Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just Kidding Week 2 Update

Well this last week has been a really weird but amazing week! Full of miracles! The beginning of the week my companion told me that only The best missionaries get called to Poland because lets be honest its not salt lake where i am baptizing 50 million people or even being able to have that many people stop and listen to me. its hard. the language the life style everything! My companion told me he sends only people who can handle this, at times i feel as if i cant, the language is killing me. but then today on my way here to email we stopped a lady and her daughter and we were talking about families and this little girl looks at me and go czesc and hands me me a little flower. how crazy is it to think that such a little girl understands the principle of sharing. its something small like a flower but he is thinking this is pretty here look you can have it, as missionaries we should be thinking who this gospel is life changing here experience it have this book it will change your life. i understand i am here to let the people of Poland who need ME to do that for them. although at times i get frustrated with the language because well all know how i am but i think of the little things and it keeps me going.

this past week for P day we went to Sopot which is a beach town! freaking gorgeous holy cow!!!! it was a lot of fun! then for FHE the american family in our branch invited us over to thier house for dinner and help them with the little kids of a family who will be baptized soon. they are so cute! Kasia reminds me of My little Sister Rylie smart as can be so nice to everyone and just loveable! she gave the lesson and she did better then i ever could and she is 11! wow it was really inspiring but also humbling. Tomek who is the son reminds me of my little steph brother Bubba, just a little kid who loves his toys and video games and for some reason beats up on his cat, like bubba does to Roxy! we played the game sorry and he was be so funny making everyone be a teams (the lewis one team, the missionaries one team and his two sisters one team) it was funny. me and my companion were winning and he goes oh Starszi sa najlepcisy! or however you spell it but it means the elders are the best! it was hilarious! then the youngest Ona wow she is a princess! she is an older version of my little angel Jordyn! every time she sees me she comes and sits next to me she is adorable!

then tuesday we had no meetings so it was a day of contacting yay! life of a missionairy! but it went well! at the end. we had no success then all of the sudden we are headed to our meeting with the branch mission leader at KFC and some guy goes hey do you have the latest liahona? we go yes and he goes well i dont have a lot of time i am a excumunicated member working on coming back can i have a book of mormon to share with my friends? we gave it to him and he left, then 2 seconds later some guy gives us free candy and right after that some very beautiful daughters of God  talk to us about the church they werent interested but still nice to talk to people. crazy day.

Wednesday we talked to our baptismal canadidate Zbyszek about the word of wisdom and he goes oh thats easy for sure! what a faithful man he is so awesome! then we taught english which was fun but really hard! but it went well. i then went to Bydgoszcz on a 2 hour train ride to be on splits with Elder Weir and Raines. because our campanions had a leadership training in Warsaw.

On thursday in Bydgoszcz i was not to exctied to be there because it was not my place, and litterly for about 8 hours we contacted and no one listened what a very discouraging day! but of course me and Elder Weir made the best of it!! I love that kid he is amazing! he is a sensational missionary!

friday we returned back to Gdansk we had a meeting set up with a man named marek i guess he is a elder in his religion and only wanted to listen to inform us that we are not the only true church out there he believes we are true as well as his church really odd but i talked pretty good that lesson. then for some reason i got really down and wasnt happy we had a meeting with Zbyszek and he didnt show so we went looking for his house, to make sure he is okay, he never comes late or cancels and doesnt have a phone so we were worried. we went to his address and found out it was a warehouse we were confused but couldnt go knock because it was gated off we then asked a kid if he knew where he was and he pointed to a homeless shelttler. it was so sad we did find him and figured things out but seeing that area of P0land made me realize wow my life is perfect back home its sad. i dont have much time but everything is going well i love and miss you all!!!!

elder harris

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