Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 7 Update

cześć jak się masz
How is everyone doing? things in the MTC are pretty much the same. i am still having so much fun though at times of course i want to sleep and i cant or eat and i cant but hey thats life right? Nothing new really going on besides the fact that soccer is getting extremly boring to the point that i just lay on the field....But i have been called as the new District Leader which is pretty cool just means i have more sunday meetings and doesnt mean i am more righteous but it will be fun to lead and serve my Polish District. this week well yesterday which was sunday i had an experiance that i have at home a lot....we had a little fire in my building where my classroom is i wasnt worried because Herriman is pretty famous for fires as of lately. so the fire department came and i got to take pictures and act like a little kid so of course thats always nice but they got there gas masks and everything on and went into the building just to find out that a light bulb had broke and was producing smoke no big deal but it was a nice change of pace. and this week i was able to see i believe everyone who is coming into the mtc while i am here but Joey Jensen(mom tag him on facebook) are you coming in the week? if so dear elder me and let me know what time i am hosting so i can come host you. good old Big A(tag him) arrived this week and i was able to see him and he is doing awesome :) and Jake Rindlisbacher is here too and in my zone so that was a pretty sweet suprise! its crazy to think i have like 2 weeks left and i will be heading to Poland i am so excited but nervous at the same time! but i am  not to worried because with how much i have learned in the past 7 weeks i should pick it up when i get there its just going to be rough the first month or 5 months hahaha this week althought it was fun i had some moments while talking about the spirit and people bringing up that we have guardian angels and i always think of Tyler. i had to get up in district meeting and talk about the spirt and i talked about how doing service will always invite the spirit and if yall know my uncle Tyler thats all he did. i shared how he was always there to help and i know he is watching after me know while me being on my mission. all week he has crossed my mind. so at times its hard when i get down time because he is what i think of but i know he is in a better place and i hope Amanda is doing alright i pray for you everynight Amanda.
I want everyone to know that i love and i think about them as well as pray for you guys! and i do have a testimony that i know this church is true!
cant wait to see yall soon so in the mean time send some letters and please send some MTN DEW!!!!! ,
haha Have a good week sorry my updates are short but nothing really cool going on in the MTC
Starszy Harris
P.S. Here are some Polish words;
Cześć = Hi
Dobry = Good
Bratek = Little Brother or Pansey
Piłka Nożna = Soccer
całować = the verb to kiss ;)
miłość = love
Kochać = the verb to love
Orange = Pomaranćowy
10 = dziesięć
99 = dziewięćdziesiąt dziewięc
yeah its pretty nuts haha but if you want to learn more words write me and i will tell you!!

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