Monday, October 28, 2013

Droga Rodzina,
So the question, Do you believe? has been going through my head all week. So that's been my focus, is to see if I really believe. And it's been a very good week. For starters, we played football again. I was still sore because I am a little out a shape, so it was tough playing the week. I just played safe and it was still a blast. Elder Stumpf from a Germany is really good! So proud of him. As you all know, Elder Harris, or Shawn is king at dislocating his pinky, well poor Elder Neuner dislocated his pinky on the last play. Of course everyone freaks out ah go the the hospital! what do we do! Elder Raines, his companion lucky is smart and is like no that's a waste. I say I agree Elder Neuner let me see your hand POP! problem solved. He yells AWWW it feels a lot better....Yeah I know I have done it multiple times. So good thing that happened alot during Rugby so I would know what to do. See Rugby is a blessing. 
Elder Stumpf this week got sick for two days so I was able to read our Heritage and really it's a great book I totally recommend it. Those Pioneers went through can we say Hell? Is that appropriate? Już napisałem. I am really grateful for them. It's been really cool to just sit and read and like it. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and what he did. It literally changed everyone of our lives. Take a second to think about how the fact that Jesus Christ and God the Father appeared to Young Joesph. What does that mean in your lives? Let me know. We did a little exchange with the AP's so we could teach Enrique and I went with Elder Neuner. Crazy to see how different we are then from the MTC. Such a blessing. The lesson rocked and we did great together. He is great missionary and I look up to him. On Saturday we had a guy meet with us from another companionship and he at the start said that the Book of Mormon is from the devil and asked how can someone believe in this. So we bare powerful testimonies and he still is stubborn so we started asking questions and we started teaching. He can't tell us why? except for the fact that in Revelations it says you can add to the bible which the Book of Mormon is not an addition, but then I pointed out that in Deuteronomy it also says that, so I let him know thanks to that the muslims are the most correct, he laughed in embarrassment, and we invited him to read the Bible and, bore testimony again. So it was a hard mean lesson, and was a little inappropriate, but it was awesome going to war and baring testimony and seeing and feeling the spirit. Then to end the week Oskar give's the spiritual thought in Priesthood and the Elders Quorm pres says there's the future of the church in Poland. Wow! so true and such a blessing, to have taught him. He is doing great. So do I believe? I do, this church is true and I love it!!! love you all. have a good week!

Elder Harris

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cześć Rodzino,
So were to start. This week was cool. Was in Łódź on exchange with my "brother" Elder Finch. And had District Conference ( stake confrence) on sunday it was good.
Monday for P-Day sister Tobler wanted to play football, so some of us Elders got together and played football. It was a blast but boy was I sore the next day. Also Monday through Wednesday was on exchange with Elder Finch in Łódź. It was a blast some crazy things happened while tracking and yeah let's just say it's a night of tracking to remember! Also being there I had sometime to really think of what kind of missionary I am. I read on their mirror D&C 6:36, absolutely love the that scripture. Really rely on him and everything will be so good. That is something I have really learned on my mission. The exchanges were good and it was a joy to be around Elder Finch. Then the weekend was really cool. Like I said we had District conference. I was able to see my old friends from Bydgoszcz. Adam was there, ya'll remember him? He is still active but has a funny haircut (not judging) but it was so cool to see him. He came up to me and gave me a hug and said my favorite missionary! It was so cool. Elder Baranowski is now in Warsaw and we have two really old members who loved Baranowski when he was here and so they got to see him and one yells Mój Polak! meaning my polish person! it was hilarious and they both gave him the biggest hug and it was great. If you know Baranowksi it's funny because only he would have a good relationship with the polish grandmas, but the same one says hey were is Moja stokrotka? meaning daisy meaning me! so yeah I guess they like me too because I am so little and am always smiling. Sunday I was talking to a member from Łódź telling her how I was there and she said that she was talking to Andrzej about me and that I need to serve there, so that would be cool. It's crazy how much I love this country and these people. Sorry not much to say but I do love you all and miss you all stay safe! 

Elder Harris

PS one of the pics is me next to a wall of an old Ghetto, no not like in Oakland but like jew syle!

The Quilt

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cześć Wam!

