Monday, November 19, 2012

Back to Work

Well I cant believe it's already Thanksgiving this week, but I won't be getting the 5 F's this year :( Football, Food, Family, Friends, and Females, but it's okay because I am in Poland and how cool is that? Really cool right? This week started off crappy, but I am okay now. I had back spasms last Sunday to Tuesday night. I was on my back and couldn't leave the house! It was horrible. I was really missing missionary work...maybe I needed that kick in the butt. The worst part is, I wass on exchange and he had to sit there as well, but we got to know each other his name is Elder Skolimowski and he is way cool. Way into star wars so i feel as if I know whats going on with star wars now haha. But during my personal study I read Alma 37 and in verses 6,7, and 41 it says" by small and simple things the lord creates miracles "you all already know why I love that, but its true I have done cool things in my life and so far on my mission we are lucky enough to be the lords tools in helping a young boy named Olek be baptized next month so please put Olek and his family in your prayers so that he can make this step! One thing that is cool to see in Poland is how amazing the members are. We have 3 YSA members named Adrian Arek and Patryk oh and Gosia who are all amazing and their testimonies are so strong and the love they have for the church is incredible. I am blessed to be able to be around them. Also we have a member named Jozef who is this old man and every time his friend come with him and tires  to talk he tells him, in his old man loud whisper to shut up because I want to go to heaven unlike you....and its so funny he is being so Innocent about it. So innocent about it too it's hilarious. I love this mission. It's great and hard, but great. I am doing good and having fun My Irish are number 1!!!!!!!!!!! so all youl haters, yeah don't be hating haha. So I am having fun and doing good. Hope everyone is as well. P Diddy (Peyton) Happy birthday! Cant wait to hear from you all next week! Here is a quote sent to me by Gabe that has stuck with me and it helps me through the tough times "What makes you a man is what you do when that storm day you will bask in the sunlight and everything will be good." Work hard and dont back down love what you have when you have it and understand whats important because in the end everything will be good." Manti Te'o 
Love you all like I say a million times. I am grateful for you as my family and friends!
Elder Harris

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