Monday, June 24, 2013

Goodbye BBQ

The wonderful Sister K had to have a BBQ to say goodbye to Elder Harris and Elder Wilson. The both of then leave on Thursday. Elder Harris is sure going to miss this family. Sister K has done so much for him. Let's just say I hope he doesn't split his pants anymore because I don't know who will help out.

Each of them took a homemade jam home with them.

Riding scooters are always fun

Poniedziałek 24 Czerwca 2013 Roku‏

Cze뜻 Wam!

So to start off with the big news; I will be leaving Bydgoszcz :( I am loving it here so I am sad but I will be finally serving in Warsaw, and I will be with Elder TIngey from my group and we are Zone Leaders! I leave Thursday and I get a nice 4 hour train ride...I hate trains not going to lie. But this week was awesome but sad at the same time. Monday after emailing we got home and the Mail Guy calls on our domophone and says "I have a package for you." So I go down to meet him and we meet in the Elevator and he give me this package and guess who it was from? Elder Bokinsky, what a stud! He sent me a little b-day package,
haha but the Mail guy asks why am I Starszy and all that so I tell him we talk, not to interested in the gospel but asks me where I am from says I have a funny accent but I speak beautiful polish, I say Utah and he goes "Oh the Utah Jazz they are the best!" I laugh and go "yup" and he says in Polish, of course, "I hate the effin Lakers." I try not to laugh "I go that's great well thanks for your time here is a card" haha. So funny, but hey we got some Jazz fans here in Poland who would have thought that. but the package from Bokinsky was a bunch of Candy and a sweet tie! He bought it for Easter and I was way jealous and would tease me all the time with it and he sent it! It was cool! I cant wait til he comes back! then we had Branch BBQ because the Nielsons are leaving :( it was fun and I think my mom already has it on facebook but i will teaching my little recent convert Adam how to throw a football. I go down to catch the ball and rip! my pants ripped again for the 3rd time! I was like geez! either i am a little husky boy or euro pants are to tight...lets go with the tight thing. but yeah that was embarrassing, but Brother Kagele drove me home. Then that night the Elders from Szczecin came in early for Zone Conference and Elder Mikolyski got to stay in my Apartment. I was so excited. We talked for like 3 hours, just talking about our missions and catching up. It was awesome, he is going to be a great friend when I get home.  Tuesday was one if not the most spiritual Zone Conference of my mission. It was our last time with President as well so that was really hard. But I didn't cry! so be proud. We cut our ties for them I cut my favorite tie that I call Rajderski! And they gave us really nice custom Poland Warsaw made temple ties. It's way pretty! I'm sure am going to miss them. They are awesome. We shook there hands at the door and then all of the sudden  Sister Nielson says ah I don't care I am hugging! so we all got to give Sister Nielson hugs. She is such an awesome lady. They both are awesome, I told President that I will see him every February when I go to Vegas for the rugby games. He told me you better or...then I cut him off before a mission President says something bad ;) but he is incredible, so sad to see him leave.
But Friday was fun we went and saw My Fair Lady in Polish for culture night that was cool never see it so it was something new but the highlight was our meeting with Anna Wilk. My Poland Grandma, she is so so so funny! we told her that I may be leaving and she says well you better come see me once more I will make time I promise! so today we are meeting with her. Sunday at church we have this member in Bydgoszcz named Jerzy and he totally is Dzia Dzia! he sounds like him and if Dzia Dzia Spoke polish then he would sound like jerzy, they speak the same and its so funny both blunt and yeah lets just say me and jerzy got a long good! so  I tought that was funny, then on our way home I see two girls with a flat tire looking at the tools like I would and so I offer to help and they were like please! so I changed there tire but they were in a hurry so we only gave them a card but it was still cool I had Tyler there with me the whole time! and I remembered what my dad said star pattern when putting on a new tie haha, but yeah then we waited for calls and when I got my call I was so shocked. I know I can do it. I am way excited for my next area to see Tingey  and by Adams ties and serve the lord. I love you all and miss you all! have a good week and will talk to you from Warszawa next week!

Elder Harris

 I'm melting like a toaster cheeser, it's so hot out here (from the movie The Sand Lot) 
Polish and English Dictionaries 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bydgoszcz Zone Conference

(Courtesy of Sister Nielson's blog)

The Bydgoszcz District: Elders Vernon and Wilson (Zone Leaders) with Elders Allen and Harris (District Leader). 

