Monday, August 27, 2012

Update from Poland Week 1

well i made it to Poland safely and it went by really fast! i am not a big fan of the london airport though it was packed and it stunk! and i just read an email form Gabe that Riverton won?? Heck yeah!! Stratton Brown (tag him) and Albert Tai (tag him) what a stop at the end! still love my Herriman friends but two years in a row excting games!! Gosh that makes me miss football! 
well flying went by really fast it wasnt long at all which really shocked me! on my way to london we had a brittish Flight attendent! he was hilarious! he comes by and asks hey man what you want to drank? what do you have? coffee wine beer alchol everything you guys cant have and laughs and says we have coke products. he then goes so for dinner we have chicken curry perfect for you guys to get used to that i ask why and he looks at me puzzeled they eat it in africa thats where you people go right? we laughed and said no..we are going to Poland. oh cool and then goes why dont girls come? i said we have one she is back there pointed her out and we said they are usually married around 19 or 20 he goes wow i am in the wrong religion then girls like getting married that young huh sounds like a good idea and laughs and walks away. his accent made it ten times funnier! but before that we flew to dallas and i finally had a Big Mac!!!!! never wanted one so badly in my life!! So arriving in Poland was the most excting thing ever it was evening time it was beautiful and good weather and the Nielsons welcomed us with open arms its was amazing! my first real day we went to the Rynek which is an old looking city and contacted it was hard because i cant speak polish but i tried and it was fun! we then got our companions and assigments! i am in Gdansk! my address is 
Elder Shawn Harris
UL. Malczewskiego 120/3
80-112 Gdansk

and my companion is a former AP and is the best missionary in Poland right now named Elder Myler from Roy utah i am so lucky to have him! his polish is perfect! i was way exctied about Gdansk but the worst part is it was a 6 hour train ride!!!!! but we talked so it went by really fast. time flys as you get old its kind of scary. our apartment is nice to Poland Standards but not nice in america we have to filter our water so thats super annoying! but thats life! our second day we had only one meeting set up so we contacted alot. we talked to a lady and she was very intersested and we have a meeting set up for this week! cool huh oh side not Elder Myler says our mission is full of miracles so as i think about that i think of that as a miracle being able to meet her! then we went to our lesson and as we were talking well Elder Myler becasue i know nothing he told me to ask him to be baptized and i said it in Polish and he said yes!!!! his date is Sept 29 cool huh! then the next day was ups and downs. we said okay we will contact from 11 to 12 and then go eat Kebab some good food i havent had. its a 1145 and we see a kebab place but we go well lets keep our promise to the lord and keep going seriously the next person we saw was a 17 year old boy who we taught the entrie 1st lesson too and gave him a book of mormon and he was so excited and interested we are going to call him this week because he was going on a trip with his girlfriend (enjoy it while you can (; ) but that was a miracle and an example of how the lord will take care of you! then the lord gives us a negative miracle to keep us humble we had a lesson with 2 19 year old boys marcien and mikolaj and they mocked us the whole time and drank and smoked the whole time so that was annoying but it made my testimony grow! then after that to make my day we see a store called fart! means lucky but in english we all know what it means freaking hilarious right? awesome! then good old sunday! i was so stocked for sunday but as we got to church i saw only 15 people thats something i will have to get used to but it made me realize how lucky i really am! then on our way to lesson we had two miracles some one randomly gave us free candy and then the next guy asked us for a liahonna and a book of mormon said no time to talk just wanted to share it with his friends and ran off...poland is different oh last night we almost got jumped by an old man for coming to his house to late it was only 8. but thats my first week it was ups and downs but so much fun i am so exctied to be here :)


Elder Harris

Friday, August 24, 2012

Off to Gdnask

 All the new Missionaries with there Companions
 Getting ready to get on the train
One last pic of all the Missionaries before they get on the train
Hopefully I will here from him soon. I can't wait.Stay tuned everyone.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 2 in Poland

 New Missionaries with President Neilson and his wife. 
 New Missionaries and their Trainers
 Elder Veron and Elder Harris following Elder Raines. Ready to make contact.
Look at the smile and oh, they have subway. He will be just fine. LOL.
 All Missionaries in Warsaw Rynek ready to have lunch and start doing missionary work. 
 The new be's
Shawn and his new companion Elder Myler and they will serve in Gdnask.
As you can see it's all the way up there.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He has arrived in Poland

