Monday, November 25, 2013


Okay so first things first, who ever loves me the most will send me some Orange Crush for Christmas...just saying. Anyways, what a good week. Super cold, but really good of course. Monday I took Elder Hubbard to the tie store for his first time and he was in ah! So many ties. He couldn't believe it. Don't blame him, I still get stressed when I go. But P-Day was just us, haven't had one of those but it was nice because it wasn't so stressful, but then Tuesday hit like a sack of bricks. It was so cold, I think I did triple socks?? Yeah I was like shoot! but luckily we bought gloves and stuff earlier so we weren't to cold. Wednesday I had the privilege of helping out with mutual. It was fun we have one young man and like 8 young women but are all Americans, but one of the leaders is polish so that's cool, but we did a missionary activity were we helped them talk to their friends about the gospel. It was really fun, we went around the room and taught our subjects. And so it was mostly in English but when we had the leader who is Polish we said to teach her in Polish and well lets say Elder Hubbard was nervous. but he did it all by himself, he is awesome doing so good. Crazy how many people we know. He is related to Wayne??? Geez whats this world coming to! But again the weekend was the fun stuff. So Friday we had a really fun branch activity. We did a fall family festival. Was big success. We had over 125 people or something like that. it was so cool. we had games and food and hearing little kids run around was awesome. I loved it. I got to talk to some nice people about the gospel which is always good being a missionary.

Sister Wisenburger from the branch is supposed to be sending pics but i did win the doughnut eating contest. Surprised? Before the party though we had a run in with DL and he had a drunk guy not leaving them alone so we helped and he was yelling saying how we don't know God and that women are nothing...and I was like...OK buddy listen up, you're drunk and have no idea whats going on right now. You're going to have huge headache tomorrow so you better go sleep right now. and by the way women are very important in our church. he yelled left and came back and egged our chapel but its alright. I was bothered how so many people think that women are not important to us. its dumb becasue they are. Saturday we had a jdub call and set up with us and he promised not to argue so we went and gave me a shot. so we start and instantly starts making fun of our church how is sounds made up....ironic right? but i was hmm okay interesting why? but then                                                                           I said can we start with a prayer.
boom spirit. he talked then after he got done talking me and Hubbard stepped in and shared the restoration. simply and beautifully. Hubbard shared the first vision and the spirit filled the room. he was speechless. he then tried to continue to talk but we had to go so ended with a prayer. until en never really understood the power of the first vision. its incredible. think about how that vision honestly speaking true or not how it affected your lives. i promise its true but think about. who would you be? Sunday was a very spiritual Sunday. i started reading the book or Mormon again. and read in 1 nephi how when nephi and his brothers get the plates and come back before they arrive their mother shariah is sad and she is blaming lehi and stuff and it says how he comforted her. So it really made me think how important that husband and wife relationship is we as men must comfort our wives. see they are important! but then of course the lord humbles me. great weekend? still is but last night we are tracking and we get let in but only to the building from the domophone. we talk to this guy come to find out he is Muslim and his polish wife is Lutheran. we talk and well she becomes interested we never got invited in but she wants to come to our church and see it. It was cool. then we go back out to domophone and this old man comes out yelling at us and telling us to leave which we don't need to. and he wouldn't leave us alone. and i promise i was being nice asking him to tell me why he is mean and hates me... but he goes to raise his had to hit me, and i go oh well your man trying to hit me huh? he didn't like that whoops..and grabs my arm and attempts to throw me, and by now i am sick and tired of this guy yelling at us for like 15 minutes and i get up in his face and i say sir leave now we are here to talk to people, if you font like then go pray and realize how immature you are acting and don't ever touch me again. and he goes i am calling the cops i said cool. i will tell them how you hit me...that okay wit you and then he starts swearing asked him to stop then he left. but yeah very weird. not that cool of story but wanted at least one story. (Dad i am safe) but yeah everything is the best here. As Elder Hubbard would say...we are number one in the hearts of the polish people. But the church is true stay strong everyone love you all!