Bydgoszcz Zone:  It was so good to meet with our missionaries in Bydgoszcz one last time for Zone Conference.  We had lots planned for this Conference, but first let me introduce the Districts:

Companionships worked together to find answers to questions like: "Find the quote regarding chewing gum while proselyting in the White handbook." (Actually, that is a hard is 'hidden' on p. 42)

 Next item of business....Birthdays! The traditional 'Sto Lat' was sung as the cookies were passed out. Happy birthday to Elders Kotter, Godwin, Sister Lidtka, Elders Tufts, Sheley and Harris.
And now for an event the missionaries were wondering if we were going to continue....

Since we want to include every missionary on the Poland Warsaw Mission 'Tie Quilt', we had to cut their ties early.  We wanted to take something from them that we would remember (and they would remember).  We do give them something back in return ..  
Elder Allen and Elder Harris. (By the look on Elder Harris' face, I think President Nielson must have slipped with those scissors!)

The Bydgoszcz Zone holding up their 'donations'. What a great group of missionaries. We love each and every one of them. We will continue to pray for their success when we return home.

One of the Sister's from the mission wrote this song for President and his wife:

THE  "PRESIDENT AND SISTER NIELSON, WE LOVE YOU" SONG (sung to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic")

The Nielson's came to Poland with a call to serve the Lord.
Sister Nielson conquered buying food and then her spirits soared.
Once she wasn't feeling well, was found, and many blessings poured.
By us she is adored.

Who'Il remember all the birthdays?
Who will cut off ties and sweaters?
Who will blog our mission doings?
Sister Nielson's going home.

A mission president is like a business CEO
All the hard decisions come ... waiting to see what you will say
Will it prep the missionaries for their lives, foundations lay? 
YES, let's do it today.

Who will text us every morning?
Who will listen to the spirit?
Who will motivate and lead us?
The President's going home.

We love the Nielson's testimonies of the Mormon Book,
We appreciate their time with us, there's much that they forsook,
Now it's time to fly to Vegas ... there to at their family look,
Their grandkids need them too!

Who will get us at the airport?
Who will pray to know our area?
On what will we eat spaghetti?
The pottery's going home.

A BIG THANK YOU to our clever, clever Sister Hutchinson for this wonderful song! It brought tears to our eyes as our wonderful Missionaries sang it to us! We love our Missionaries, AND we love serving the Lord!

Monday, June 17, 2013

FHE, picnic, football and yes ripped pants again in Bydgoszcz

June 17, 2013

My Birthday breakfast that Elder Allen made
Wow one year ago I tricked my dad into going to church and he came! Time is really flying, I hit one year on the mission on Thursday. Kinda weird eh? thank you all for the birthday wishes it was awesome! I had lots of fun everyone took care of me here! My companion even made me breakfast! haha it was cool. Sister Kagele threw a little surprise party for me in our seminary class so that was way fun, Jasmin, our old investigator came and she gave me a sweet tie! but yeah were to start with this week, oh wait happy fathers day to all who are fathers ( yes you Derrick ) Love you Dad, Gabe, Dzia Dzia, and Papa! but yes so last week I was talking about a guy named Patryk and how cool he was and everything but he ended up flaking us on monday which was a really big bummer. He was cool and seemed sincere and just got to keep the faith and just maybe we can run into him again. Tuesday was the last dystryk meeting of the transfer so crazy that this transfer ends next week we get calls next Sunday! Elder Allen is a stud and been a joy to be around all transfer. My little boy is growing up :( just kidding he is an elder! But we had some cool contacts on Tuesday one we stopped a younger guy who worked construction and talked to him about happiness and what brings him happiness. he brought up families which was nice and we talked for awhile took a book but wouldn't exchange numbers...still i could see a good change in his life and it will just open it up for other missionaries! then i am starting to make Elder Allen contact on his own and he starts contacting a guy and the guy goes ( in a British or Welsh accent ) Okay i am going to have to stop you right there...I don't speak polish, and instantly Elder Allen goes neither do I! haha and then we start talking about the stars and stuff and it was a funny conversation and he goes well i am a proud practicing devoted atheist but i will think about this. and he left but it was hilarious! Uh Wednesday i finished my 20th year of life and had my little birthday surprises. then Thursday my little Allen taught a street lesson alone! it was sweet didn't help him at all! So proud of him! Friday went shopping with Sister Kagele and booth food for the BBQ tonight in the branch should be fun! Saturday went to Toruń and meet with a family in our ward and that was a blast i will send pics as a different email. but it was fun! this week was a stressful one but way good one! i was ready David and Goliath this week and I love verse 23 when it says David Heard him...fires me up recommend reading it! its a cool story for non religious people or religious people. but the whole time before verse 23 Goliath is talking big like he means something and then he comes in where David is and starts boasting and then David heard him it says meaning to me that he excepted the challenge and had little man syndrome come out. so cool! well everyone I love you and miss you have a good week!

