Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yep some changes are happening

 The pink tie club
 Katowice District
A street in Katowice 

Alright Rodzina, (Family)
Hey everyone! So I have one question...when is Easter this year?  But anyways this week was slow, but had some miracles and some changes. So we had transfers this week! And " its going to affect me " Elder Hayes will be staying here in Katowice as the Zone Leader and Elder Dopp his old companion will be here with him, and as for me I will being going to Bydgoszcz as the District Leader. It's my first time being Senior Companion and a District Leader, so pray really hard for me please! haha, but yes I am pretty excited about this and I hope i do good.
 Elder hayes was sick this week a little bit so we didn't get much finding time, it was a lot of area book work and making sure he rested.  We had some good stuff happen this week first on Thursday we had a meeting with an investigator named Leszek who came to chruch last week and we meet with him and he has only had the Book of Mormon for 2 weeks and is through Alma. Crazy! fast reader, he is way interested just has like infinite questions I swear! but it was a great lesson he is awesome! Also that day we decided to go tracking,  something I hate because I have been let in once and you all know how patient I am right, so I was having a great time!  I wasn't onry at all that day.  We decided to follow our plans and we are at this guys door give him a flyer and he says I will use this one day, we thought cool and went to the next door and this guy opens it and yells at us, asks us to leave and being the loving son of god he was that day, walked us out of the building and watched us leave. right as I was about to be really annoyed BOOM!  Miracle! the guy who we gave a flyer too ran down to get us and he goes hey are you guys Mormons? I said yes and he said cool come in please! We met with him and a girlfriend, wife or "really good Friend" because they live together, but he says they are just friends, but they acted married.  They sat us down gave us fruit tea and donuts and said okay teach us we are ready to listen. ("Uh Garth did you hear that I think we are going to get paid for doing Waynes world!") yes what a great thing to hear an investigator say. It was perfect they were nice set, up another appointment and even came to church and it was awesome I am sad to be leaving them though! 
 Saturday we had a branch party talking about the armor of god and it was awesome. The Senior Couple put it on for the branch and we had as a district 8 investigators  there. It was so much fun we had to make the Armour and explain it and Leszek explained his teams Armour so that was cool he is really doing good so quickly too! So this week was fun, but sad that Elder Hayes was sick! Transfers were crazy and no joke transfers are like national signing day. We are on the phones trying to figure out where everyone is going it's stressful!  but lots of fun! I love you all and miss you all. I pray for each and everyone of you who receive this and many more who I don't have your email and I hope your reading this. We must endure to the end with faith. We can say oh it's Monday I will take it easy at work and get through it or you can have the faith that Monday  is going to be a blast! Make the best of it! God lives and loves us! Till next week ya all have fun and be safe and hope everyone had a good valentines day!
Elder Harris

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