Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cześć Wam,

Sorry no pics this week. I promise next week.  Pretty cool week, been kinda stressed though, but hey I am learning so it's all good. I have been reading the conference addition of the ensign and it's amazing. The little talks that are not by big people are incredible. I really enjoyed the marriage one. Really was  good, not only for the future(hopefully) but as my companionship. Just gotta have faith. I honestly do love it out here. I have had sports on my mind a lot and am trying to get off it, but what I did was tie it to the gospel. In D&C 138 verse 57 talks about always being a missionary even in the next life. I thought about that. After high school I took off the helmet for the last time, probably yelled at my last  prop after high school, but the badge will always be there. My missionary badge is one of the most sacred things to me. It's my uniform. We should all be looking to find our badge weather we are members or not. Remember that we are here for a reason and that we have a purpose. This week as I was saying was stressful, language was dying,  but still learned a lot. I  had a fun exchange with Elder Fotu, he is from Lone Peak. We talk about Polys of course and he taught me a little Tongan Fefe Hake? Sai'pi that means how are you? good haha yeah doing great right?  This week was lots of mini exchanges with Warsaw II, meaning we did a white board and the same with Warsaw I DLS it was so much fun. Way to hot. We have a cool new investigator named Andrzej.  The work is going, sorry it's so short.  I love you all and miss you all. Till next week! be safe!

Elder Harris

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