Monday, January 28, 2013

This week was hard

 Me and Elder Godwin. I think we had an exchange!
 I  think its me looking at a wall which is me tracking on a domophone and it was to tall and i had to get on my tippy toes...
me and the snow by a huge Catholic Cathedral 

Hey everyone!!!

Well I am  not going to lie, this week was a struggle, but I, maned up and got over by the means of help from the lord! I was struggling with the language something that I have always struggled with, but I have been getting better and better, but this week felt as if I was getting worse. I  couldn't speak and know one listened to us period. I was loosing my desire to work. It was hard not going to lie.  Every morning and night I prayed  for help and I could feel my Heavenly Fathers love, but still felt down. Two things happened this week that helped me. 
Thursday morning i was writing in my journal and I have my families pictures and they fell out. I looked at the one of AJ that I have and I was like wow this little guy is getting the priesthood on Sunday....and I was filled with the spirit and knew I was doing the right thing and so AJ congrats dude love you so much! 
he next thing was Sunday morning. I  had to talk to someone in our branch about a excommunicated person and I was struggling to speak...I don"t know why, but during sacrament meeting I went and prayed I walked back and I thought of an old man in my life whom we all call Dzia Dzia.  I was listening to the talk and I was like wow I understand Polish this is my families  background. I then thought of Dzia Dzia and was like this is where I am supposed to be and after that Sunday was amazing and I could understand and communicate better because I had the spirit with me. 
 On to the stuff we did through out the week. Monday and Tuesday I was on exchange with Elder Godwin an Elder from my MTC group. it was good to see him! He is serving in Krakow with Elder Szymanski! Elder Godwin is a stud and so funny  he has  crazy ideas about things and you ask him he will take them to the grave haha! I look forward to serving more with him and spending time with him after the mission for sure!! 
 Tuesday we had an investigator show up a day early....okay cool dude, but hey me and Elder Godwin spun something together and it was a good lesson! He even reset up so lucky me!
 Wednesday we tougth English and it was fun and funny as always we've  got some crazy people in our class, but they make it fun and then after English that excommunicated guy Marek showed up and I had to talk to him and it was 30 minutes again. I feel so bad for him, but I don't know what to do.  Technically  I can't meet with him without our branch presidents permission which he said no, but this time Marek was grateful that I talked to him and left with out a fight.
 Thursday was a fully day of contacting and boy was it hard, but I had my miracle so it made it easier. Then Friday we helped the Hutchinson's, our senior couple pack and leave to Warsaw. They are going to be the new office Elder and Sister . Then the Reeds came here and they are sweet, so cool. He loves sports, but is a Bronco fan....but is little so he is automatically cool right? I  think they have a blog type in Reeds in Poland and see what happens. 
Then Saturday we meet a guy named Piotr, frist guy in about 3 weeks that we were able to teach on the street he even agreed to come to church, but never did. So lots happened this week and it was all a blessing. I have been craving a Neapolitan Shake from In n Out, so someone drink  one for me and maybe send me a picture?? I hope your all doing well and had a good week! Hope this week is better! Love you and miss you all don't have to much bez mnie czyli without me. dzieki za pomoc i kocham wam bardzo na pewno. jestescie najlepszy i milego dnia and wszystkiego najlepszego!!!

Elder Harris

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello Everyone!

 My favorite polish food (Golabki, kroski slaski)
  Found some Christmas Lights
Tracking last night its Elder Hayes


Hello everyone!

Mam żółte oczy teraz! :(        (This means he has Yellow eye.)

