Monday, May 13, 2013


Well hey everyone! It was good to be able to talk to some of you yesterday.  The highlights have to be Jordyn telling me I am grounded if i don't come home, and Peyton asking how to say Peyton in Polish and I say that it's the same and ask if she wants to know how to say sister and she goes quite and says no.....haha okay turn down!
 But It was way good! I thought it was really cool of you mom to invite Lynnae over and let her talk. Thank you so much for that and I bet she is grateful too. You guys all sound good and happy. And props to mom for not crying while on the phone with me, well she did a little but that"s okay ;) That was for sure a good way to end the week! 
This week was rainy and had a lot of ups and downs. I hope I don't offend anyone with what I am going to say thought. 
'Monday we didnt have p-day as you all already know.  Tuesday was weird. It was our P-day, but I had the worlds most biggest headache. I didn't have anything on me to take at the time so I was onry...luckly I didn't scare Elder Allen away. But it was so hard and on top of that  Leszek Szymański calls to tell me about Robert and how he isn't able to make a train back from Czech Republic in time for Fridays interview or Saturdays baptism. I was so sad, but don't worry he called me Saturday and everything is all good! His new date is June 8th. He is funny though so honest and loves the gospel. He wants nothing more than to be baptized and help his wife come closer to that as well. Such a blessing in my life.  Tuesday night I get a call from the Gdańsk Elder phone and I am like uh Skolimowki you can't call me I am not in your District and so I don't answer, but Elder Allen answers and all he hears is Dzień Dobry Panu! and Elder Allen goes I think your looking for Elder Harris. So I say hello and I hear this heyyyy Elder Harris. Oh cześć Darku! Elder Myler was in Poland this week and he took time out of his vacation to call me it was great to be able to talk to him. Then Wednesday me and Elder Allen went to work. We had amazing success on the street getting two street lessons as well as a couple numbers. We had a really good lesson with Jasmin, but she didn't come to church so hopefully she is alright. Then Thursday....Well we have to do this thing called zameldować meaning to get registered and it's pretty much legal work and your land lord has to come and sign these papers well that's what I have heard. And so I call mine and her husband gives a paper and says that's all you need so I go okay...and head the Urząd and of course it doesn't work. And well Elder Harris is onry now great. So I am trying to call this lady and she won't answer so yeah Thursday morning was blast of flavor.
  We still had a good day. Elder Allen is doing so well. he really is coming along fast in every aspect of the missionary work except how  he ties his's really ugly I tell him every day, but he won't change it. its this wimpy skinny not that looks like something homer Simpson would wear. Actually if i remember right homers not is fatter so....yeah maybe he will change one day...but no really he is great we are having a blast razem! Friday had a lesson with our little Aduś (cute a fied version of Adam) he is our 11 year investigator and it went well, he read and prayed so that's always nice. Saturday I ran into some people who I dearly love. 
Well back up so i hope this don't offend anyone. In Poland there are lots of J Dubs and I have met some really nice ones, we talk and depart and don't argue I am have been lucky not one has tried to ague,  but then this guy that we stop, we tell him we have a message on  how God showed his love by calling a Prophet and this guy instantly pulls out his bible and not even on the subject of prophets and is like what do you think that means. uh it says that we can only know the truth by the spirit cool bro that's what I am trying to say then he says yes and God Jehovah said this and me being a smart mouth goes uh wait did you say God Jehovah? Who is that and they are explaining Jehovah as God and I go well actually Jehovah is Jesus...and his little girl friend where is it written that it's Jesus. I laughed and go well I can't tell you where, but I know its says that Jehovah prayed to how does that work and she goes uh...maybe you should study the bible so you know what your talking about so me being a punk gets mad and goes okay where does it say that it's God and not Jesus  She is like.....everywhere....being really hesitant and I was like show me. So they begin to show me taking forever to find a scripture then I say sorry I can't feel the Holy Ghost so I don't want to aruge with you any more so bye and left. Shouldn't have talked to them in the first place, but yeah so if you meet a J Dub be nice and don't aruge it's not good. Just a random story for you all. I feel as if my emails are too short so thought I would throw that in. That afternoon we look out our window and found a Ferrari just parked outside like its no big deal haha. Big old bright red one too! nuts! Sunday of course was good g

ot to talk to you guys and yeah good weird week. Love this mission thought. Thanks for your words last night it was good to hear your voices and it really has motivated me. I love you all and pray for you all! be safe have a good week!!!! Church is true!

Elder Harris

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