Monday, November 26, 2012

What a great Week

Well Notre Dame lets win this one for the Gipper! haha I finally have a team that's that's weird to say haha. But anyways everyone Happy Thanksgiving once again! Sounds like everyone had a blast eating watching and playing football. I didn't get to play football or watch it :( but we got to eat!!! I will explain later. But I am doing really good. This week was kind of a struggle,  language wise I don't know why, but I am having trouble with this. This language still its so frustrating. But then God gives me a tender mercy that makes me go oh...well Shawn stop whining  So I quickly get over it and just keep on lookin out Polish to people.
This week was great ups and downs, but that's how it always is right? 

Monday for Pday was nothing special we just relaxed and hung out, but it was nice to sit down and breathe for a second though. Me and Elder Bokinsky talked about football most of the time so it was fun. We had another exchange. geez!!! they are annoying I never get a normal Monday its really annoying at first I would be down with all the down time waiting for my companion, but ever since I got my back hurt and had to sit out a day I hate not working its the worse feeling ever.

 Tuesday was a good day though in some ways. For example I spent all night Sunday setting up meetings so we could teach on this exchange and not just contact,  I set up 3 it was awesome! then what do you know I call and confirm it and one who is a family we teach Bozena her daughter has a volleyball game so she cancelled whichIi understand, then Our old Baptismal Date I say old because unfourtunatly his mom is practicing catholic and says we can meet with him but he cant be baptized till he is 18. But he flaked on us. I called him and he forgot. Tis is  the second day in a row he did that. But one lessen went through with this guy named Pawel we taught him  first and watched the Restoration video. we didn't teach a whole discussion first, but went over  prayer and restoration because the sisters "taught him a first on the street" so we just went over that and it was a good meeting I was with Elder Garfield from my group and we did well. 

Wednesday is English day and I love teaching English, our class is so funny we talked about Thanksgiving and this guy who believes in science always has something to say about our church which is fine  We don't teach doctrine in the English class.We  just pray. So I don't know why he acts like that, and plus its free English dude. Just sit down and listen. But I can't say that haha. There is this guy Kris who is my favorite person in the class stands up and goes" Nicholys shut up your so mean to these poor people" in his little English he knows and then the guy goes your right I am sorry and then the class got better and we went around the room saying what we are thankful for and our member Adrian who is freakin awesome turns it into a testimony and everyone was like wow I like what he everyone in class even Nicholys was touched so that was a tender mercy I needed for the day. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving and yes we did something we have a senior couple from Texas and they cooked bbq pulled pork, well they smoked it and it was amazing not going to lie it was so dang good! so we ate and hung out as Missionaries on Thursday for Thanksgiving it was the best.

 Friday morning I got bored and finally made ranch and wow that was heaven on earth so nice to finally get to eat ranch! I even found chicken wings and I was in heaven, finally chicken wings and ranch!!! but we also decided to call Kris and ask if he wants to meet and he said yes. We had elder Mcgrath, the senior couple on the lesson and we talked in English, then talked about the church and it was the most spiritual lesson I have had. It was amazing. Kris is a great guy and kept saying oh I want to read that I want to read that! so we gave him a book and invited him to church and sure enough he came, but left early so we didn't have much time to meet, but he liked it and I honestly see this guy becoming a member he believes in what we believe in so all he needs to do and get dunked. Then to top off the week I am reading in my personal study and I come across this scripture Alma 58:37 and it says this at the beginning "Behold it matterith not we trust in God...." and wow I have never been hit so strong in my life. This is not just a scripture for Members, but for everyone...if your having a hard time and think wow whats going on and this doesn't make sense I testify to you that it doesn't matter put your trust in God and know he loves you. I know for a fact he is our loving heavenly father and loves us all the same and knows us personally don't be afraid of him embarrass him. rather your "Mormon"or not he loves you and I have felt that love so much this week and I know you have too you just have to recognize it. Anyways I love you all and miss you all! Time sure is flying. Its almost Christmas. Have a good week!
Love Elder Harris

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