Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Well I'm in a new city

 Say Cheese!!!!
 Elder Brown and Elder Harris with the cute little girl that reminds him of Jordyn
 Elder Harris's investigator 
Elder Dodge ( His new Companion)

No cześć

Well a lot of your emai'ls have been asking about my new area and my new companion,  but I just got to my new area on Friday, so I am still getting to know him. As of now I really like him. He has only been in the country for about 2 months so he is still new! His name is Elder Dodge and he is from Highland Utah! So really close! I like my new area and am way excited to do work here! I came into a new area with two baptismal dates so hopefully I don't screw it up haha.  
This week was bittersweet! Tuesday was really hard, it just won't stop snowing and it's  so cold. And such a hard day. No one listened, and it was awful, but I maned up and took the challenge and still made it a good day! I am really starting to love everyday more and more here on my mission. Wednesday was my last English class and my class was not to happy that I was leaving, but it's okay Elder Hayes is staying and they love his accent! We also had a pizza party because me and Elder Bokinsky were getting transferred to here in Bydgoszcz ( pretty exctied I am still with him! He is awesome!!! ) and Sister Howells is going to Warsaw,so they had a farewell pizza party  for us.  Elders Bokinsky and Vernon, my first transfer in Katowice Baptized a family and they have the cutest girl ever so the whole time I was just teasing her and stuff. It was a blast. She is so much like Jordyn!
 Also my investagator named Krzystoff was there and he is so cool! he said he is going to write me letters all the time so hopefully I can still help him gain faith in Christ.
  Thursday we all had lunch with the Gypsys in our branch and that was fun! Sucks leaving them. They are so cool! Friday was all day traveling and meeting my new companion! 
 Saturday we had a meeting set up and the guy was so nice, and honestly I am pretty sure I understood everything. I can already see the blessings since being here. Honestly nothing to different is going on. Just working my tail off trying to do the right thing just like all of you. It's interesting, I have been reading conference talks and one I read was by President Hinckley in 1998 Priesthood session and he says something true and of course funny "....the girl you marry will take a terrible chance on you..." made me laugh haha, but it's so true! So we as men we need to be the best we can and not settle for anything less. Rather your Mormon or not your wife deserves the best in you! Um yeah! nothing much else hopefully have some pictures of me and Elder Dodge next week as well as my address love you all and miss you all!!!

Elder Harris

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