Monday, October 28, 2013

Droga Rodzina,
So the question, Do you believe? has been going through my head all week. So that's been my focus, is to see if I really believe. And it's been a very good week. For starters, we played football again. I was still sore because I am a little out a shape, so it was tough playing the week. I just played safe and it was still a blast. Elder Stumpf from a Germany is really good! So proud of him. As you all know, Elder Harris, or Shawn is king at dislocating his pinky, well poor Elder Neuner dislocated his pinky on the last play. Of course everyone freaks out ah go the the hospital! what do we do! Elder Raines, his companion lucky is smart and is like no that's a waste. I say I agree Elder Neuner let me see your hand POP! problem solved. He yells AWWW it feels a lot better....Yeah I know I have done it multiple times. So good thing that happened alot during Rugby so I would know what to do. See Rugby is a blessing. 
Elder Stumpf this week got sick for two days so I was able to read our Heritage and really it's a great book I totally recommend it. Those Pioneers went through can we say Hell? Is that appropriate? Już napisałem. I am really grateful for them. It's been really cool to just sit and read and like it. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and what he did. It literally changed everyone of our lives. Take a second to think about how the fact that Jesus Christ and God the Father appeared to Young Joesph. What does that mean in your lives? Let me know. We did a little exchange with the AP's so we could teach Enrique and I went with Elder Neuner. Crazy to see how different we are then from the MTC. Such a blessing. The lesson rocked and we did great together. He is great missionary and I look up to him. On Saturday we had a guy meet with us from another companionship and he at the start said that the Book of Mormon is from the devil and asked how can someone believe in this. So we bare powerful testimonies and he still is stubborn so we started asking questions and we started teaching. He can't tell us why? except for the fact that in Revelations it says you can add to the bible which the Book of Mormon is not an addition, but then I pointed out that in Deuteronomy it also says that, so I let him know thanks to that the muslims are the most correct, he laughed in embarrassment, and we invited him to read the Bible and, bore testimony again. So it was a hard mean lesson, and was a little inappropriate, but it was awesome going to war and baring testimony and seeing and feeling the spirit. Then to end the week Oskar give's the spiritual thought in Priesthood and the Elders Quorm pres says there's the future of the church in Poland. Wow! so true and such a blessing, to have taught him. He is doing great. So do I believe? I do, this church is true and I love it!!! love you all. have a good week!

Elder Harris

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