Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey Family,
Happy Boys day and cinco de majo. Not really sure where to start with this week. Been really thinking about our Savior this week like usual like a missionary does, because with out him we really cant do anything. with the secret out that i am going home soon, elders are always telling me how i need to see Batman, both spidermans and ironm and stuff like that. It really makes me laugh, because maybe they dont realize that we are in the middle of a "superhero" movie. The lord is the best super hero ever. i have seen his hand daily, and then some. He is working miracles and really saving lives. So really i am blessed to be apart of it. This week i finished the lords playbook for the 5 time on my mission, all out april is over. Its been a blessing to sit down and again read it, i read slow but it was a blessing to read it as a story and really still feel its power. i hope you all found some time to read it. share with me your thoughts. 
Monday was a blessing of a day, Pday was slow but we had lunch with one of our invesitgators named Dorian. we teach him english but always tie the gospel into it. that was fun the blessing was we found one of my old invesitagtors named Jasmin,yall remember her? She came up to me and said hi in the mall. It was so cool to see her, she isnt interested still but she is heading back to denmark so i feel as if the missionaries there who speak her language can really help her. it was cool then we felt so pumped up ready to find. we recieved some crazy energy after pday and we went out and it was good. we met one super cool girl named ania. she listend and we taught her about Joseph Smith, she really liked it. she was studing and says that she is busy but took a book and said call monday meaning tonight i will call her, then right after her. We met Aneta and Mateusz. They were a couple who live in Toruń which is maybe 45 minutes outisde of bydgoszcz but we have members that live there. but we talked and they listened. it was so cool. we will call them after their tests and go out and visit them. Man we took adavantage of that energy and had a great night. marek our b date is still on course for 24 of may. he flaked once this week but came to church and he has been taught everything but the law of chasitiy which is usually the 1st commandment i teach but just how it worked out i guess. But he is loving church, and doing good. leszek our member has been doing a good job helping us, he is so cool.Me and him are really close, he reminds me alot of Raymond. So we are always teasing each other and yeah its fun being around him. he is rock of  a member. Friday was amazing. My final zone confrence, and it was incredible. we talked about how when we contact ( for those who forgot what that is...its when you walk on the street and talk to EVERYONE.) but we need to talk about baptism. it was power ful and really its been working. it was sad it was my last but the spirit was there and it was a good last one. the APS stayed at our apartment, meaning Vernon came over. Its funny becasue, me and him have been good friends but not way way close, like i am with Tingey Baranowski or Weir from my group. But this transfer he has been calling me and we have been doing this and that for president and we then end up talking for like 15 minutes. we have gotten really close and its funny because we are the only ones from our group flying to salt lake. i would call him one of my best friends out here on the mission, it was so good to see him. he is such a good missionary. Sunday church was good also i called my buddy down in warsaw 2 branch Tadeusz, that recent convert me and hubbard got close with? yeah that fool is engaged and getting married in the temple in august. Dang i was so happy. i call and he is like sorry Bracie harris meaning brother harris. I didnt tell you. But come to find out its the girl eh was fliritng with in the branch.i used to tease him for it but sure enough. cool huh? he was really excited to talk so that was great.
Sunday though we decieded to visit Robert. I was so nervous and wasnt sure what to do if he answered the door. sure enough he answers oh cześć harris. we then walk outside. it was awkward, and really i was lost for words. we talked and he looks lost. he is different but it was so good to see him. he doesnt really like our church but wants to meet in the chapel on tuesday. so i will let you all know how it goes. please pray for him. But that is just and example of the lords hand.its everywhere. i love my savior. I dont get to many amazing teaching stories but the experiences i have are most sacred for me because they are for me. il ove you all happy mothers day and i will talk to you all later :)

Elder Harris

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So we are starting off the new transfer just like that. And honestly couldnt be more excited. I am lucky because my former companion Elder Swicegood is zone leader here in Bydgoszcz so i will get to see him alot, he is actually on exchange as we speak. Look at the little boy go. But last week was busy we were every where. Helping sisters go here and elders go there. Its was insane, but cool at the same time, love helping people. Its already been way fun being back with the Stumpf, we taught english together the first night he was here and yeah nothing has changed. we are still that dynamic duo as President Edgren said when we first got "teamed up." Thursday though was cool, President Egren came into Bydgoszcz to do temple interviews. So he took us out to lunch and we through down a bunch of pizza at pizza hut. I love that place miss the chicken alfredo but the pizza is still good.  Its always a blessing to be around president. He also imformed us that a members husband was planning on getting baptized...So when i got home called Branch President Zalewski and sure enough, Sebastian who is the husband of Oktawia,she is the branch presidents daughter. he is getting baptized. President Edgren says we don t need to teach him everything because he has been paying tithing and coming to church and all activies for like 7 years... so i intervied him on friday acutally new alot, and bore testimony to me of the book of mormon. so i asked him what changed.. because its a little weird that all of the sudden you want to be baptized. he explained how the example of his wife through their time dating and marrage how she was strong on everything and finally after talking and praying he new it was time. really cool experience. He was baptized yesterday, only family went but president zalewski said it was awesome. So i am happy that a family is getting closer and closer thanks to the gospel. Easter here wasnt normal, we spent an hour together as a district to watch bible videos and we talked about what felt, and it was powerful. Super special. I am so grateful for our savior...what he does for us, what he did, and what he will do...its amazing. everything that i was able to do meaning sports, work, be with family is all thanks to him. Its interesting Elder Eyring once said that he is our captian. I am blessed to have been called to this all star team. With the lord leading us we cant loose. I just want to say to all who are thinking of missions, to go...and if your not sure its for you...pray and then go. I promise its for you. But hey i know this is all true. I am doing so good, i am glad you all are doing good. you all be safe love you and miss you all.
Elder Harris

