Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 4 Update

Well Utah wins the last Holy War huh? I wish i was home for that week i already know every BYU fan was giving Utah fans crap for our starting QB going down and for losing to Utah State and then what you miss two field goals?? Psh! GO UTES UTIMATE bragging rights! And sorry to everyone who emails me and dont get a way long email i dont have much time :( But i am doing very good. I want to talk about sports some more my Raiders are sucking what a shocker right?? But how about Notre Dame?? Holy Cow!!!!! How are the yankees doing? Anyways i am doing awesome! I am having lots of fun but this language is getting me extremely frustrated! Which doesnt help matters but oh well i am doing lots better!

So this week had lots of ups and downs, which is expected on a mission. Monday was p day and me and Elder Myler went back to Sopot and hung out at  the beach. i bought a soccer ball and kicked it around by myself because he had to catch up on journal writing, but it was a nice relaxing day. I then had to travel to Bydgoszcz again to be on splits. Trains are really not that fun when you have been on 8 in one month. But this time i went by myself not going to lie it was scary but some nice old lady told me from what i got out of her Polish that she would wake me up when i got to my stop because we talked about what stop i was going to. so i take a nap and i get louldy woken up! Pan pan! then in her english move you here!!! so i grab my stuff and have to jump off a moving train because trains in poland they dont care either your off or on so that was a scary 5 minutes. 

Tuesday i was in Bydgoszcz with Elder Raines, which he is great he is from the K-Town! so we always talk about it and how much kearns rocks! But we had no meetings set up so guess what 8 hours of contacting! i am so grateful for my days when i have lessons! But it was a way fun learning experience its nice to see how different missionaries work. I learned some good phrases but cant spell them i am sorry :( 

Wednesday morning i woke up and heading back to the train station to be back in Gdansk. As soon as i got back we had to go to teach our english class. wow pools are hilarious when it comes to saying stuff like the three thousand and th in general. Then we had a lesson with Zbyszek and he freakin rocks. Coolest guy ever he passed his interview so he will be baptized this saturday the 22nd! i am so exctied for him. he is funny he is always trying to teach me words like sweter which is sweater so i already know them but he doesnt know he is just trying to be nice. then we met with Wojciech and are way nice. it was a good lesson but every question they would say nie wiem ( i dont know ) and we would answer and they would go yes thats right so its like do you know this or not?? and they wouldnt read because the print is to small so i am going to buy them a magnifying glass lol they are really nice just they are like children so thats hard to teach. 

thursday was the hard part we had a investigator named Marian who had a date to be baptized but he said he didnt want to left. which is sad because he has such a good strong little testimony but for some reason wont be baptized and he wont call us back and didnt come to church so thats hard right now. but after that we heard the phrase all elders like to hear. hey elders! a guy from tennesse was here on business and bought us dinner and gave me football scores my raiders suck :( holy cow they are depressing sometimes. but it was so nice to be able to talk to someone about the church expesially after marian leaving. 

friday we taught an old man in our branch Bogdan about family history and he told us about his life and he has been to every continent besides north america because of all his sailing he did. it was cool. we then went Beach Contacting and serioulsy 3 sets of people listened to me only because i was american and i was cute. i couldnt understand them so i was like yeah okay bye. but then we met with Zbyszek on the beach and we taught him how to really pray and he did it! it was freakin awesome!!!

it was a good week lots of fun! hope everyone is having fun and i miss you all! 

Elder Harris

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