Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So we are starting off the new transfer just like that. And honestly couldnt be more excited. I am lucky because my former companion Elder Swicegood is zone leader here in Bydgoszcz so i will get to see him alot, he is actually on exchange as we speak. Look at the little boy go. But last week was busy we were every where. Helping sisters go here and elders go there. Its was insane, but cool at the same time, love helping people. Its already been way fun being back with the Stumpf, we taught english together the first night he was here and yeah nothing has changed. we are still that dynamic duo as President Edgren said when we first got "teamed up." Thursday though was cool, President Egren came into Bydgoszcz to do temple interviews. So he took us out to lunch and we through down a bunch of pizza at pizza hut. I love that place miss the chicken alfredo but the pizza is still good.  Its always a blessing to be around president. He also imformed us that a members husband was planning on getting baptized...So when i got home called Branch President Zalewski and sure enough, Sebastian who is the husband of Oktawia,she is the branch presidents daughter. he is getting baptized. President Edgren says we don t need to teach him everything because he has been paying tithing and coming to church and all activies for like 7 years... so i intervied him on friday acutally new alot, and bore testimony to me of the book of mormon. so i asked him what changed.. because its a little weird that all of the sudden you want to be baptized. he explained how the example of his wife through their time dating and marrage how she was strong on everything and finally after talking and praying he new it was time. really cool experience. He was baptized yesterday, only family went but president zalewski said it was awesome. So i am happy that a family is getting closer and closer thanks to the gospel. Easter here wasnt normal, we spent an hour together as a district to watch bible videos and we talked about what felt, and it was powerful. Super special. I am so grateful for our savior...what he does for us, what he did, and what he will do...its amazing. everything that i was able to do meaning sports, work, be with family is all thanks to him. Its interesting Elder Eyring once said that he is our captian. I am blessed to have been called to this all star team. With the lord leading us we cant loose. I just want to say to all who are thinking of missions, to go...and if your not sure its for you...pray and then go. I promise its for you. But hey i know this is all true. I am doing so good, i am glad you all are doing good. you all be safe love you and miss you all.
Elder Harris

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