Monday, September 24, 2012

Poland Update

Well its starting to get really cold!!!!! Like no snow luckily but i am right by the Baltic Sea so the wind is insane! This week was not what i expect difficult but so much fun! But first My Raiders beat the Steelers??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats awesome!!! Steal Curtain ha shnap! and i am glad to hear that my family is doing well and Tua got his mission call thats sick! He is going to do awesome! 

Monday we went to Hel....yes hel. It is so pretty its another Beach here in Poland its just a tiny Peninsula or however you spell it but it was gorgeous. I got to sea seals as well and they are the coolest little fish dogs ever! That was lots of fun! 
Tuesday was hard. We found out that our Investiagor  who was supposed to be getting baptized on  saturday we catch him smoking....and he wont return our calls or come to our scheduled meetings. all day tuesday i was so discouraged, it was so hard. but i tried my best not to get down but when its your first investigator and he does that it hurts. we arent made that he is smoking we are made that he lied, i mean we can help you if you really want help. 
Wednesday was the same he bailed on us again. I was at the point of frustrated and annoyed, i mean i thought the world of this guy and i still do i just wish he was would show up. We had our lesson with Wojciech and his mom again, they are the nicest people in the world. I still think that we are catholic and are just sharing a free message about christ and are giving out free books....we invited them to be baptized and they said yes we are already people in our church! they are so cute and innocent. We are explaining to them who we are and they go okay cool sure lets get baptized but they dont understand, so...yeah pray for them for me please!
Thursday was full of miracles! We met a guy named Fillip who lost his dog and was asking if we have seen it, he then asks why are you all dressed up so nice? we explained who we are and he got excited and wanted to no more so we taught him what we could and he was so exctied about a free book of mormon he wanted to pay us but we were likes its free! 
friday was the same but saturday was amazing i got experience my first baptizm which was so cool! never felt the spirit so strong! I cant even explain it! i was a witness which was cool and an american brother baptized he learned the prayer in polish in like 2 days such a testimony to me that i can learn this language. Sunday at the Confirmations President Neilsen came and that was great he always has the spirit with him such a great guy! I was in the circle for that as well!

Poland is great hard but fun i love and miss you all!

Elder Harris


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