Well this week was interesting nothing to exciting, but still awesome of course!  Like I said in my last email we were going to go to Auszwtitscz or however you spell it, but we  got the bus times mixed up so hopefully next week. Besides the sisters can't go today so we won't go today! I  was on exchange with Elder Brown the Trainee of Elder Bokinsky and it was fun! he is so smart, only been in the country a month and was able to pip in on our lesson with our less active member Tomek, which went really well.
 He is so nice ,but his dad doesn't  support him being Mormon.  It's sad to see, but he has strong faith that he is getting better and better he even sent me a text that night saying thanks for my help and stuff and it was something I needed because it's been 7 months and only one real baptismal date, so I sometimes feel as if I am not doing it right, then I get a text from a member who notices me trying and that means something. He is great.
 Wednesday President Neilson came and did interviews and as always so good to see him! and Sister Neilson is so much like Krisy! no joke! we went and bought pizza, but this pizza place gives the.....and she kept teasing me and she acts just like you Krisy. They are amazing I am so sad they leave this summer, but hey they live in Vegas so I know where I am staying for the rugby games now ;) 
 Thursday was honestly amazing! we had all day finding because we were canceled on for the 5th time this week already and we have been talking to everyone for a bout 2 hours now and nothing then we talk to a girl named Gosia and she was so nice, she goes I don't believe in false things. We laughed and went well neither do we. We believe  in the truth, and she goes hmm what do you have to say? S  o we talk and she asks about, well it sounds hard to be Mormon since no one in Poland is. Me and Elder Hayes bare our testimony on how God loves us and how not everyone in our families are Mormon and she goes hmm okay I will read this.  We taught her a full first and part of the plan of salvation and she liked it all! That same day we were at lunch and an excommunicated member came into the church and was talking to me and he isn't allowed to even be there and he goes why doesn't God stop bad people from hurting good people? he says what if I was to shoot someone would he stop me? and he kept bringing that up and honestly it was scary. He kept talking about killing people and committing suicide, and Elder Hayes was on the phone so I felt alone and so I looked at him and was like alright dude tell you what don't you dare kill anyone or yourself pray tonight for the love of god and see what happens and as I was saying that I felt this growth and someone standing behind me holding me up and his face changes and goes okay I will I promise and of the most powerful moments on my mission ( okay mom and dad don't freak out now I am safe I promise lol ) a testimony builder.  All day Friday and Saturday we got flaked it was so hard and annoying, but hey it happens....ALOT! but we keep the faith you know? 
Sunday was good I am able to understand everything almost now some words here and there, but mostly got it.  I  have been listening to old and new conference talks and my 3 favorite are 1. Tender Mercies of the Lord - David A Bednar, 2. The Women in Our Lives- President Hinkley, and 3. We Have Work to Do - D Todd Christofferson. They are amazing .Look them up and listen or read them. I know God loves us, I know we are where we are for a reason, he puts people in our paths for a reason to help us learn and grow. You can learn from anyone. Be humble. I love and miss you all. Thought for the week tell your loved ones you love them, men grow up and be men, and tell your wife you love them. I know I am 19 and no nothing about women, but I still know you should love them. Have a great week everyone and talk to you soon!!!
Elder Harris

Monday, January 21, 2013

Katowice Interviews

 The Missionaries in the Katowice District were eager and ready to start interviews. They had a busy night ahead of them with English class and lessons.  (LtoR):  Elders Hayes (ZL), Brown, Bokinsky (DL), Harris.  Sisters Holgren and Howells with Elder and Sister Hutchinson.
In the Intermediate Class are Elders Harris and Hayes.  
They did a great job in explaining future, present and past tense verbs to these students. 
After English Classes it was time for Institute Class.  The instructor is Adrian, also the Branch President.  President Nielson is holding one of the most recognizable items in the Branch- Adrian's cap.  He wears this all the time, and it is his trade mark.  We all love this great man.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Poland update and little sport talk

Okay hello everyone I would like to start off with a little sports talk because I haven't really been able to do that in about 6 months so here I go.

