Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy birthday Hannah and Kelly! who else am I missing?
Cześć Rodzino!

Alrighty bądźcie przygotowani na to! This week was great just like every week! and I should have a bunch of pics for you guys so hopefully I have time! So this week started out with going to the the Rynek with the Sisters in our district. It was really fun, we got to see some really cool old churches and stuff. I will send those another day. There are to many, but just so you all know, it was really cool.  Elder Tingey is a little addicted to Banana juice so we always are stopping by the store and I always see a watermelon and I want one so bad,
so I bought one and ate it with a spoon in like 3 days it was awesome. Probably one of my best decisions.

                                   Also this week we ran into Sister Bezjian
who was a Sister missionary here who I served with in Gdańsk with Elder and Sister Myler woops I mean Sister Ostler ;) so that is always cool to see former missionaries. Tuesday we had a meeting with Henrique or little spaniard guy and he accepted a date or 21 of September to be baptized, but he never came to church so really it's a little iffy but hey he is great and can't wait to see him progress! Also this week we did 3 finding activities with other missionaries, one was with Elders Fotu and Garfield and it was fun. We did a white board and I walked around asking people Co znajduje sie w tym pudełku? meaning what's in the box and everyone laughed, old people didn't like it,but got lots of younger people attentions. It was a blast, also did it with Elders Saltmarsh and Swicegood as well as put on a little open house. Lots of family stopped, none wanted a tour or the book, but liked that we are here trying to do good. They always compare us to JDUBS so it was nice to let people know that we are the nice ones.  Sunday night had a really good chalk activity with the AP's, Saltmarsh and Swicegood. Elder Raines drew the plan of salvation and and we talked to lots of people, one of which was a really sweet family who at first was not interested, but after me and them talked they said well yeah were can I get this book so I gave it to them and committed them to read! the next one was a perfect stop. This old lady and fairly attractive daughter. The old lady didn't want to talk, but the girl did, feeling awkward I just talking and she is straight up interested. Her brother who is way religious received a Book of Mormon along time ago. Likes it, he told her to read it. Oh and ps he plays Rugby no big deal, didn't meet him, but sounds cool. So we got her number and hopefully something happens. Attitude is what its all about. We also had a very spiritual Zone Conference and Elder TIngey is the man! He taught so good and it was a great conference.
It was the last time I see Elder Van Bakel who is form Holland and plays rugby. So lucky he gets to play soon, but yeah sorry low on time love you all miss you all be safe and talk to you later!!!!

Elder Harris

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