Monday, October 7, 2013

Cześć wam!
Well not so much really going on this week. Monday we to Ogród Saski which means Saxton Gardon I think that's what it is in English, but not sure. It's where Poland was set apart for missionary work. It was really something special. 
 It's now a grove of tress ( go figure right ;) ) but it's so beautiful. It's where two prophets of God stood, and blessed and opened my mission so beautiful. That night I get home and I received a text from Robert! yes Robert in Bydgoszcz. It was awesome! he was telling me about his son and how is doing good and that he eats alot. he wrote . "On jest głodny chyba po Tacie." hahe meaning he is hungry probably takes after his dad. Pretty funny. We didn't talk much, but it was good to hear from him. Been meeting with Oskar this week. Doing good. Need to get him to talk with his mom more, doesn't really have a good relationship with her unfortunately, but we will work on that, but so Słuchajcie! Wednesday was the bomb! we did a chalkboard again, but with different missionaries so that of course is always fun. Cold day, but fairly busy. Our English class rocks. We had a j dub in our class just hating on the Book of Mormon because she said it's not inspired, but then all of the sudden our class starts getting after her defending the Book of Mormon and stuff and it was funny, but really cool. What impact we have on these old people! Enrique is doing good, pushed his date back because of problems with living with his is girlfriend, but it will happen. He is such a stud. We had a member from Mexico on the lesson, he speaks Polish and Spanish and Enrique speaks Spanish and English, so that was fun, also really funny. They both are two different people, but are now good friends. Enrique also came to 2 sessions of conference and loved it! President Edren told us that we could go to all of it so, I got to see all, but the final session. That was around 10 o'clock at night here so yeah. Conference was powerful. The most amazing ever. Loved Christoffereson's talk. If you say the word mom in a talk it's automatically the best.  Ballard had a good talk. Liked his promise. " if you talk to more people, you will have more success." okay sounds good. of course that's a duh, but it was cool to get a call out in conference. I hope all of you who are reading this are doing what you can to help the missionaries weather it's be in on lessons with them, saying hi, feeding or giving referrals, it's all appropriated,  I promise. I love you all and hope is all good! talk to you all later!

Elder Harris

PS.Friday for me and Elder Stumpf is make momma proud day. So I  cleaned the kitchen! yes Mom and Shanequa will be happy! 

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