Elder Harris

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Turning 20 in Poland

Sister Kagele though Shawn a surprise Birthday party tonight at the English class the teach. Looks like he got one of his favorite cookie.
 I think Shawn was a little embarrassed
Looks good
 Elder Allen lookin cool

Monday, June 10, 2013

More Pic's

 Herbie is in Poland
 All the Apartments are multi colored
 Walking through the park
 Helping the Keagel's move
 Walking through another park,
What's that? Snow

10 Czerwca 2013 Poniedziałek‏

Wow, where do I start with this week? Well, I can start with the baptism  Robert went into the waters of baptism this week and it was the greatest moment of my mission, one of the greatest in my life. I remember talking to Elder Allen and saying, "What are some cool things that have happened in your life?" And he said some cool things and I told him about senior year rugby in the playoffs vs Skyline and Tua yelling "Shawn, Shawn give me the ball give me the ball!" and I pass it to him and he kicks the game winning drop goal, and he is like "Oh that's cool." haha But not going to lie, seeing Robert baptized was better than that. He is such an amazing person I really cant explain it. He is such a blessing in my life as well as my mission. He invited his wife and his brother and they both came, it was incredible. Thursday, though, after his interview he comes out and said I passed! He goes and gives me a hug and I said, "You're ready." and he laughs and goes "You prepared me." Well, I look back at him and said "No you already were ready!" Yeah, that is a little cheesy but he seriously was so ready. He is going to be an amazing leader in Poland! But besides that on Monday for P-Day the Kagles took us out Go Carting with their son Kyle! ( Cartmen Voice ) and it was an absolute blast! I got the 4th fastest lap, lame :( but did the most laps had the most under 42 seconds and most winning laps and the best average by 2 seconds so Jeffro you should be proud!
But it was so much fun, the Kageles are an awesome family here and yes, Kelley Kagele I know your reading this and I know I spelled your name wrong, sorry. But so moving on to Tuesday, we had a good district meeting and the spirit was strong which is what makes it good!
Elder Vernon and I taught a little street lesson together and we worked really good together. I hope we serve with each other soon! I could use his Polish and missionary skills! Of course we met with Robert on Tuesday and it went well! Wednesday nothing too great happened as we were walking home by the river I talked to a guy in Polish about fishing for like 30 minutes, unfortunately he didn't really want to talk about the gospel, I tried but it was cool to talk about fishing. Man I miss that stuff! Thursday was the interview as you know went well. Friday lots and lots of contacting which are good days but nothing too cool happened. Saturday was the baptism and then Sunday I was in the circle when Robert received the Holy Ghost, talk about Spirit, wow. It was incredible, so great for that experience! He, meaning, Robert said the prayer in class, participated and everything he is Mormon! haha but also Sunday we were doing our nightly finding and teaching on the street but I guess the teaching part wasn't working for us. Nothing really going on til the last guy we talked to. Elder Allen kept saying "Hey, lets just sit by some one and talk." I laugh and point to this hooli ( soccer fan, crazy people ) and say "Let's go." We didn't sit by him because he had a drink but we talked and he listened, set up for today with us again, and we were way excited! It was so cool. Faith is all you need! 
Crazy to think I will be 20 on Wednesday, man i don't feel like I am 19, I was on my mission for all of it. so it's weird, I am excited though, should be fun. Um congrats Scott that"s crazy your married! I love you all and miss you all! Hope you enjoy this week and love the sun! I love this work and this gospel and all of you. I am so grateful for your support, have a good week!

Elder Harris

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Poniedziałek 3 Czerwca 2013 Roku Obszar: Bydgoszcz‏ (Monday June 3, 2013 in the area of Bodgoszcz)

Helping the Keagelle's move
Cześć! Najpierw was Kocham tak bardzo! 

