Monday, March 11, 2013

It just keeps snowing.

 More snow
Elder Dodge and Elder Harris

My new purple tie. Just like Elder Myler's

Moja Droga Droga Rodzino, ( My Dear Dear Family )
Okay so here is my address.....

UL. Toruńska 45c/25
85-023 Bydgoszcz

If you put my address correctly then everything is safe to get here. Ha ha.  How is everyone today? I am doing great.I have a little headache, but that's probably because of all the snow outside...yes it snowed again. I Swear in Poland it doesn't stop. But hey it's all good. This week was so fast, but slow at the same time. We had lots of lessons but nothing new really happened. 
Well Franciszek our baptismal date will be moved to next month because of his wako work schedule, But he will be dunked soon! no but really he is so solid and so nice. Just a tall old man, who loves to read.  This week started out with Elder Dodge buying a new suit and they had Adams ties there( they are missionary favorites I will explain if I ever serve in Warsaw )  they had some of those ties here and I found this purple polka dot one....It was Elder Mylers default tie, the one he got cut when he left his mission. So I had to buy it! So I did, so that was way cool. Then Tuesday came and I called Ewa our miracle tracking story from last week and she says well call me in 3 weeks because I am busy...czyli I am not interested. That killed me. She was the sweetest old lady. She was so ready too, but I guess it's not her time. Then I called Franciszek, we call our baptismal dates daily to make sure they are doing okay. And he was so funny we talked about my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. Enos and he explained it all back to me, and it's so cool how much the Book of Mormon can really change someones life. It's a small miracle, but in Poland it's a big thing when someone finds out the Book of Mormon is true. It's hard work here, but so rewarding. Members here are humble and so grateful for that little book. And to be honest I am too, best way to start out my morning is by reading it. But this week like I  said nothing new really. I am doing good, me and Elder Dodge are doing great, loving the mission, but man  he does there is times in the middle of the night I want to show him the pimp hand, but as a disciple of Christ I  wouldn't do that. Haha. He is funny. Eats like a horse, man I hardly eat anymore so he takes over my portion. Well I have work to do today. Love and miss you all, if your reading this I love you and if your not I love you too. Everyone have a good week because I know I will!

Elder Harris

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