Monday, April 14, 2014


So to to start off it was funny, i was on exchange with the Great Red Elder Kotter, and we were meeting with a recent convert in our branch named Wojtek. Super cool guy. He was baptzed maybe 4 months ago, but we asked him is story come to find out he recieved an flyer from Elders Vernon, and Allen, they were on exchange after i left. And so he has the flyer, then went home and was watching TV, he was watching South Park, and they were of course talking about Mormons and he liked the episode and loved at the end how God or something was like I am sorry SR but it was the mormons who were correct. so he goes oh i met them, went online and reffered himself, now he is a member. Cool story eh? crazy how south park is "advertisment." but yes this week was super good. It at times got a little hard but i am truely blessed to have the siblings that i do because when it gets hard all i have to do is think of them and i know what i am doing is worth it. So Kelly Aj Nicole Rylie Bubba Peyton, and Jordyn i love you all to death! but back to The exchange it was super fun sorry i forgot to take a pic so before Kotter leaves on wednesday to Lublin to be Branch President i will take one, oh yeah Elder Swicegood is getting exchanged out but only to the other apartment to be zone leader and i get to stay and be with my big ol german buddy! Elder Stumpf!! crazy to think he will be my last companion...only 9 more weeks....flip. But my exchange with Kotter was super fun, we did so good we talked to people like crazy and passed out a lot of books. Also we met with one of their investigators named Laslo he is from Hungary, but he speaks really bad Polish but understandable...its funny for example, To say i am saying is "myślę" but he says "myślim" which means nothing but he just guesses and its funny, he even makes up words so talking with him is like uh.....Kotter is a great missionary though such a spaz but loves the work he is way into healthy thinks we createad a diet and it involves smoothies. We made them like they were going out of style! so i may come back nice and thin...or they may turn into milkshakes...wish me luck. But wednesday was crazy. Elders Jespersen and Żeleźniak called me to say good bye. they were going into the mission home on thursday and wanted to say bye. Crazy to think they are home. i remember being in Gdańsk with Elder and Sister Myler ;) and Elder Myler my first or second day was like oh my gosh Elder Sorn is home...and he was like freaking out Elder Myler style, now i understand why thats weird. It was good to talk to them. Thursday we met with Marek, and he accepted a baptismal date for the 17 of may. We are way exctied but he didnt come to church is a catholic and they dont really believe in going to church every sunday or atleast the polish ones dont so he was like yeah didnt want to come today. So we need to help him undertstand the importance of church. he loved confrence so, he has the potencial, just needs to act on it more. 
Reading the Book of Mormon is such a blessing, even if its 1 verse to maybe 15 minutes, it is such a blessing, i hope all of you who are reading this will take some time to read it, i promies you all have time, you if you dont have time then you need to make time or look at what you do all day and figure out how you can get from the comptur emailing me, to reading, it will bring you so much comfort that the daily trials you have will not seem so big.
Nothing really more to say. I hope you all have a good easter. remember that i love you all and i pray for you all, sorry the letter is lame but hey Cześć Wam!

Z Miłością
Starszy Shawn Michał Harris

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