Monday, May 20, 2013

20 Maja 2013 Roku

Cześć wam!

This week was another week in Poland. Don't know how else to put it. First off the pictures are of me and Elder Allen during the baptism  of Adam Pisarksi! our little 12 year! He baptism was amazing! If you all remember me talking about him you will remember the word turd being used to describe him. Because he is a 12 year old boy who only likes to play battlefield 3 and make weird noises out of his mouth. Every time we would meet he would pray bez Głosu meaning he would pray in his head and yell AMAN when he was done. Which is better then nothing right? After every lesson or at church and ask him hey how are you? he would go normally can guess what that means. And it's like okay thank's for the conversion bud! But yesterday after he was confirmed I asked how he was and he said I feel clean and really happy....WOW! HELLO! "MIND BLOWN!" I was so so shocked. Power wave of the spirit! And the little guy even sat by me in priesthood and asked what he has to do to get the priesthood and all that,he wore a white shirt and tie and brought scriptures,  gosh he has changed and it was awesome! But now onto the week!
 Monday was Pday, nothing to great happened. Tuesday was amazing we meet with Robert and Magda his wife, and she was participating in the lesson committed to read and pray alone and with Robert as a family and to meet with us. Roberts baptism did not happening last week, but was a blessing! 8 June! so excited for that day. He is progressing so good and loves the scriptures. He is awesome! Found out Łukasz my old  investigator with Elder Myler in Gdańsk is getting married. How cool is that? So great! Also funniest thing happened on Tuesday night. We were contacting and some young people drinking stopped us. I told Elder Allen don't talk, they are drunk, and they say hey you got something cool to read or what? I laugh and go just the words of Christ. He goes cool talk to me about it.
 That's your job right? I think hmm talk to some little wanna be thugs and practice polish or keep walking...So I said why not. I started talking and  of course it goes no where turns into the whole where are you from? haha why are you here? haha ( hahaha=stupid person laugh ) and so I answered and try to end it, then of the girl goes...I like your English, so Ilaugh haha dziękuje and try to leave and she goes mmmm ładny jesteś....okay peace out girl see ya later! meaning your pretty or what ever girl call guys now a days in America, but I was like well thanks for that.  Time to go bye.  We lefted and now since Elder Allen is a trainee that is the only thing he understand so our joke now is ładny Jesteś its pretty funny. 
 Wednesday wasn't a good day. We called Jasmin and she told us that today would be the last time we meet. We meet and talked about it and she just doesn't feel like its for her. It was hard to see her leave, but maybe it's a blessing. We will see! She was so close and it hurts, but that's how it is. Then during English classes I found out my best friend in the mission is going home early. I found out because of Sister Kagele spilled  the beans. Iwas like what the!!!!!! So i call him, because I can and he tells me and it's true Elder Bokinsky is going home, but wants to try and come back. He said he would in 2 months so he could be in my group! that would be cool! He called me this morning to talk and we are going to email and stuff so he doesn't get to bored and in honor of him on a tie that I bought that he also has. I put his football number. No homo I swear! So that was hard. On the way home Elder Allen got smashed by the elevator and we both feel to the ground crying it was so funny. But the picture of the tie is the one for Timmy! Thursday had a meeting with President. It went really good the spirit was strong and had a good talk with him. He truly is lead by the spirit, he knows what I needed to hear. It was great. I also contacted a guy who played rugby and that was way coo, but went no where. Friday got a way funny letter from Good ol' Baranowki! what a stud. He found lots of family in Białystok the city he is in. How cool is that! Saturday okay this was funny so some little s kid was trying to kick us out of the park and he is like prosto, prosto and I say czy posiadasz ten park? no właśnie so SPADAJ! meaning straight,straight and I said do you own this park? oh yeah no you don't! and get lost or littlerly translated fall. And well sure enough he tries  to act cool and falls off his bike.So  of course I turned around and laughed ,so he then left. Finally Saturday was the baptism and it was great like I said. Well I
love you all and miss you all have a good week! Some Yankee updates would be cool some Raiders or straight up some updates on all of you! God loves us all!

Elder Harris

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