Monday, February 24, 2014

 Rafał, 1st counsler in the branch presidency

This saying mean's I love you
Well to be honest...i forgot my planner, so this email could be short but i will try and remember all that went on. I guess i could start with this, that i am going back to Zion! Going back to Bydgoszcz! Święta Krowa! But i am really really sad to leave Kato. Last year when i was hear was some of the funnest but hardest times on my mission and really was where i grew the most. Then going back again was just awesome, Adrian on sunday the Branch President and the coolest member in Poland, gave a powerful talk on sunday and then all of the sudden goes well as you all know Elder Lanham has left, and Elder Harris is leaving as well, he served well for us and he will be missed, so i am a little chocking up at this point, and then he goes i invite him up to bare his testimony....Dang it Adrian. But i get up and not going to lie almost lost it. Kato really is a special place and really cant explain the love i have for it, it was an honour to serve here...twice! But about this week. so we are still working with Krzysztoff, the one who we helped stop drinking. we one tuesday sat and really talked about the Book of Mormon and he looks at us and says well i cant say its not true, it makes me feel closer to Jesus. So Krzysztoff what does that mean? He looks at me and says its gotta be true. We then talk about how in sports in order to get better you need to practice, but you need to have somthing to practice for. so he agreed to a date...March 29. It was awesome, we talk daily on the phone and he says he knows for sure the church is true and he will be baptized on the 29th. unfourtunatly, i will not be here, but his progression has beent he most humbling this of my mission. Wow i am so gratefu for the church and realy the understanding it brings me. I know the church is true. Love you all and will talk to you all later!
Elder Harris

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