Monday, November 4, 2013

Droga Rodzina,
Wow! crazy week, started out with a phone call from the branch president in Wrocław, where Elder Stumpf served last transfer, so he was in Warsaw for the day and wanted to go to dinner. So we went to dinner with him and just visited. He is a funny guy, he actually served his mission in Poland like 10 years ago, and yeah super strong guy in the church. I hope I get to serve down there soon. But during the Day on Tuesday we had a little battle with Oskar. He is such a stud but reads so much, so in the Bible it"s blatantly not stated that the Sabbath is on Sunday now, but it does say that it was change because of Christ resurrecting or something I am not completely sure. We had to teach him about that and yeah he is just a little to smart, but we accepted it because of his testimony of the Book or Mormon, so that's nice! Wednesday was cool, we have been trying to get a meeting with Enrique, but he has been really busy so actually Wednesday he calls and says we can meet, so as we are going out the door of the chapel after teaching English a man named Przemysław was reading a Book of Mormon. He met the missionaries meaning us on a white board earlier that day and felt the need to come to the chapel. So we got his number and we can meet this week, but back to Enrique, he is doing good just doesn't understand the problem with living with his girlfriend. So yeah that's the only thing keeping him back. Thursday was really cool we actual had dinner at President Edgrens house. His wife makes the best cookies! holy cow and she even gave me a hand fun meaning 2 plate fulls. Can't help it just a little fat.  It was such a joy to be able to spend time with the Edgrens. He really is so inspired and called of God it's a true honor to serve with him.

Friday was Day of the Dead here in Poland and I will forward pics to you guys in a second Elder Baranowski took them. We had an Open house and it was really really good. We had the Chapel all set up to have tours and actually Oskar came and contacted with us and he got the first person to come in and we have his number and will be meeting with him soon. Crazy kid that Oskar. He is planning to do a mini mission here soon! Then Sunday, weird day. Started out with doing a little service after sacrament meeting. One of our members had everything stolen so we helped pick up things from the branch members.  We were glad to help. It was hard seeing where he lived though, he  lives in a place called Praga which isn't to bad, but compared to Wola is bad. I feel bad for him.  He is a strong guy. Then we went tracking and got the cops called twice! They never came, but some people are just so dumb.  Okay enough chatting ,yes I got my transfer call and yes I am leaving, but just to another area in Warsaw I am opening an new area in the 2nd branch, and training again, I am really stoked for that. Wow this week was humbling, had to do a lot to rely on my savior. Lots of fallen appointments and mean people, but hey its all good! :) I know this church is true and well even the raiders not playing good can change that! I love you all so very much and very grateful for you all. Be safe and talk to you later!

Elder Harris

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