Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2nd week in Katowice

Hey everyone I heard I have a new cousin. Pretty sweet! He is so cute. I'm so excited to meet him.
 I am doing good here in Katowice. The City were you get yellow eye! so if i come home with yellows that's why haha.  The people are so nice and my branch is the best! but we do have a lady who is crazy and try's to go to the US and stay with missionaries parents her name is "K" so if a"K" from Poland shows up don't let her stay lol. I already know what Dad would say to her hahaha, but I have had a good week not to many lessons lots of finding which is fun but really long and makes the day drag on sometime's, but in the end its all worth it! This week I have been trying my best to better myself in maturity and hopefully it's working. I want to come home a new man someone who is still fun and funny, but a little more grown up you know what I mean, but anyways my companion is great we are always quoting Wayne's world and Ace Ventura and movies like that, it makes the long finding days way fun! He is also helping me a lot with Polish which I am so grateful for! but we had two lessons with an investigator named Olek but we call him Demon Olek, because he told other missionaries he is possessed by one...dude your 15 years young, but we decided to meet with him and just yesterday he agreed that after he finishes reading the Book of Mormon and still believes it is true he will become baptized so I am excited for that hopefully his parents let him they are okay with him meeting with us but we will see! also this week I went on an exchange with Elder Vernon from my MTC  group it was lots of fun and I learned a lot. I know. I became better by his example. So everyone has been asking about Halloween, so in Poland they will dress up and stuff but only little kids do and no trick or treating so that was kinda dumb,  but they have a holiday similar on Nov 1st call all saint day and they go and decorate all the dead people in their families graves with flowers and lights and then you walk around graveyards and look at them. Not sure how it's similar but that's what they do. It was okay not as cool as I was hoping it would be. On Saturday I found out we have an investigator who gives us free hair cuts so that's a plus and by missionary rumor she is a little attractive ..we have a meeting with her tonight.  I will let you know next week haha, but the reason I am emailing late is because we had Zone Conference yesterday and it was sweet I got to see some old mtc buddies and the spirit was amazing honestly Pres. Nielsen is amazing I have never felt the spirit so strong. He talked about showing love for you loved ones and change your attitude and think about the lord. it was awesome but i want you all to know that i love you and i know that this church is true and the Book of Book or Mormon is true.I hope everyone have a good week love you lots!

Elder Harris

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