Monday, April 7, 2014

Umiłowana Rodzino,

Can we say 100 points to Confrence this weekend? Dang Wasnt able to watch all of it but saw most of it and it was so inspiriing. i loved Elder Hollands talk about standing up for what we believe. yes we need to be nice still but i love that he is telling us to do so, because we cant be push overs. But Elder Bednars was super good, Eryings, ANdersons And even Bishop stevensons was good, and Elder Zvicks i think...Yeah thats it. But it was so good. we spent the whole weekend watching it mostly. Because saturday night is when Saturday morning session is, and then we finsh them off sunday. We all day sunday spent the time at the Kagele house. they made us food and it was a blast always is with them. I hope they understand how amazing they are how much we appriciate them. They do so much for us. But Saturday we went and tried to visit robert...yeah he wasnt sucks that i cant get a hold of him. Not sure whats going on with him but would really like to see him, and try and help him. I know that fool has a testimony i have seen the change it gave him and i know it will bless his new boy! But of course you have downs in life, but there is ALWAYS more ups, you just need to find them. Friday was hard no one listened but me and swicegood stayed positive, towards the end of the nigh walking home we see a young girl, so we stop her. She tells us that she used to read the Bible a lot but nothing seemed to speak to her enough. So she just moved on. we bore testimony about the Book of Mormon and well she accpeted a time to meet and we will be meeting with her tonight. She is cool her name is marta and she was a blessing in our day. So things are going good. Our investigator Marek is making progress. He came to Confrence at the chapel and really liked it. He said he liked the sharp words from Elder Holland, and the Eyring talk was money! we talked to him about baptizm this week and we will see how he feels now. He wasnt ready he wanted to read more, but we will see. He is super nice and really sincre. Always is reading and is trying. just praying, which is my favorite thing so should be simple to teach him that again. Things here are going good though cant complain. The ALL OUT APRIL is super hard becasuse i am terrible at reading...but it has been amazing none the less. ALso on tuesday had zone training and had interviews with president. I love talking to him, we talked about the rest of my mission and what i expect. Its crazy final transfer call this week and its my final transfer. i am so grateful for this mission, this gospel. It truely is true and for everyone. I encourage all who are thinking to serve missions to do it. Its worth it. every second of the pain and hard times, i promise you all will love it. But i know this church is true the book of mormon is inspired and you all should read it. I love you guys and miss you guys!

Miłego tygodnia!

Z Wielką Miłością 
Starszy Harris

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