Okay so your waiting for my 2 cents on Notre Dame getting blown out. It was anticipated, but not expected by me personal because I am biest and love my teams, but it didn't surprise me. 
Like always Alabama is a great football program who has done well in recent history as well as a past history. They are a good team, that being said Notre Dame now. Great season and if your a sports fan and can't tip your hat to them then maybe you should re think what sports are. I read an article saying that it was even a joke that Notre Dame thought they could even play or even beat Notre Dame, okay stop right there Mr Sports writer it's obvious you never have played sports in your life. What team doesn't go into a game not expecting to win I mean seriously. Notre Dame being ranked number one with a pretty dang good Defense had the right to want and think they could win. 
Also he goes on to say how they had a weak schedule okay dude your wrong again. I am in a different country and I can clown this character. Notre Dame was scheduled to play a USC team who was I believe preseason ranked number 1 with a good Quarterback it's not Notre Dames fault they had a disappointing season and ended up not being that good. Yes they barely won, but guess what a Win is a win no matter how you look at it. Then they played in the Big house vs a solid Michigan team who if I remember correctly they blew them out. Which also, that week our heart and soul of the team and team captain Manti Teo his grandmother as well as his girlfriend passed away. If you know anything about Polys their Grandmothers are very important and his girlfriend. I mean come one his world just got shut down, but he went and played and had the game of his life blowing out a rival. They played a Oklahoma team who always has good team and Notre Dame got crap for being ranked higher then them so what did Notre Dame do?? They blew them out of the water as well. Then of course you got the BYU Game, but to our defense Byus D was ranked number 4 and plus Notre Dame offense is okay and there qb was out so it was closer, but they still won. Then they played Alabama and got killed didn't show up from what I heard hey that sucks really bad, but you know what you learn from it and realize that you need to work harder hats off to Notre dame on a good season not a good finish, but it's the start of something good to come! Go Irish and Oh,yes Raiders you disappointed me but still love you!!
Okay I just needed to vent sorry back to important stuff. This week was really cool week! 
Been reading out of the Book of Mormon and this verse stuck out to me 2 Nephi 1:15 the end of it: I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love. How much more comforting can you get? I testify that you can feel the love of God if you want it and if you have the faith to act and search for it. This week I have felt it everyday. 
Monday we had the opportunity to teach an man made Micholaj (Nicholas) the stop smoking program. He was so ready and down for it. Such a spiritual lesson I was able to testify about prayer and he has the faith and its going to work. 
Tuesday I was a little exchange with Elder Brown and it was a blast he is a young missionary who is already doing good! I get to do a real exchange with him tonight actually so it will be fun. 
Wednesday we had a scheduled meeting to meet with Micholaj again, but he didn't show. We called and called and he has not picked up since our first meeting which is really annoying, but I left him a message and hopefully he knows we still want to help him. 
Thursday we helped the gypys out by remolding their apartment, that was a blast we ripped up the entire house.  It's always good to be hanging out with them. 
 Saturday the real miracle happened we were eating at a milk bar and this guy comes up to us and says hey you don't know me, but I know you. Can you sit by you. We say sure, get talking and come to find out he is a member of 12 years, but has been inactive for 6 and he lives in Sosnowiec and agreed to start meeting with elders again How cool is that, running into him? I love this work. I had the chance on Sunday to give a talk and boy was that scary, but hey I did it and it turned out to be pretty good kinda short, but really good! Cool things are happening here in Poland. I love and miss you all! I am out of time because I am going to Ausztwicz or however you spell talk to you next week!
Elder Harris

           False alarm I'm going to Auszwitch. The buses didn't come, plus it's too cold and snowy so                                 hopefully next week, but the pictures are of me and Elder Neuner at zone training he is in my group, the other is me in my new suit and the other one is a picture of a car with a four leaf clover on it thought it was cool lol.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Poland Baby

Elder Hayes, Elder Harris, Sister Ence, Sister Holmgren,
 Elder Bokinsky, and Elder Brown  
In normal clothes
It snowed and it finally stuck.

czesc znowu Starszy Harris tu
wiec ok no tym tygodnu robilem duzo, i teraz bede tlumaczyl po angelsku dobra?

