Monday, February 11, 2013

What's Up!!!

This is The Spencer Pub. Who thought Beto would look like this.
(Shawn has a cousin named Spencer and he calls him Beto) 
This is some food I ate the other day
                                                                                        Me randomly

Dear Family!

Hey everyone doing?? I am doing good. this week we had a lot going on and we were on exchange with the APs, so I was able to be with my old companion Elder Mikolyski! So that was way fun! We did lots of work! For starters, Monday was fun it was p day and we went to the mall to help Elder Bokinsky buy a suit, actually it was boring. I am not a big fan of shopping, but hey it's better then nothing. We met with Konrad one of the recent converts in our branch and he is hilarious and so cool. He has such a strong testimony and he even helped on a lesson on Wednesday to a guy who was being really stubborn saying he knew god and Konrad starts asking him questions and he goes see you don't know god, so let these guys teach was hilarious not going to lie! On the exchange Elder Mikolyski helped me with my contacting and I was able to have a street lesson with a mom and her two babies and she wasn't really interested till the end, she started getting some interest and then I gave her a book I walked away and so did she and I notice her reading it she read it for a good 5 minutes then left so hopefully she calls because she didn't feel comfortable exchanging numbers which I understand. 
Also me and Elder Mikolyski had a strong lesson with Krzystoff our Student from English and he is starting to see the imporatnace of reading the book of mormon it was really neat to see! he also came to our little 'Elders Quorm" activity of Ping Pong and he is really good! We had two investigators and one less active there. It was a joy to watch. So on top of a really hard working week I had the chance to translate for the first time and I killed it. I did it's so hard, but hey it was a good learning  exeriance! It was a fun good week just lots of street teaching and our area is picking up. I am excited we get transfer calls this Sunday wow this transfer flew my companion is awesome and he was so much fun. I hope I get one more transfer with him! Just want to you leave you all with my testimony that I know our leaders are called by  inspiration from above. Rather it be a senior companion, a bishop, Sunday school teacher or even Dad our priesthood leaders are here with us because our heavenly father knows they will help shape us! and thanks to this I feel the love of my heavenly father every day! you just got to humble yourself and be willing to listen! and for those of you who are not members of the church, I know he loves you too! he really does I love and miss you all! don't have to much fun on valentines day with out haha I could really go for some Olive Garden right now haha.  Alright talk to you all later!!!
Elder Harris

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