Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another great week in Poland

Elder Harris and Elder Allen
Hey everyone! Well this week was weird. It was transfers and I was way sad to have Elder Dodge leave. He was so funny and so great! Never had a funnier companion, he was always smiling.  Now I am training. Can you say a little scary. Don't really know what I am doing let alone teach someone else how to do it. I know I can pray for help. This week we finished the Book of Mormon as a mission and wow what a blessing that was to have done that. That is one special book that I love so much. 
As for the week, Monday we did our culture night. Meaning we did something polish, it was okay. We went and had all you can eat pizza, but all you can eat Polish style is you have to eat every piece before they make you another, so pretty much I had a full pizza and it took so long that we all got full and left and walked around the city way fun huh? Not! but it was cool to be able to spend time together and just relax. Tuesday we went over to the Kageles to have dinner because Elder Gudnason was ending his mission and going home, and Elder Dodge was taking off to Kraków. It was so much fun, they are such a cool family. They do so much for us.(yes i am sucking up czyli I want cookies ;) ) but no seriously they are way cool. 
Wednesday was weird I headed down to Warszawa to have a trainers meeting and get my new companion. I was able to see Elder Lanham who is the group under me, but is a complete stud. Never really have been able to serve around him, but when I see him we just get a long and it's a blast. Elder Van Bakel is also training. He is from Holland and plays rugby so we get a long too. And then my former companion and Ap Elder Mikolyksi is also training and boy it was great to see him again. That transfer with him was so much fun! So it was a good reunion. But it was way weird being at the mission home for the first time in 8 months really made me understand how fast time is going. My companion is really cool. He is from California and already speaks really good. On the train home we talked to this really cute girl (made it easier to talk) and she doesn't live in Bydgoszcz, but loves religion and the topic so she is going to look into our church more. So that was a plus, because I hate trains, they are long and hot....blah. 
Friday was a first full day helping Elder Allen getting adjusted and going was easy, he already is ready. But the highlight was Jasmin. She kept her promise even came home early from Denmark to Bare her testimony. I had to translate did okay, but through in a Joke that the members loved, but the missionaries were teasing me about it. She was talking about her first experiences with missionaries and how she looked out her window and saw two young well dressed people, but I said that she looked out the window and saw 2 beautiful missionaries. It was a hoot, but yeah it was so cool that she did it and she has a powerful little testimony. I hope she realizes that so she can commit to being baptized. But this week we get to prepare a baptism for Robert we are so excited all depending on if he went to church in Czech Republic but if not no big deal just do it next week. Everything is so good here. Love the mission love life! hope your all doing good as well happy mothers day to everyone have a good week and i will chat at you next week! 

Elder Harris

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