. but they are cool and krzysztoff is doing so good. he will be baptized. also Elder Hubbard is with Elder Anderson so Elder Hubbard transfered early and he came on monday so i got to see him again so that was the coolest thing ever! love that kid. Elder Anderson is a stud though, they will do so good together. But wednesday i had a 7 hour train ride, it was brutal but i read about moses in exoudus. so i get some good bible reading time in. also we did instytute when i got to bydgoszcz so it was cool seeing ewa and kellely and all them again they were so exctied to see me. it was a cool homecoming i guess you could say. Pretty much all week we were moving and really really busy with all that. the new apartment is super nice. But we did lots of calls. the coolest thing ever. ROBERT answered the phone and set up with us! i am so excited. Presdient told me that i have less active work to do here and well my goal is to get Robert back. Thanks everyone for your prayers. I know that he has a testimony he wrote it in my book of mormon i just need to love him back to rememberence and allow the spirit to really sink in again. The spriit has been a big thing on my mission that i have really wanted to get closer to. Wilth out the spirit the work wont go on. you can really feel it anywear. I have a talk next sunday on the holy spirit and studying it has been a blessing. Its cool to see how his power can change lives. well yall i love yall and miss ya but have a good week and will email at you later!

Elder Harris


 Shawn and Adrian ( He is American that lives over there and is Branch President ) 
 Shawn's new apartment. Nice if I do say so myself.
 Some tie a lady made for him. Her name is Renata
 Elder Hubbard
 Shawn and Elder Anderson
 Pot Roast that Elder Swicegood made
 Shawn, Krzysztoff and his Mom