Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cześć Rodzino!

Wow pretty great week. So it started out with P-Day of course and we went to the Hard Rock Cafe here in Warsaw. It was my first time in my life ever going. Little embarrassed. But it was way way good. I want to go back and get a shirt though. That would be cool. Beside that P-Day was a little dole. I am so tired For some reason Warsaw makes me ten times more tired and I sneeze a million times a morning too. Maybe I am allergic. Tuesday we had a really good Zone training. So okay, słuchajcie Zone trainings are something in our mission that we do once a month. And it's always in accordance with our meeting with the APS and President. So we do it in two in days. The first day was Tuesday, and it was for Warsaw 1 and 2 as well as Lublin and Białystok. It went good started out a little boring, but we manged to really get everyone involved and made it way fun! The next day we went to Łódź and taught the Łódź district the same thing and it went just as good.  That's always nice to get that out of the way. The Lloyd's who are the Senior couple in Łódź and Hannah's friend Brikell's grandparents, they always make some really delishes treat for us. On the way home the train broke down and we were stuck at some train station for like an hour. It was brutal and hot and we got home way late! But I am alive. Thursday was amazing.
We had a free board with the missionaries on Żoliborz who are Fotu and Garfield, and it was really really good. We meet a guy named Maksymilian whose Mom is JDUB, but thinks it's wrong and has always been curious about who we were as Mormons, so we got his number and we are going to call him today so that's awesome. We meet a girl and her boyfriend who are searching for religion and that accepted a Book and said to call today as well. So hopefully we will be getting some new people to teach. Also I think it happened on Thursday, but Elder Allen had a referral for me and so he called, and it was so funny to hear his little voice. He seems to be doing good and have some really good success in Bydgoszcz, so that's awesome! Friday was a miracle! absolutely amazing. We had a day of nothing getting turned down left and right and it was a pain, but Elder Tingey had a feeling to visit this former member and we just happened to be by his house, so we did. He let us and just laid everything out on us. He said he knows the book is true, but it scares him, he has had so much change in his life that he is down to nothing. He is scared to find God, but thinks he has. He wants to meet, stop drinking and smoking, and it was just a blessing to see the lords hand in our work. Lets see and yeah really really great. Saturday was cool, the APS czyli, Żeleźniak, and Raines called and we did a white board, nothing to successful to report, but it was good to work with them. They are great missionaries and it was fun. I love Żeleźniak. He is my rugby buddy! Then Sunday another former showed up and he said that he wants to be baptized, but people are always giving him crap about being a Mormon and stuff. He is from Spain and such a great guy so we need to really help him understand. So things are starting to really go good here in Warsaw. The church is true. This week is Zone Conferences, wish me luck, it's my first time teaching. Love you all and miss ya talk to next week!

Elder Harris

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