Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 6 Update

Cześć Mój Rodzina!
Jak się masz? how is everything going? whats going on in the Olympics? anything excting happen? any fires? whats going on With Sports? please someone send me a dear elder update! i heard about AROD that sucks but i heard what we got so thats a plus Ichiro is a stud!
things here have been fun but the same so i am so exctied to get out of here and get to Poland only 3 more weeks! i am getting the language better and better so thats nice :) i have been looking up pictures and stuff on Poland and i cant wait to get there!
the food is slowly getting better but thats because i forgot what a real meal taste like. they try to make biscuts and gravy in the morings and once you have had my nanas.....yeah lets just say theirs is comparable to drinking saliva....its embarassing. everyone says oh this is real southern food, i laugh and go only southern thing about it is that it comes out of the south end of your body. lets just say i hope my family reunion is after i get home so i can have some real good cookin!
Funniest thing happened this week we have a sister going to Poland with us who is probably the Girl version of me. Loves sports tiny and hilarious! we were teasing my companion who thinks he needs to act older than everyone else and claims he is more mature when he acts like a poudy little 5 year old but we were talking about her boyfriend and she is like okay stop what do you guys he chimes in like well i like girls who are mature dont mess around are true to the gospel and are older. so of course me being me i go so the senior missionaries and everyone starts laughing even he did and he goes no but good old Sister Packerd goes oh yeah Elder youd tap that huh! lol he instantly is like wow not missionary approrpriate but shoot me that was hilarious! so thats pretty much our joke now!
gym as always is fun we play soccer which is the only thing besides volleyball but my district likes soccer so we just play that but i get so annoyed with the no hands rule....why cant it just be like rugby? i try to just pick it up but then everyone gets mad!! not my fault that my sport is cooler! its still fun i have 8 goals so of the elders in my district is extremely good he had like...5 goals one game and he doesnt even try because its to easy so i just stand by the goal and he passes it to me so i score, he likes rugby too so we talk about it a lot.
as i said in my last email i love David A Bednar his talks are amazing. i read one this week called Ask in Faith...i think...but it was about how to sincerelly pray. he says that everyone know matter who or whats going on god is alwasy there and here ready to listen. and i can testify to that. God and Jesus love us all so much! he doesnt love one person more than another he is always ready to help him. i have felt his love on my mission throught prayers by him helping me throught the hard times and letting me know through other people that he loves me. i also read his last one from Priesthood session called the Power of heaven i believe(i dont have my notes on me) but he explains what power and authority we have.and i think its this talk he talks about when he was a young bishop he would ask the young married sisters in the ward what he can do to help them and most of them say please help my husband to understand the importance of his priesthood and how and when to use it. the sisters dont mind leading the family home evening but when a priesthood holder is there they should and should show his example to everyone. i am so grateful that i read that! its going to help me become a better a father in the future and a better husband. i say this hoping anyone who is married and is not using the priesthood as they should maybe his words will make you want to. women are so important to me as they are to every man! In Jacob 2: 28-35 it explains how important they are to Heavenly Father. i love you all and miss you tons! i pray for you all everynight! i cant wait to hear from most of you! be safe and have a good week!
Starszy Harris
PS here are some cool and funny Polish words

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