Elder Harris part here again,
ok so well this week I have made a lot, and now I'll be translating the angelsku good?

Sorry the computer I am on doesn't have the polish keyboard for some reason I can't put L , E, and A funky so it all looks funny, but this week was fun! did lots of work contacted a lot and had a decent amount of meetings! but because Monday was New Years Eve we had a full p-day again because its not safe for us to be out while people are drinking more than usual, so me and Elder Hayes played cards and cleaned! ya'll are jealous I know right? but we did try and sneek out to by food, but the store was closed. I did take one pic of us in normal clothes. Wow they feel weird not going to lie. We were allowed to stay up and watch the fireworks if we wanted, but still had to be up at 630 so what does Elder Harris do? Party or sleep? weather I am home or on the mission I am picking the same thing...sleep. But don't worry we were lucky enough to have the fireworks for all of Kato be by the parking lot next to our apartment and this year was extra special they did them from 1145 till 1215. They were so loud that I didn't miss them! lucky me haha. 

 They were good ,just crazy how huge they were and the next day everyone in Poland looked dead. People in Poland, no joke live to make money then spend it on Saturday night or New Years Eve. It's all about partying here. 
 Tuesday I contacted this man and a women and they told me nie mamy czasu meaning we don't have time so I am like okay whatever and moved.  Elder Hayes says hey lets eat here for lunch just some random place so we did and just before we are about to leave that couple walk in and sit by us...way awkward I am like lets leave and right before they leave. They go hey are you from America? and me with a big o' grin on my face why yes we are.  They ask questions and we ended up teaching them first and giving them a Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool.  On top of that it's crazy to think I am speaking Polish now, not perfectly by all means and I don't understand everything yet, but I can communicate with people now it's awesome! 
Wednesday Sister Ence she is in my district got emergency transferred to Wroclaw so we took a district picture and in the picture there is in order I think Elder Hayes, Me, Sister Ence, Sister Holmgren ,Elder Bokinsky and Elder Brown. 
Thursday we went to the train station to pick up sister Howells who is sister Holmgrens companion. She is way nice. She knows Manti Teo and she sewed up my pants how nice is she right?
 Friday was all day contacting. but it did snow hard core and it stuck for the first time this year. 
Saturday we taught a guy named Mikolaj the stop smoking program. 
Sunday was hilarious. so we have to translate for the senior couple and Elder Hayes was translating in Sunday school and I was looking for the scriptures to read them in English and we read in Genesis about how Abraham got his ass and his sons ready to leave and I say ass of course that's what it said in the bible, but then the teacher puts a picture of Jezus riding in on a donkey and in Wales, ass is not a swear word it's what you call a donkey so we explain the picture and Elder Hayes goes well it's a picture of Jesus sitting on his ass I mean donkey and it was so funny just how it sounded, but luckily it was a true statement in Wales just not in america. Wow funny times with a walchman (hopefully that didn't offend anyone) but back to the Mikolaj guy, so he came up to me in English and asked if I could help him quite smoking so we set up a meeting and we teach him about it and as I was testifying to hit me....what i am saying is true. and I stopped and thought about it all the rest of the day. and into my personal study and as I was reading out the conference liahona page 16 the top quote about why babies die young. I lost it. God loves us so much and he has a plan for us. It's hard and may seem unfair, but it's what will makes up happy. Like President Ucthdorf said in one of his talks last conference, we make ourselves happy. so I challenge you all who are not feeling happy to look for things that make you happy and do it. I am grateful for my family. I have them (both) in my Polish Book of Mormon so when I read I see everyone of them. I testify to you that the Book or Mormon is true please read a long with my mission I promise you will be blessed if you can't read it all at least read every day. I love you all and miss you! have fun this week! Happy Birthday AJ and GO IRISH!!!!!
Elder Harris