Elder Harris

Shawn and his new compannion Elder Hubbard trackting

Monday, November 18, 2013

Wow life got crazy! So much going on here I can't keep my head straight! but it's all good, just smile!  This week was pretty good. Rained a lot, well like little misty rain, but its been pretty cold! Almost hat and glove season! Let's see where to start.
 Monday was weird, it was a polish Holiday, meaning their Independence day. We decided to honor that by playing some American football for pday! A lot of missionaries played this time. It was a blast, no one dislocated a pinky or anything, but still was nice to run around. One sister who played( who is the sister in my group Sister Packard) she is way athletic and stuff, but she is like Elder Harris you talk way to much! maybe you wouldn't be so tired if you would just shut up! she said it with love in her heart haha.
Sorry for all my teammates who had to listen to me, geez I am annoying.  Tuesday was my first Zone Training where I didn't have to teach it that was super nice! Elder Brown and Stumpf did awesome. The spirit was there and I learned alot. Also Tuesday we went tracking and to be honest it was really hard. Not a single door answered! and everywhere went they called us JDubs and we even saw them trakting. it was annoying they are everywhere! Then Wednesday was a normal day nothing special, but it rained a lot and was super cold. Same as Thursday, but we meet our land lady's wife. They is really nice brought over some furniture and stuff and then we talked to him about our church and invited him to our party on Friday! so hopefully he comes. So now the weeked czyli miracles! Friday we are tracking and Elder Hubbard is like Elder Harris this sucks no one is answering. I am like yes I know its horrible so we decided to just domophone and well what do you know the next guy lets us in! 100 Punktów! and well he wanted to hear about happiness, so we talked, then come to find out Poland is playing Slovaka in a soccer match and he won't let us leave. So we watch the first 5 minutes and good thing our phones have fake call haha, but yeah it was nice to get let it and talk to someone. He said he would read the BOM and then call. I hate that, but its better then nothing.  Saturday we have been trying to talk to families and try to get them to come to the party on Friday meaning next sorry. We are on the metro czyli subway and I am playing pick a boo with this little kid the mom is laughing at me and him and it was fun then  all of the sudden it gets packed and get pushed back. I see her getting off, I tell Hubbard to give her a flyer he cant reach so we get off and follow her and give her one. Of course it was awkward, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Then we say lets wait for the next metro. As we are waiting some guy comes up to us and says hey how long have you been here? and we talk. Come to find out he has met with missionaries, but with all the changes we lost his number or something. So we got his number and he wants to meet! Sunday we had an awesome primary program! un heard of in Poland, but we had one. It was so funny to see it, they did great! but at night we had a meeting with a less acitve endowed member. he is now studing with JDUBS....but we meet. Had a member in on the lesson. Marcin who is a stud. We talked, no arguing just teaching the first and well he couldnt really deny it, because he said the Book of Mormon is true. We kinda were mean though made him realize the the JDUB church can't be true because it has faults, but then I say sorry I am stubborn how can you not believe this church is true and have gone through the temple? he says it's my problem so I get a little fired up and say I am a representative of Christ. I can help. he goes, okay wow I can tell. We talked and he is coming to the party on Friday and well we will see what happens, but it was cool  to be able to testify like that. Gosh this mission is such a blessing. As you can see. Crazy week! we are working hard love my companion. Hope all is good for you guys love and miss you all! H
ey write some letters! 

