Monday, October 21, 2013

Cześć Rodzino,
So were to start. This week was cool. Was in Łódź on exchange with my "brother" Elder Finch. And had District Conference ( stake confrence) on sunday it was good.
Monday for P-Day sister Tobler wanted to play football, so some of us Elders got together and played football. It was a blast but boy was I sore the next day. Also Monday through Wednesday was on exchange with Elder Finch in Łódź. It was a blast some crazy things happened while tracking and yeah let's just say it's a night of tracking to remember! Also being there I had sometime to really think of what kind of missionary I am. I read on their mirror D&C 6:36, absolutely love the that scripture. Really rely on him and everything will be so good. That is something I have really learned on my mission. The exchanges were good and it was a joy to be around Elder Finch. Then the weekend was really cool. Like I said we had District conference. I was able to see my old friends from Bydgoszcz. Adam was there, ya'll remember him? He is still active but has a funny haircut (not judging) but it was so cool to see him. He came up to me and gave me a hug and said my favorite missionary! It was so cool. Elder Baranowski is now in Warsaw and we have two really old members who loved Baranowski when he was here and so they got to see him and one yells Mój Polak! meaning my polish person! it was hilarious and they both gave him the biggest hug and it was great. If you know Baranowksi it's funny because only he would have a good relationship with the polish grandmas, but the same one says hey were is Moja stokrotka? meaning daisy meaning me! so yeah I guess they like me too because I am so little and am always smiling. Sunday I was talking to a member from Łódź telling her how I was there and she said that she was talking to Andrzej about me and that I need to serve there, so that would be cool. It's crazy how much I love this country and these people. Sorry not much to say but I do love you all and miss you all stay safe! 

Elder Harris

PS one of the pics is me next to a wall of an old Ghetto, no not like in Oakland but like jew syle!

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