Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lovin the new city

 A beautiful Catholic Church
Elder Harris without his coat. Looks like weather is getting warmer.

No cześć wam
 Wow what a good busy week. So much fun too! And PS it's getting warmer! But it's crazy how much street success we had this week. As a mission it's a goal to talk to the 1st 3 people out the door no matter what and everyday one of the 1st 3 we talk to ended up being a street lesson and a placed book. Bydogoszcz is prime and I am so ready and excited! I have a talk that I listen to every morning that I love well actually a series of talks. 1st is, Let us be Men by Elder Chirstofferson 2nd, Power of the Priesthood by President Monson and 3rd Living worthy of the girl you will some day marry. They are just awesome talks, gets me so pumped.  Also this week I found a delicious snack. So ya'll know what a Aero bar is right? That really good un american candy bar with the bubbles? They are big in Europe and Krisy showed them to me from the London market like a million years ago, but I have one like 3 or 4 times a week here, but I found something better. Also if you know me you know I love whip cream, so i found the areo bar candy stuff in whip cream form. Holy cow so good!!!! but yeah, anyways this week we taught 12 lessons.  Half where member lessons and in Poland if you get one or two then that's a good week, but we got 6. It's was nuts!  Monday, I ate sushi for the first time, I don't like cooked fish so maybe I would like raw fish.....HA stuff was nasty! like not terrible, but wouldn't choose to eat.  I would eat it just if someone paid because it's not my favorite.  Tuesday I met my baptismal dates Franciszek and Adam and they are really really cool Franciszek is about 60 and Adam is about 11 we had 3 meetings with them and they were all good lessons! Then I got to meet one of our eternal's who has family issues. We want talk  to her family about us, but she is so so nice! she is golden. We are not here to force just to invite so I don't know. 
 Wednesday Sister Keagle the american member taught seminary which we attended, We where with Jasmine our eternal and it was a blast she is funny.  Sunday though was stressful,  so district leaders go to branch council and report the missionary work not to bad right? Ha yea, Elder Harris is still learning Polish so I had to translate for Sister Kaegle as well as listen to 4 people talk at once. It killed my head, but hey I did it! It was fun and then the miracle happened Sunday night! we went tracking and met Eva a little old women who let us in. It was great. I will keep ya'll posted on it! but yeah having a blast. My district meeting was successful, no one feel asleep so yeah! Well love you all and miss you all!!!

Elder Harris

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