Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ripped Pants

View from Elder Harris's Apartment
Elder Harris and Elder Dodge
 His nice ripped pants (story below)
 An old Catholic Church

Hey everyone!

This week was good as always! First off no, St. Partick Day does not exist here, well at least I don't think it does. I never saw green or anything or got pinched. This week was fun. On Thursday we went to the Kageles house for a little FHE. They made some food and we shared a spiritual thought about families. It was so much fun. I found out that her and my mom talk. Elder Bokinsky laughed and said she needs to talk to my mom. They sound similar, so mom find Leah Bokinksy haha. But, no they are a great family who travel around the world because of the Jim's  the Dads work.He does something with the military all I know is he is a genius. Oh yeah, Wednesday we had zone training and Gdańsk District came down to have it with us and Elder Żależniak who is from Australia ,but is Tongan plays rugby and so we instantly got along it was fun. We learned a lot too. So it was good. But Friday was a pain. We have an investigator named Adam whose mom is a member. Adam is 11 and very much an 11 year old. His mom asked for our help on Friday moving couches for a little old lady. So I thought oh sure she is little and nice.  how hard could it be? So we get there and she points out the couches and says "do windy" meaning to the elevator. I ask uh okay why?....they are going to my place. I laugh and go really? she is like yup, like it's a normal thing so we take them downstairs, and I realize oh yeah this is Poland no one has we carried 3 Couches a good Kilometer and a half in suits. It was not an enjoyable experience. Of course Elder Harris was whining the whole time ya'll no me. Luckily I called Elder Bokinsky to come help before we just ditched the couches and left (which I would never do) he came and helped which was nice then we put them in the house. I go to jump over the couches because I had no choice and then BOOM! RIPP!!!!! my pants got a big hole in the crotch  It sucked, but was pretty hilarious too. It was crappy pair of pants luckily, but I walked home with a nice breeze the whole time, fantastic . Then Saturday she the mom of Adam or her name is Renata if you  want to know, but she had a Branch Walk activity thing. Didn't want to go because I hate hikes, but to be honest it was cold, but we went to try and bond with Adam. It ended up being way cool. Got to see some cool places and a some old Catholic places. It took half the day so it was kind of a waste. But the highlight of the week was Tuesday we were contacting. We talked to some guy and he ended up not being interested and this guy asked hey who are you guys? So we teach him, set up with him for the next day. The lesson the next day was solid. He said he would be baptized when he knows the Book of Mormon is true. We are set up, but we talk and goes hey I want to be ready for the next lesson what chapter should I read? I am so excited for him, I may get my first Baptism! This guy is solid and so nice! such a blessing from our heavenly  father! his name is Robert. 
This week in my P Study though we are reading in Alma it is  about my favorite Book of Mormon Hero Teancum. If you know Teancum you know he is not in the Book of Mormon to much he is in the stories with Moroni who is the man, so he doesn't get much attention. He kills a man in his tent black ops style and they don't catch him and he does things because he knows its right not because he was asked. Such a good example. I look at him like Scottie Pippen and Moroni is Michael Jordan. MJ and Moroni make things happen and are unstoppable, but then Pippen and Teancum do what they need to do and help out the plan. Sounds cheesy, but yeah it's cool to think about. Love you all and hope you all have a good week!

Love Starszy Harris

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