Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally something that's just my size
Cze뜻 Rodzino!

So just wanted to start off with how amazing Leadership council was. Absolutely amazing. Never felt the spirit so strong. The big topic was faith. And how that's all that our mission is missing. Of course we are missionaries and we have to have faith up the wazoo to come on a mission, but do we have it in the right things? It was really really cool, to really kinda look at things from a different perspective. So now me and Elder Tingey have to really plan hard and figure out how we can teach our zone tomorrow, and invite that same spirit. We do have a really good plan. I am using ADIDAS as one of my analogies! its going to be way cool. That was Wednesday.  We had lots of good stuff go down this week.  First some of you have been asking whats my area like. And I will try to explain that haha. In Warsaw they have things they call Dzielnicy which are like I guess for the fact of explain this pretend Warsaw is a state...and I work in Herriman, that's what a dzielnicy is, but not so big.  We can travel to other dzielnicy in like 10 to 15 minutes well okay so Salt lake is Warsaw and my dzielnicy is Wola which is like Herriman. Hope that make sense.  It's a bigger area it's  really city looking. Not to many neighborhoods, but in Poland when you track it's more of really high communism apartment buildings. It's cool. 
Story for this week. We went tracking and got let in for the first time this transfer and he was a Rastafarian....haha cool huh? he starts talking about it and at first I was like what? is that what I really think it is? so I asked him okay so I am not understanding your I said "Jah Rasta Fari!" he laughed and said yup. Elder Tingey looks at me and says what that I said was he smokes weed and listens to Raggae. This guy turned out to be really really cool. He was so excited to read the Book of Mormon. He has heard about us and wanted to order a Book or Mormon, but couldn't find one in Polish online. So that was a neat experience. We had a really good lesson with are baptism named Adam such a cool guy who really wants to find out more about God. What a great lesson, and he came to the Branch Activity. The Branch activity was fun. It was a Luaua and well didn't think I would go on my mission in Poland and learn the Haka, or a mixed up Haka, but yeah we have two Poly Elders so the branch president who is a senior missionary asked them to teach some of the Elders the haka and we preformed it. Went okay. It was fun. I have a video, but its to big to send so I will send it with my Christmas package. Sorry. But a really fun week. Also I had the chance like I was saying to study faith. And I love the scripture Eerth 12:6, such a powerful scripture. I know that it's true though because not only here in Poland, but everywhere in my life I have experienced that faith comes after trails, if you stay strong. So everyone stay strong. Good times are here, just be grateful and love your family. You guys are the best love you all so much!

Elder Harris

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