Monday, September 30, 2013

Well Hey Everyone!

So this week was pretty good. We started out with going to a Museum. Yes, I Elder Harris went to a museum, it was the Warsaw Uprising museum, pretty cool, it was about how the Poles took a stand against the Germans and tried to fight for them selves. Its a very proud day in Poland's history. stay strong!

It was really cool. Also we did another exchange. I was with Elder Anderson sorry the pic look funny you all know I suck at pics. It was really a fun exchange he is still fairly new, only been here about 3 months, so it was fun to work with him. Way big into the military grew up with his dad as member of our military so it was cool to kinda have someone with Hayden like with knowledge to talk to me about Guns and stuff that I have no idea about, but it was sweet. He wants to be a Marine. Wednesday after the exchange we did a white board with President Edgren and his minions meaning AP's. Yes! President Edgrin came out and contacted with us. We did a white board and had a picture of Robert Lewandowski how is a soccer player here the Polish President, Micheal Jordan, Leon Messie, and President Thomas S. Monson, and asked people if they new these people. And to be honest it was way successful. We passed out like 10 books, got 8 phone numbers, and 7 street lessons in 1 and a half hours. It rocked. Me and President actually had a street lesson together so that was actually really cool. Thursday Elder Stumpf was sick so we stayed in and while he slept, I made a soft cover book of Mormon in polish and started reading it in polish and not going to lie i understand it all, so i pretty much only read the Book of Mormon in Polish except for the English I am working on and going to send home. so it's been really fun reading in a different language you get different things out of it. We meet with Enrique and he is doing good dropped the bomb on him on Sunday about Law of Chasity and yeah took it good so hopefully he can get an answer form God about it. He really is a great guy and so much fun to teach. As always still working with Oskar doing good getting ready to serve a mini mission in February. Hopefully. So we are excited for that. He is awesome. But, yeah nothing else to exciting really happened. The spirit has been strong lately so that's a plus. It's getting really cold, been wearing coats and stuff it's been raining and stuff. I am  really having a good time. Miss you all and love you all! Be safe,

Elder Harris

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cześć Rodzino i Koledzy! 

So I got my camera back so I have pictures!
The one with multiple missionaries is of the Warsaw Slam we did a couple weeks ago that was my group! it was pretty fun, but really hard to take a pic so I am pretty proud of my self. I finally have one of me and my companion,
yes he is a giant over me, it's funny if you seen us tracking ( yes missionaries still do that) it's like complete opposites.  To start of the week we had to fix our toilet seat. So I guess before I got there it  was already broke and Elder Raines fixed it with tape ( you know what Nana says if duck tape won't fix it it ain't worth fixin ) but it broke and yes it's worth fixing, so I went out and bought a really nice wooden seat and let's just have to say we have the nicest toilet in the mission.  It was a funny way to start off the week. Tuesday we had a special training with president and it was great! really broke it down for us what we need to do as leaders of this mission. He is such a great leader and this mission is going so good! also started my exchange on Tuesday with Jespersen he is the new elder on ochota, Elder Saltmarshes replacement. It was fun, he is a great missionary and I am grateful I got to learn from him. We went tracking and well it was really good got a couple invite backs and some numbers. Thursday we did another musical fireside and it was good really productive and at this time I am back with Stumpf. But some catholic lady came up to Sister Howell's and was asking questions then Sister Howell's walks away so I go see whats going on the crazy lady grabs me then starts yelling at me saying I am a sinner for being Mormon, so I kindly bare testimony in my nice Elder Harris way and she keeps going, so finally I am able to get her to shut up and leave, she made Sister Howells cry and she was just really really mean. But it's alright. Met some really cool people during that day,so  that really help you understand that you are here for something. Friday met with Oskar and Enrique and Oskar is golden, but Enrique was a big surprises hasn't been showing lots of emotion as of lately, but he opened up and told us he believes this church is true so the 12 of October we are planning on his baptism! it's really fun teaching him. Me and stumpf say we have our Mexico mission experience. Then on Saturday got a package from Momma Saltmarsh meaning Elder Saltmarshes mom sent me a package full of candy and stuff and that was way cool! how nice of her. I got a call sSunday morning from Elder Jensen saying that Utah won, so I wore my black and red tie all day! Sorry this is shortish, but I am running out of time.
Oh my gosh! almost forgot me and Elder Stumpf found Nike street yeah Nike street while contacting coolest street ever right? but I love you all and miss you all!