Monday, April 14, 2014


So to to start off it was funny, i was on exchange with the Great Red Elder Kotter, and we were meeting with a recent convert in our branch named Wojtek. Super cool guy. He was baptzed maybe 4 months ago, but we asked him is story come to find out he recieved an flyer from Elders Vernon, and Allen, they were on exchange after i left. And so he has the flyer, then went home and was watching TV, he was watching South Park, and they were of course talking about Mormons and he liked the episode and loved at the end how God or something was like I am sorry SR but it was the mormons who were correct. so he goes oh i met them, went online and reffered himself, now he is a member. Cool story eh? crazy how south park is "advertisment." but yes this week was super good. It at times got a little hard but i am truely blessed to have the siblings that i do because when it gets hard all i have to do is think of them and i know what i am doing is worth it. So Kelly Aj Nicole Rylie Bubba Peyton, and Jordyn i love you all to death! but back to The exchange it was super fun sorry i forgot to take a pic so before Kotter leaves on wednesday to Lublin to be Branch President i will take one, oh yeah Elder Swicegood is getting exchanged out but only to the other apartment to be zone leader and i get to stay and be with my big ol german buddy! Elder Stumpf!! crazy to think he will be my last companion...only 9 more weeks....flip. But my exchange with Kotter was super fun, we did so good we talked to people like crazy and passed out a lot of books. Also we met with one of their investigators named Laslo he is from Hungary, but he speaks really bad Polish but understandable...its funny for example, To say i am saying is "myślę" but he says "myślim" which means nothing but he just guesses and its funny, he even makes up words so talking with him is like uh.....Kotter is a great missionary though such a spaz but loves the work he is way into healthy thinks we createad a diet and it involves smoothies. We made them like they were going out of style! so i may come back nice and thin...or they may turn into milkshakes...wish me luck. But wednesday was crazy. Elders Jespersen and Żeleźniak called me to say good bye. they were going into the mission home on thursday and wanted to say bye. Crazy to think they are home. i remember being in Gdańsk with Elder and Sister Myler ;) and Elder Myler my first or second day was like oh my gosh Elder Sorn is home...and he was like freaking out Elder Myler style, now i understand why thats weird. It was good to talk to them. Thursday we met with Marek, and he accepted a baptismal date for the 17 of may. We are way exctied but he didnt come to church is a catholic and they dont really believe in going to church every sunday or atleast the polish ones dont so he was like yeah didnt want to come today. So we need to help him undertstand the importance of church. he loved confrence so, he has the potencial, just needs to act on it more. 
Reading the Book of Mormon is such a blessing, even if its 1 verse to maybe 15 minutes, it is such a blessing, i hope all of you who are reading this will take some time to read it, i promies you all have time, you if you dont have time then you need to make time or look at what you do all day and figure out how you can get from the comptur emailing me, to reading, it will bring you so much comfort that the daily trials you have will not seem so big.
Nothing really more to say. I hope you all have a good easter. remember that i love you all and i pray for you all, sorry the letter is lame but hey Cześć Wam!

Z Miłością
Starszy Shawn Michał Harris

Monday, April 7, 2014

Umiłowana Rodzino,

Can we say 100 points to Confrence this weekend? Dang Wasnt able to watch all of it but saw most of it and it was so inspiriing. i loved Elder Hollands talk about standing up for what we believe. yes we need to be nice still but i love that he is telling us to do so, because we cant be push overs. But Elder Bednars was super good, Eryings, ANdersons And even Bishop stevensons was good, and Elder Zvicks i think...Yeah thats it. But it was so good. we spent the whole weekend watching it mostly. Because saturday night is when Saturday morning session is, and then we finsh them off sunday. We all day sunday spent the time at the Kagele house. they made us food and it was a blast always is with them. I hope they understand how amazing they are how much we appriciate them. They do so much for us. But Saturday we went and tried to visit robert...yeah he wasnt sucks that i cant get a hold of him. Not sure whats going on with him but would really like to see him, and try and help him. I know that fool has a testimony i have seen the change it gave him and i know it will bless his new boy! But of course you have downs in life, but there is ALWAYS more ups, you just need to find them. Friday was hard no one listened but me and swicegood stayed positive, towards the end of the nigh walking home we see a young girl, so we stop her. She tells us that she used to read the Bible a lot but nothing seemed to speak to her enough. So she just moved on. we bore testimony about the Book of Mormon and well she accpeted a time to meet and we will be meeting with her tonight. She is cool her name is marta and she was a blessing in our day. So things are going good. Our investigator Marek is making progress. He came to Confrence at the chapel and really liked it. He said he liked the sharp words from Elder Holland, and the Eyring talk was money! we talked to him about baptizm this week and we will see how he feels now. He wasnt ready he wanted to read more, but we will see. He is super nice and really sincre. Always is reading and is trying. just praying, which is my favorite thing so should be simple to teach him that again. Things here are going good though cant complain. The ALL OUT APRIL is super hard becasuse i am terrible at reading...but it has been amazing none the less. ALso on tuesday had zone training and had interviews with president. I love talking to him, we talked about the rest of my mission and what i expect. Its crazy final transfer call this week and its my final transfer. i am so grateful for this mission, this gospel. It truely is true and for everyone. I encourage all who are thinking to serve missions to do it. Its worth it. every second of the pain and hard times, i promise you all will love it. But i know this church is true the book of mormon is inspired and you all should read it. I love you guys and miss you guys!

Miłego tygodnia!

Z Wielką Miłością 
Starszy Harris