 Here is Elder Harris arriving in Poland.
Elder Harris with his district he came with.
Having a much needed meal. One of Elder Harris's favorites.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 8 Update. Last one till Poland

Well i am down to my last week at the it went by fast! Everything is the same nothing to excting going on! I do get to host again this week so Carson(tag HIm) let me or my mom know when you are coming in an what car your coming in so i can look for you! but its crazy that i am almost done. the language still gives me trouble but i am doing good and i wil start picking it up better once i get into the field. But how is everyone doing?? this week was pretty cool we were teaching a pretend investagater name Maciej and our lesson was on Faith and i did the best analogy ever! he was really understanding Faith so i said Maciej you play soccer right? ....yes... so when you kick the ball you dont know if its going to go into the goal right?.....yes but i hope it does.....i said in order to know that its going to go in you have to do it! in order to have faith in the book of mormon you have to read it and pray about and this was all done in Polish of course! and he finally understood faith it was awesome i was my hardest not to smile the whole time i was just exctied i did something good! that was a total confidence boast! it just made me so stoked to get to Poland! and if you someone could give me a sports update before i leave i will make sure to it that you are blessed alot! haha but i would really like one! and for all of you that have been sending me letters if you send me one this week i will send you it from Poland in about two weeks or so and dont send any after friday because i leave next monday and wont get them! Hope all is good hope to hear from a lot of you to see how your doing..has tua(tag him) recieved his call yet? Dallin your going to Brazil right?? thats freakin sweet! i miss you all and think about you guys all the time have a good week!
Elder Harris 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Pic's from the MTC

Shawn and his friend Jake 

 Shawn with friend Anthony 
 This is my favorite. I love how Shawn can make fun of his shortness
 He found someone just his size

 All the Elders and 1 sister  in his district
 Love it!!!!
 Riverton buddy's ponting to where they are going

 Riverton buddy's
Harvy Langi and Shawn. He played for Uof U.
Homemade light saver

Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 7 Update

cześć jak się masz
How is everyone doing? things in the MTC are pretty much the same. i am still having so much fun though at times of course i want to sleep and i cant or eat and i cant but hey thats life right? Nothing new really going on besides the fact that soccer is getting extremly boring to the point that i just lay on the field....But i have been called as the new District Leader which is pretty cool just means i have more sunday meetings and doesnt mean i am more righteous but it will be fun to lead and serve my Polish District. this week well yesterday which was sunday i had an experiance that i have at home a lot....we had a little fire in my building where my classroom is i wasnt worried because Herriman is pretty famous for fires as of lately. so the fire department came and i got to take pictures and act like a little kid so of course thats always nice but they got there gas masks and everything on and went into the building just to find out that a light bulb had broke and was producing smoke no big deal but it was a nice change of pace. and this week i was able to see i believe everyone who is coming into the mtc while i am here but Joey Jensen(mom tag him on facebook) are you coming in the week? if so dear elder me and let me know what time i am hosting so i can come host you. good old Big A(tag him) arrived this week and i was able to see him and he is doing awesome :) and Jake Rindlisbacher is here too and in my zone so that was a pretty sweet suprise! its crazy to think i have like 2 weeks left and i will be heading to Poland i am so excited but nervous at the same time! but i am  not to worried because with how much i have learned in the past 7 weeks i should pick it up when i get there its just going to be rough the first month or 5 months hahaha this week althought it was fun i had some moments while talking about the spirit and people bringing up that we have guardian angels and i always think of Tyler. i had to get up in district meeting and talk about the spirt and i talked about how doing service will always invite the spirit and if yall know my uncle Tyler thats all he did. i shared how he was always there to help and i know he is watching after me know while me being on my mission. all week he has crossed my mind. so at times its hard when i get down time because he is what i think of but i know he is in a better place and i hope Amanda is doing alright i pray for you everynight Amanda.
I want everyone to know that i love and i think about them as well as pray for you guys! and i do have a testimony that i know this church is true!
cant wait to see yall soon so in the mean time send some letters and please send some MTN DEW!!!!! ,
haha Have a good week sorry my updates are short but nothing really cool going on in the MTC
Starszy Harris
P.S. Here are some Polish words;
Cześć = Hi
Dobry = Good
Bratek = Little Brother or Pansey
Piłka Nożna = Soccer
całować = the verb to kiss ;)
miłość = love
Kochać = the verb to love
Orange = Pomaranćowy
10 = dziesięć
99 = dziewięćdziesiąt dziewięc
yeah its pretty nuts haha but if you want to learn more words write me and i will tell you!!