Elder Harris

Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Week

Cześć Rodzino i Koledzy! 
przepraszam najmocniej ale będą zdjęć dziś, z tego powodu że nie mam aparatu swojego przy sobie! to szkoda tak? 

Yeah sorry no pics this week, Elder Tiner had to borrow my camera, but next week multiple's for sure! this week was really fun and such a weird powerful weekend. Side note, Purple Rain is playing in the internet cafe that I am at....haha.  I took Elder Stumpf to Adams ( the Tie shop ) for his first time and as expected he bought a whole bunch and I warned him how stressful it is, but he didn't believe me until he got there and was like was funny.  It's always fun to go look at all the ties. If anyone wants one let me know we plan on going next month! Tuesday was Zone Training. Me and Elder Stumpfs first time together. It went really well. The spirit was felt and we set some amazing goals. I set a personal one with the AP's to talk slower in both Polish and English, so sorry Lauren can't be the auctioneer anymore :( if I complete the goal of course! We also went down to Łódź on Wednesday to teach them the Zone training and it was great. The Lloyd's, the senior couple as always made us food, it was the best homemade bread ever! so good and warm! plus bread sucks here in Poland. It tasted 10 times better. Thursday we did the Warsaw Slam again meaning that all of us missionaries contacted the crap out of the Centrum of Warsaw. It was lots of fun and pretty successful on our part. Here comes in the awesome weekend. Friday we had a meeting with Oskar. We go to the church waited and Dominik is there and he is the Young men's or in our case young man president and me and him just talked about his life for like 25 minutes. It was such a blessing to be able to do that. He really opened up to me and I was able to help him, my calling is awesome it honestly has power behind it. Meeting with Oskar always is great he wants to serve a mission and we are working on a 10 day mini mission for him soon, hopefully. He even did a white board with us on Sunday! he is so cool! kind of a Mormon geek now, but it's okay! Saturday two miracles happened one a 17 year old kid called and asked for a book so we met with him and he said he is searching, bam found it! but he was a honest kid looking for his own path. It's really good meeting with the younger ones because they will listen. Also got a call from Bydgoszcz about Robert. He text  them and told them to tell me that his wife had their baby and he is a healthy boy named Maksymilian. Amazing think about it. He sees his son and then looks at him and remembers me somewhere during that time and then he even told the missionaries that he will make time to meet them soon!!!! prayers are answered! never felt so humble in my life after that call. So really it was a good week got some new people who should turn in to investigators soon. well time is going short. Love you all remember that always! thanks for your love and support! The church is true!

Elder Harris

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I was looking at some other Missionaries blogs and came a cross these of Shawn. Some of them you have to look for him, but he is there and looks like he is having a great time. Man I miss this kid.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cześć Wam!

 So I have been getting asked for pictures of my companion and I standing next to each other since he is 6 foot 5 and I am 5 foot 6, but sorry we didn't really have time to take one together. him in the forest.
 This week started out really cool.
Pday we went to the Harley Davidson store and it turned our to be way cool. Got to talk to the Harley Lady and invited her to English. Also its really funny to see the Harley People because they are the same kind of Harley people in the states just speak Polish its hilarious! wish I could explain it better.  Also we were at the mall during Pday and we bought some Nike socks and I was talking to the lady about how I wished Poland had a certain kinda of socks. (yes only would care to talk to someone about that) and she  asked who we are? and boom! talked to the Lady in the Nike store about who we are why the Book of Mormon is so important and gave her only a flyer, but still it was super cool to do missionary work in the Nike store!  Tuesday we did a cool thing we called the Warsaw slam meaning that we all went out to busy areas at 7 in the morning till 9 meaning every missionary in Warsaw and we contacted had whiteboards, free tables and fun things like that. We did it at 5 in the evenin till about 7. It was way fun. We are really looking for business men so hopefully something comes of it. Sadly also on Tuesday my three some ended. Me, Saltmarsh and Swicegood took a pic with our matching ties.
We were only together for like 5 days, but still was way fun. and Saltmarsh is going to Bydgoszcz lucky! and Swicegood to Gdańsk lucky again my two favorite cities!