Okay so I will resend some of the pic's that I sent last week and some new ones if I have any. But how is everyone? I hope good! Things were a little slower this week, but so much fun I had blast and the spirit was strong. To start off, this morning we were going to Tesco a store here in Poland, to buy food and we are at the Tramwaj stop and there is this school class and the teacher says to this little boy Co robisz? ( what are you doing?) he said back Ta piosenka jest po angielsku ( the song is english) " we gonna light it up, likes it's dynamite saying hey oh darlin let's go"  haha so funny to see this little chubby kid start singing some random English song! maybe ya had to be here. Monday meaning last Monday we went to the Nike store! It finally opened up in Bydgoszcz! I was so excited it made my day, but every thing is so dang expensive like even the socks which is what I mainly want. It was still fun.
 Tuesday was a blast! We had district meeting again and it was really good! The district participated and we all learned so much from each other and the spirit was strong. Then we had the opportunity to go and meet with a less active old lady. Hahaha. She is what my mom would call  hoot! Never met a funnier old lady in my life. We call the domofon and she answers "Co!?" which is like what do you want type thing here, and I go misjonarze! she laughs and goes oh....się ma! which is like way slang for what up bro! haha it was great. She let us in ate some  polish salad with boiled eggs and fungis or something. I maned up and ate it. Of course Elder Allen loved it. He eats boiled egg nonesense every day, the smell is horrible! But we had an awesome lesson. We talked about faith and families and of course talked about my family. She was like you have so many brothers and sisters! then I explained why and she laughs and goes I bet Christmas and your birthday is nice? hahaha we just joked the whole time. Such a sweet funny old lady! been a member for like 15 years now! We were able to set up with Magda ( my polish crush ) but she flaked and won't answer :( to bad she was cute but, I dont care! Wednesday as for us all was weird. Crazy how fast time is flying. But I studied the plan of salvation in personal study and that plan brings peace to my heart, so good to know that this is not the end! we have more! I hope your all doing okay! One story sorry, but I remember we all went camping one weekend as a Harris family and Joel told me to go up to the cave and he will shoot me with the paintball gun and I said no, well of course the cave was high up. He says I will buy you Carl's Jr. then Tyler goes shoot Joel I will go up then. hahahaha. Oh good stuff. But yeah so Wednesday Tyler was in my thoughts, but it fueled me to work hard. Because of my family back home you guys. And it turned out to be a fantastic day. Next that day we had our English class, which I love to teach, it's fun, but its the same thing every week and have no idea how to make it fun. Elder Allen thinks it's the coolest thing ever so I just let him go! I am not good as English, so I let him do a lot. But some really cool stuff happened on Thursday! We had a meeting with Robert and it went way good! he is so ready and progressing to baptism, and then we went and helped the Kageles move and we got to wear normal cloths, which was way way weird, but nice at the same time. I will send a pic. Then we meet this little tiny old lady named Barbara who was so nice and was like hey I know you people I am tired and old, but want to talk with you later. So we set up and yeah she was just way funny, to bad she flaked, but it was still nice having some one say they want to talk to us. Then Friday it poured rain well like every day this week, but we went to find a former potential and we prayed that we could teach Monika that was her name we get there and she doesn't want to talk or anything which was lame, but then we go outside the next person we see has this little rat of a dog thing and so I say wow pięknego psa pani ma meaning beautiful dog the ma am has and then we start talking and sure enough she wants to meet gave us number and address as well as took a book. And yup her name was Monika pretty cool eh? so we have a meeting on Friday so I will keep you updated! Saturday we met with a former and we get there and says hey I don't want to talk religion and I am like uh...why are we meeting? he goes I am bored...okay so we are sitting there and talking about sports and come to find out not sure if this is true so can some body check for me, but Sebastian Janikowski is from Poland, born and everything and I guess he speaks polish cool huh? Raiders baby! but rather than that it was such a waste of time and he wouldn't let us go finally I pulled out the fake call and we got out, but he just wanted to talk, he was smoking and it was annoying. Then to end the week on Sunday Robert came late to church which is okay he was trying to get his wife to come, but was being a girl and didn't know what to wear so he came and he is all set for the baptism. Thursday is the interview then Saturday is the day! So so excited. It's going to be great. But yeah that was our week. Had a blast being here like always. But also all week I have been deeply studying my favorite chapter Enos in the Book of Mormon, and its so much fun to see the little hidden stuff! I recommend doing it! Well I love you all so much and am so grateful for you all. Hope all is good and talk to you later!

Elder Harris