Monday, November 18, 2013

Wow life got crazy! So much going on here I can't keep my head straight! but it's all good, just smile!  This week was pretty good. Rained a lot, well like little misty rain, but its been pretty cold! Almost hat and glove season! Let's see where to start.
 Monday was weird, it was a polish Holiday, meaning their Independence day. We decided to honor that by playing some American football for pday! A lot of missionaries played this time. It was a blast, no one dislocated a pinky or anything, but still was nice to run around. One sister who played( who is the sister in my group Sister Packard) she is way athletic and stuff, but she is like Elder Harris you talk way to much! maybe you wouldn't be so tired if you would just shut up! she said it with love in her heart haha.
Sorry for all my teammates who had to listen to me, geez I am annoying.  Tuesday was my first Zone Training where I didn't have to teach it that was super nice! Elder Brown and Stumpf did awesome. The spirit was there and I learned alot. Also Tuesday we went tracking and to be honest it was really hard. Not a single door answered! and everywhere went they called us JDubs and we even saw them trakting. it was annoying they are everywhere! Then Wednesday was a normal day nothing special, but it rained a lot and was super cold. Same as Thursday, but we meet our land lady's wife. They is really nice brought over some furniture and stuff and then we talked to him about our church and invited him to our party on Friday! so hopefully he comes. So now the weeked czyli miracles! Friday we are tracking and Elder Hubbard is like Elder Harris this sucks no one is answering. I am like yes I know its horrible so we decided to just domophone and well what do you know the next guy lets us in! 100 Punktów! and well he wanted to hear about happiness, so we talked, then come to find out Poland is playing Slovaka in a soccer match and he won't let us leave. So we watch the first 5 minutes and good thing our phones have fake call haha, but yeah it was nice to get let it and talk to someone. He said he would read the BOM and then call. I hate that, but its better then nothing.  Saturday we have been trying to talk to families and try to get them to come to the party on Friday meaning next sorry. We are on the metro czyli subway and I am playing pick a boo with this little kid the mom is laughing at me and him and it was fun then  all of the sudden it gets packed and get pushed back. I see her getting off, I tell Hubbard to give her a flyer he cant reach so we get off and follow her and give her one. Of course it was awkward, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Then we say lets wait for the next metro. As we are waiting some guy comes up to us and says hey how long have you been here? and we talk. Come to find out he has met with missionaries, but with all the changes we lost his number or something. So we got his number and he wants to meet! Sunday we had an awesome primary program! un heard of in Poland, but we had one. It was so funny to see it, they did great! but at night we had a meeting with a less acitve endowed member. he is now studing with JDUBS....but we meet. Had a member in on the lesson. Marcin who is a stud. We talked, no arguing just teaching the first and well he couldnt really deny it, because he said the Book of Mormon is true. We kinda were mean though made him realize the the JDUB church can't be true because it has faults, but then I say sorry I am stubborn how can you not believe this church is true and have gone through the temple? he says it's my problem so I get a little fired up and say I am a representative of Christ. I can help. he goes, okay wow I can tell. We talked and he is coming to the party on Friday and well we will see what happens, but it was cool  to be able to testify like that. Gosh this mission is such a blessing. As you can see. Crazy week! we are working hard love my companion. Hope all is good for you guys love and miss you all! H
ey write some letters! 

Elder Harris

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