 I did meet my new comp on Tuesday and yes he is tall and he is from Germany, but has the best accent ever. He doesn't sound like a foreigner at all. He sounds "normal" such a cool guy. Already we are getting along and he is so humbling to teach with, it just works. On Wednesday we helped some Elders at the train station and unfortunately it could have been the last time in a while that i see  Elder Zelezniak :( he is going down to Kraków and that's not in my zone and he goes home in like 6 months so we will see. He is a stud though. He is teaching me Tongan! Not going very good, but I can say hi how are you? and I can answer good! so yeah it's a start. Also meet with Oskar and he invited one of his friends who is interested and he is sweet his name is Janusz so things are picking up here. Also Henrique is progressing to Baptism really really good so faith is paying off. Sunday was a cool day , first Oskar passed the sacrament for the first time and that was an amazing experience. So proud of him and how  far he has progressed. He is the best. As we went tracking, yes missionaries still tracked  here in Poland, but we had a good experience. No let in's, but everyone was super nice. So it was way fun, and me and Elder  Stumpf got to talk so that was cool. We have Zone training tomorrow and Wednesday. We are excited for that. Things are looking really good. We have a goal for 4 baptisms so everyone keep me accountable for them! hope your all doing good love you all and miss ya but have fun talk to you next week!
 Wszystkiego Najlepszego! This means: Happy Birthday!

Z Miłością od Tego Człowieka, Którego nazywacie Starszy Harris :)
This means: Love form the man you call Elder Harris

Monday, September 2, 2013

Staying in Warsaw

Cześć Rodzinie! 
Well to be honest this week was really slow do to the fact that I was in side all week, but still way fun. Elder Tingey was sick from Monday to Wednesday and a little bit on Thursday, but we were planning on going out and working because we both were so so bored. At lunch time while I am busy in the Bathroom, Elder Tingey gets a phone call from President and I know it's President because he always has a special ringtone, and my first thought is? oh yeah baby, he is AP! because its my groups "turn" to be AP. He gets off the phone and looks at me all pale. Tingey you AP? and he goes no I am going to Lublin as Branch President! super cool!
Of course, we were bummed to leave each other because we thought we would be together again, but the lord needs him else where. Thursday he packed and we went and said bye to Oskar and Bogdans Family. Friday he was off. Crazy! just like that. So I went with Ochota which is Warsaw 2 and I am Warsaw 1 branch, but it was an easier exchange so I have been with them all weekend and Elder Saltmarsh who you all know I love. He is acutely sick...lame but we still were productive. Me and his trainee cleaned and his companion is hilarious absolutely the funniest. It turned out to be a fairly good week even thought I was stuck inside. Us three had a good talk about Families and how similar ours are and how they have been blessed. Sunday though was transfer calls. President Nielson did it from 8 at night  and  President Edgrin said he would do the same, so I am reading my BOM and then I hear the Darth Vader Theme song and a Yankees sign (That shows up telling me its President Edgrin) at like 2 o'clock. I answer and sure enough he wanted to start calling people early so I get my call early and he says I will be with Elder Stumpt who is straight up out of Germany, and speaks the best English in the world! and is 6 foot 5....y'all know what that means? We are opposite. He is 6 foot 5 and I am 5 foot 6 haha.  He served with Elder Wier and they had fun sounded like, so I am way excited. We will be here in the same area being Zone Leaders! So yeah transfers are over and I will be in Warsaw still. I am so ready for this next transfer being in church one of our African members who was baptized in Africa was asking why is okay for members to wear a blue shirt and pass the sacrament and stuff. He says why is Poland an exception, granted that's not a written rule, but it opened my eyes. I am teaching the same work as Big A in Georgia Tua in Phillipines, Riley Emch, Jaussi Preston in South America and Harvey in Florida and so on and they baptize...why is Poland the exception? it's not! I am so pumped and ready. This is going to be great. Things are happening. I am sorry for only one picture this week. I will have more next week! Love you all and miss you all! Be safe and talk to you later!

Elder Harris