So to start off sorry that my pictures are not of the city and stuff but really Warsaw just looks like a normal city nothing special, but I will see what I can do next week! This week was really fun, we started off by teaching the last zone training of the transfer. It went really well. Like usual we started off in Warsaw on Tuesday then on Wednesday we went to Łódź. It was fun both times.  Wednesday had a really fun lesson with Oskar, well not really fun, but needed. So Oskar is already an amazingly strong member, but he doesn't really have good relationship with mom. Which is a no no. So we talked about it, and we explained how when we are married in order for the priesthood to work we have to be in harmony with our wives. They can't hold the priesthood, but they play a huge part. We then said well you are 16 so if you are not in harmony with your mom your priesthood will not work. He agreed, didn't like it, but agreed. Thursday was a pain we kinda lost Elder Kotter for an hour and a half. He was coming back from Białystok on an exchange, and his train was late. We had a meeting and told him to come straight to the chapel, but I guess like I said the train was late so we got worried and went to the train station. On the way there found out he was at the chapel and after an hour we found him, so all good. Stressful. Friday was Elder Stumpfs birthday and I suck I planned nothing. We had a sweet lesson with Enrique. He accepted the law of tithing just waiting for him to kick the girlfriend out. So 9th of November is his day! but back to Stumpf. I tried planning a dinner with some missionaries, but we had a little mini transfer thing and they cancelled, so then last minute the Sisters agreed to meet at the chapel for cake and ice cream. Kinda lame, but better then nothing. Oh on Thursday we had a meeting with a guy named Jerzy. It was our first meeting, he didn't accept everything but...the spirit we had during the meeting was amazing! Me and Elder Stumpf taught so well together and we just went back to basics, nothing big nothing special just using the spirit. It's amazing how important the spirit is in this work. Its humbling to be able to rely on it. The coolest things as you see in my pictures was Culture night.

So Sister Packard, the sister in my mtc group found out that Poland was playing the Czech Republic in a world cup qualifying elimination game, so we went and it was great! So much fun.Got good seats, and what do you know Poland won 30 to 10. Both teams are not that good, but still it was rugby! Nothing else to exciting happened this week, but miracles are everywhere. I am so humbled to be here and meet with the people I meet. The lord always has something in store for us, he loves us. I hope you all are feeling my prayers because I pray for you all, I love you all and I know that this church is true. I can't deny it. Y'all have a good week and talk to later!

PS. mom got the postcard

Elder Harris

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cześć wam!
Well not so much really going on this week. Monday we to Ogród Saski which means Saxton Gardon I think that's what it is in English, but not sure. It's where Poland was set apart for missionary work. It was really something special. 
 It's now a grove of tress ( go figure right ;) ) but it's so beautiful. It's where two prophets of God stood, and blessed and opened my mission so beautiful. That night I get home and I received a text from Robert! yes Robert in Bydgoszcz. It was awesome! he was telling me about his son and how is doing good and that he eats alot. he wrote . "On jest głodny chyba po Tacie." hahe meaning he is hungry probably takes after his dad. Pretty funny. We didn't talk much, but it was good to hear from him. Been meeting with Oskar this week. Doing good. Need to get him to talk with his mom more, doesn't really have a good relationship with her unfortunately, but we will work on that, but so Słuchajcie! Wednesday was the bomb! we did a chalkboard again, but with different missionaries so that of course is always fun. Cold day, but fairly busy. Our English class rocks. We had a j dub in our class just hating on the Book of Mormon because she said it's not inspired, but then all of the sudden our class starts getting after her defending the Book of Mormon and stuff and it was funny, but really cool. What impact we have on these old people! Enrique is doing good, pushed his date back because of problems with living with his is girlfriend, but it will happen. He is such a stud. We had a member from Mexico on the lesson, he speaks Polish and Spanish and Enrique speaks Spanish and English, so that was fun, also really funny. They both are two different people, but are now good friends. Enrique also came to 2 sessions of conference and loved it! President Edren told us that we could go to all of it so, I got to see all, but the final session. That was around 10 o'clock at night here so yeah. Conference was powerful. The most amazing ever. Loved Christoffereson's talk. If you say the word mom in a talk it's automatically the best.  Ballard had a good talk. Liked his promise. " if you talk to more people, you will have more success." okay sounds good. of course that's a duh, but it was cool to get a call out in conference. I hope all of you who are reading this are doing what you can to help the missionaries weather it's be in on lessons with them, saying hi, feeding or giving referrals, it's all appropriated,  I promise. I love you all and hope is all good! talk to you all later!

Elder Harris

PS.Friday for me and Elder Stumpf is make momma proud day. So I  cleaned the kitchen! yes Mom and Shanequa will be happy!