Monday, May 27, 2013

Rained all week

This week was a rainy week! But still a way good one and of course had it's ups and downs, but what week doesn't have ups and downs right? I am hoping this new way of sending pics works so lets pray it does! Monday was P day of course we czyli. Elder Allen and I helped out Veron and Wilson a little bit because Elder Wilson had an exchange in Poznań. So we were withh Elder Vernon for a couple of hours waiting with him for Elder Caskey to come in. While being with him we decided to of course work, but we contacted and sure enough we are walking down a street and guess what little Elder Harris sees? thats right my first polish midget! He was going pretty fast and walking with a purpose with a full head of steam. I am pretty sure I head him say I think I can, I think  I can while walking, but decided to contact him anyways sure enough told me to get lost and give him peace, but I still contacted a midget! it was pretty cool not going to lie. But man little people are mean....sorry everyone.....But on to Tuesday. My first District Meeting of the transfer and it went really well. Everyone participated and we all talked and discussed and the meeting went really really well!, and it was fun! Also we had our meeting with Robert and that went really really good. He is doing so good so ready for the 8th! its going to be awesome so so excited! Then to be honest with you I am really starting to hate Wednesdays alot. But first we did have a fun meeting with Franciszek and it went well still being uparty about tithing, but he loves meeting with us and they are always such good spiritual lessons. The reason I hate Wednesdays is because last week found out Bokinsky is going home, but also found out that Elder Weir went home with him :( not sure why but I heard he should be back.  Sp in hour of them I put there sport numbers on some ties so I can work hard for them. Kinda cheesy, but yeah that's me. Elder Weir if I remember right was number 12. Then Thursday was good we meet a girl named Paula and she was way interested so we got here number and actually she called me to day and we set up a time to meet tomorrow! so that was cool. Also on Thursday I had one of the coolest contacts, I was talking to a kid named Fabian he wasn't interested, but we had a really really good talk about God and it was so cool he was way tall and only 18, but had his head on straight talked about school and yeah it was just a really good talk! But then Friday! Just a normal contacting day, but if you had to marry someone from your mission well I found my Polish wife! Magda! she was one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen in Poland! So pretty and she wanted to meet later and talk about our message we will see if she is froggy or not meaning only wants to talk because she thinks I am attractive. Then the weekend was just full of rain! it wouldn't stop all weekend so we did some area book work. Had a fun rainy week! hope all your weeks went good. I know for some of us this week will be hard but remember that he is watching over us. And he is in a better place. I love and miss you all and I know that God has a plan for us and we will see each other again. Keep the Faith I love you and talk to next week!

Elder Harris

Elder Bokinsky and Elder Weir's ties

I'm lovin it!!

Finally I can buy my own Nike socks.

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