Monday, November 11, 2013

Piękna Rodzina ;)
Elder Hubbard
So to start off my new companion's name is Elder Hubbard, he is the cousin of one of my old high school friends McKenna Hubbard. Small world right? But sorry the picture is a little lame but i will try to get a better one later. Lets see though, to start off the week, we went to Adams again! Was able to get Mikolyski a tie before he left! Got him a baby blue polka dot which I have too and is my favorite tie!
Oskar and Shawn
Then Tuesday was the hard day, had to say good bye to my little boy Oskar. It was sad but still way fun, we went contacting after the meeting; me, him, Stumpf and Elder Raines were with us for the night. Was such a blast, gonna miss that kid. But he did call me to make sure i got into my new area safely. Haha what a stud. But Wednesday was the intense day, I had to wait to see who I would train. Of course President makes me and Raines wait until the end to see who we get. We both were like falling all over each other like "President just tell us!" So he brought us both up and is like "You guys ready?? Well lets eat first... haha just kidding then told us." I was super excited to get Hubbard because i talked to him a little before and he seemed way cool. He is a weightlifter so I look ten times fatter stuff. But it was sad that day because it could be the last time I see
Elder Raines
Raines unitll we get home. He is going to Kielce. funny story. I actually have been following him around meaning, i replaced him in Bydgoszcz DL as well as in Warsaw ZL. so that's been the joke since he has been AP when we talk at night. Gonna miss him, i actually contacted with him my first day on the Rynek as well as he was the first exchange i ever did. So kinda have been looking up to him my whole mission. His story is similar to mine so I go outside and i connect eyes with someone and we both yell "awh!" and hug each other it was Mikolyski!!
Elder Mikolyski
We have been planning on how we would get to see each other before he left but we didn't think it would work :( but we got it to work. Wednesday probably the coolest day ever. then on Thursday we had to go get a bunch of stuff done and it was very stressful but we actually were near the Rynek where Mikolyski was so I was able to get a pic with him. But not going to lie, feel bad for Elder Hubbard Thursday, Friday and Saturday we were running all over the place and he was so tired. Kinda brought me back to my first days....good think Elder Myler was there, would have passed out. But really since Thursday it really made me sit down and take personal invatory. How am i doing? and crazy what's happened in the past 16ish months. learned so much and done so much its incredible. I was reading in the Book of Mormon and read 3rd Nephi 21:29 and it talks about how the lord is our prize. And how hard the work is with all the people fighting against us, but he is on our side. Its such a privilege to be here. I know with all my heart that this church is true. Church was special, this branch i am in is ready to grow we are the biggest right now and we are doing a feat of faith so be praying that it works. Our goal by the end of the year is 5 families baptized and 100 in sacrament meeting. My faith is ready, and can't wait to work. But i love you all so much! Be safe talk to you later, remember Our Father in Heaven loves us. He has been called millions of different titles, some talk about a king, some about a superior being, some are not even his name but people still call him it, but we know that's to a prophet that after all the things he can be called he says call me Father. I love my family!
Elder Stumpf 

Elder Harris

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  1. This is Elder Hubbards mom. Hope you don't mind your mom gave me your blog address. Loved reading about your week. Especially the pic of you and a Elder Hubbard. We're praying for you to reach your goals. Keep up the great work. Andriel Hubbard.