Monday, February 4, 2013

Wieś Co?? Jestem w Polsce!‏ Hamlet What? I am in Poland

 Me and the Elder's in my district during Culture Night 
        Me and Elder Weir with my less active member, 
who I have been trying to reactivate.  

 Picture of me with my future wife, I hope HaHa

Drogi Rodzinie! ( Dear Family )

Well how is everyone doing? This week was a good week had lot's going on and a lot happening it was really good. First off FYI I love the Book of Mormon and if you haven't read it... Read it. It's amazing! 
This week started off with our exchange and I had to wait 3 hours for Elder Weir to come in from Wroclow and I had a meeting set up so the Senior couple Elder Elder Reed offered to help me out and let me stay with them for the time being. It was so much fun. They made me real food, gosh it felt good to eat real food. Then we ended up getting  flaked...what a surprise right? so we just hung out at their apartment until Elder Weir came. So the exchange lasted until Wednesday after noon like usual. So Tuesday we tore it up in Katowice! We went out of the apartment laughing having a good time with each other and first person we see we start teaching but some Larry ( Missionary code word for  Bum on the street) starts asking us for money and the guy goes sorry guys I have to go now...geez, thanks man and then he asks again, of course we were nice about it and said no, but still I was so annoyed. But we ended up teaching a really good street lesson. Also I set up two meetings the first was with Tomek who is the less active I have been reactivating since I have been in Katowice. He is doing so good  Elder Weir and I taught him a powerful lesson it was good, but I am worried he is getting a little attached to me. What is it with me and big people??  We also taught our investigator Pawel and it went really good he is slowly progressing .It"s awesome to see it! So using that energy from the exchange and the help of Grandma Shauna and her always saying "Attitude is everything", which I always wondered why she would say it or think it,  but it's true. So Grandma Shauna your the best! and I had a positive attitude and this week and it was awesome! We eat things called Kebab its like a gyro thing ,but 100000000000 times better and greasy as crap, but it's good. So I got talking to the guy and I ended up teaching him. I will give him a Turkish Book of Mormon soon! He is Turkish. 
 Thursday we had culture night and we wen to a play called Fiddler on the Roof? anyone heard of it? I haven't,but it was so cool and fun! I understood a lot to! Then the rest of the week was just contacting and having fun, but to top if off, My big old black investigator named David from Nigeria showed up at church I say big old black, because he is 6 foot 5 and really dark which really sticks out in Poland so I was worried how the branch would react, but they loved him! He can't speak Polish so I  translated, but they had a blast and he had fun! gosh I love the love of God! Well I miss you all and love you! I know this church is true! I having fun and seeing miracles. 

Keep the faith everyone!!!

Elder Harris

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