Monday, November 12, 2012

7 Flakes, Back Spasms, The AP's palying a joke. Fun Time's In Poland

Hey everyone! this week we got flaked 7 times which was a joke!!!! but hey what can you do people have their agency. but we did meet some cool people and of course i am having fun! no pics this week sorry i forgot my cord!

 Tues this week we had p-day since Monday was Zone Conference and I already told you guys about that but, on p-day we got to play touch football! it was 2 on 2, but still it was fun getting out there and throwing the ball around I brought out the rugby ball but no one really wanted to play, but they all wanted to learn how to throw it so I thought them. That was a blast then after that we had a lesson with they lady who gives us free haircuts her name is Bozen she is way cool and she has the cutest kids in the world holly cow her little daughter Paulina is adorable she is ten and we played ninja(mormon game) and we went all around the house till she finally beat me, but it was fun we taught them English and a spiritual thought and she made us dinner and she is the bomb at making Polish food. Polish food is so good. Not sure what it was, but it was amazing!!! and fun!Then on Wednesday we got flaked twice and had a full day of finding, didn't find anyone, but still fun. When we got home the APs called us and wanted to talk to me they told me that I am the next AP hahahahahah ust kidding, but Elder Myler was with them and and it was good to talk to him! he told me about Michal and Lukasz! Lukasz is reading the Book of Mormon on his own. He had the feeling to read so he did and what he reads they talked about in church! So happy to see that he is progressing! and Michal everytime they go over he asks in is loud polish accent trying to speak English HELLO MY FRIENDS! HOW IS MY FRIEND SHAWN DOING?? haha and they go with there kids to FHE at the Americans house!They are doing so well it was awesome to hear! I wish I had stuff to tell you about investigators here. I the Book of Mormon is true, but when I find some good ones I will let you all know hahaha. Friday was Elder Mikolyskis year mark and we burned a tie! it was hilarious! we fried that thing!  but that day we meet a less active who is a big teddy bear named Adam and he was an angel so then a less active named Andrzej, we found out he is now homeless and his wife died... he is a good guy but yeah so pray for him... but I am safe DAD don't worry haha then Satruday we got flaked twice again but after all day of finding the last guy iI contact I get his number and give him a book so keep your fingers crossed! and Sunday sucked, I am fine I promise everyone so don't call the mission home, but I am having back spasms so I am on bed rest until Wednesday, but I have everything I need. I am good, I promise lol so yeah. It's good to hear all about you guys and love you all I am having fun and doing good I promise! GO IRISH can't believe the Raiders aren't doing good, but sounds like they have a bright future at least they are young so I have faith as always! have a good week love you all!!!

Elder Harris

PS Krisy or Mom I need the homemade mac and cheese recipe!

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