Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 8 Update. Last one till Poland

Well i am down to my last week at the it went by fast! Everything is the same nothing to excting going on! I do get to host again this week so Carson(tag HIm) let me or my mom know when you are coming in an what car your coming in so i can look for you! but its crazy that i am almost done. the language still gives me trouble but i am doing good and i wil start picking it up better once i get into the field. But how is everyone doing?? this week was pretty cool we were teaching a pretend investagater name Maciej and our lesson was on Faith and i did the best analogy ever! he was really understanding Faith so i said Maciej you play soccer right? ....yes... so when you kick the ball you dont know if its going to go into the goal right?.....yes but i hope it does.....i said in order to know that its going to go in you have to do it! in order to have faith in the book of mormon you have to read it and pray about and this was all done in Polish of course! and he finally understood faith it was awesome i was my hardest not to smile the whole time i was just exctied i did something good! that was a total confidence boast! it just made me so stoked to get to Poland! and if you someone could give me a sports update before i leave i will make sure to it that you are blessed alot! haha but i would really like one! and for all of you that have been sending me letters if you send me one this week i will send you it from Poland in about two weeks or so and dont send any after friday because i leave next monday and wont get them! Hope all is good hope to hear from a lot of you to see how your doing..has tua(tag him) recieved his call yet? Dallin your going to Brazil right?? thats freakin sweet! i miss you all and think about you guys all the time have a good week!
Elder Harris 

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