Elder Harris

Monday, November 11, 2013

Piękna Rodzina ;)
Elder Hubbard
So to start off my new companion's name is Elder Hubbard, he is the cousin of one of my old high school friends McKenna Hubbard. Small world right? But sorry the picture is a little lame but i will try to get a better one later. Lets see though, to start off the week, we went to Adams again! Was able to get Mikolyski a tie before he left! Got him a baby blue polka dot which I have too and is my favorite tie!
Oskar and Shawn
Then Tuesday was the hard day, had to say good bye to my little boy Oskar. It was sad but still way fun, we went contacting after the meeting; me, him, Stumpf and Elder Raines were with us for the night. Was such a blast, gonna miss that kid. But he did call me to make sure i got into my new area safely. Haha what a stud. But Wednesday was the intense day, I had to wait to see who I would train. Of course President makes me and Raines wait until the end to see who we get. We both were like falling all over each other like "President just tell us!" So he brought us both up and is like "You guys ready?? Well lets eat first... haha just kidding then told us." I was super excited to get Hubbard because i talked to him a little before and he seemed way cool. He is a weightlifter so I look ten times fatter stuff. But it was sad that day because it could be the last time I see
Elder Raines
Raines unitll we get home. He is going to Kielce. funny story. I actually have been following him around meaning, i replaced him in Bydgoszcz DL as well as in Warsaw ZL. so that's been the joke since he has been AP when we talk at night. Gonna miss him, i actually contacted with him my first day on the Rynek as well as he was the first exchange i ever did. So kinda have been looking up to him my whole mission. His story is similar to mine so I go outside and i connect eyes with someone and we both yell "awh!" and hug each other it was Mikolyski!!
Elder Mikolyski
We have been planning on how we would get to see each other before he left but we didn't think it would work :( but we got it to work. Wednesday probably the coolest day ever. then on Thursday we had to go get a bunch of stuff done and it was very stressful but we actually were near the Rynek where Mikolyski was so I was able to get a pic with him. But not going to lie, feel bad for Elder Hubbard Thursday, Friday and Saturday we were running all over the place and he was so tired. Kinda brought me back to my first days....good think Elder Myler was there, would have passed out. But really since Thursday it really made me sit down and take personal invatory. How am i doing? and crazy what's happened in the past 16ish months. learned so much and done so much its incredible. I was reading in the Book of Mormon and read 3rd Nephi 21:29 and it talks about how the lord is our prize. And how hard the work is with all the people fighting against us, but he is on our side. Its such a privilege to be here. I know with all my heart that this church is true. Church was special, this branch i am in is ready to grow we are the biggest right now and we are doing a feat of faith so be praying that it works. Our goal by the end of the year is 5 families baptized and 100 in sacrament meeting. My faith is ready, and can't wait to work. But i love you all so much! Be safe talk to you later, remember Our Father in Heaven loves us. He has been called millions of different titles, some talk about a king, some about a superior being, some are not even his name but people still call him it, but we know that's to a prophet that after all the things he can be called he says call me Father. I love my family!
Elder Stumpf 

Elder Harris

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Getting ready to train a new missionary

Look at this wonderful group of Missionaries. They are getting ready to meet their new companions. Shawn had told me it'shard, but so worth it. I know him and Elder Allen his first trainee, will be great friends after their mission. Elder Myler and Shawn a spherical bond. He trained Shawn.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Droga Rodzina,
Wow! crazy week, started out with a phone call from the branch president in Wrocław, where Elder Stumpf served last transfer, so he was in Warsaw for the day and wanted to go to dinner. So we went to dinner with him and just visited. He is a funny guy, he actually served his mission in Poland like 10 years ago, and yeah super strong guy in the church. I hope I get to serve down there soon. But during the Day on Tuesday we had a little battle with Oskar. He is such a stud but reads so much, so in the Bible it"s blatantly not stated that the Sabbath is on Sunday now, but it does say that it was change because of Christ resurrecting or something I am not completely sure. We had to teach him about that and yeah he is just a little to smart, but we accepted it because of his testimony of the Book or Mormon, so that's nice! Wednesday was cool, we have been trying to get a meeting with Enrique, but he has been really busy so actually Wednesday he calls and says we can meet, so as we are going out the door of the chapel after teaching English a man named Przemysław was reading a Book of Mormon. He met the missionaries meaning us on a white board earlier that day and felt the need to come to the chapel. So we got his number and we can meet this week, but back to Enrique, he is doing good just doesn't understand the problem with living with his girlfriend. So yeah that's the only thing keeping him back. Thursday was really cool we actual had dinner at President Edgrens house. His wife makes the best cookies! holy cow and she even gave me a hand fun meaning 2 plate fulls. Can't help it just a little fat.  It was such a joy to be able to spend time with the Edgrens. He really is so inspired and called of God it's a true honor to serve with him.

Friday was Day of the Dead here in Poland and I will forward pics to you guys in a second Elder Baranowski took them. We had an Open house and it was really really good. We had the Chapel all set up to have tours and actually Oskar came and contacted with us and he got the first person to come in and we have his number and will be meeting with him soon. Crazy kid that Oskar. He is planning to do a mini mission here soon! Then Sunday, weird day. Started out with doing a little service after sacrament meeting. One of our members had everything stolen so we helped pick up things from the branch members.  We were glad to help. It was hard seeing where he lived though, he  lives in a place called Praga which isn't to bad, but compared to Wola is bad. I feel bad for him.  He is a strong guy. Then we went tracking and got the cops called twice! They never came, but some people are just so dumb.  Okay enough chatting ,yes I got my transfer call and yes I am leaving, but just to another area in Warsaw I am opening an new area in the 2nd branch, and training again, I am really stoked for that. Wow this week was humbling, had to do a lot to rely on my savior. Lots of fallen appointments and mean people, but hey its all good! :) I know this church is true and well even the raiders not playing good can change that! I love you all so very much and very grateful for you all. Be safe and talk to you later!

Elder Harris