Monday, February 3, 2014

 Elder Tiner last dinner before going home from his mission 

Dzień Dobry Wszystkim,
Patience, that is a word that i have been thinking about for most of my mission if not all of it. Lets be honest i am not really a patient person, i cant sit and watch a Raiders game without analyzing it or getting upset. ( now other team fans of which i wont name understand now ) In football or rugby the other team scores on me its the end of the world and i get made which can be okay but that is besides the point. I drove really fast and really was dumb. But i have wanted to become of patient person because i dont want my wife to hate me becasue i flip out every 26 seconds you know? So i have been working on it. This transfer has been the biggest eye opener ever. We dont only need to have patience with situations that may upset us or even have to hury around everywhere, also got to be patient with the plan. the work is rather slow here and we have all week been on the streets for an average of 6 to 7 hours a day finding. its been hard but really good at the same time. I get to show the lord what i really am. who i really am. But besides all of that this week has been a great one, cant really complain about anything i am on the best team in the world and we are winning. Monday as you all know we went to Austwichwicz or however you spell it and it was really good, good to see. But tuesday we had a good district meeting, its so nice when your district participates because personally i hate lectures so why should i give one right? but the district likes talking as well so we make it work! we also had dinner with the branch president which is the missionary best friend Adrian. He is a stud. We talked about the less actives and what really to do with them and we gave me great feed back. Sunday i followed up with him and we then talked about how he was doing. he is 24 years old and has to deal with a whole branch its crazy how strong he is. He testimony is an example because he has nothing here in poland but he understands that he has all he needs. he told me that i am one of his favorite missionaries. What he doesnt understand is he is loved by every missionary who knows his name. ask any Poland warsaw missionary and they will tell you that Adrian Urban is a stud. Also this week had daily contact and two meetings with Krzystof. He is doing good but found out that he is really sick. the doctor even said that he cant go walk out on his balcony he needs to stay inside, he isnt contagaious its just the fall that he had 4 months ago and he is going throught alchole withdrawls hard core i have never seen this before. but we talked and he is really liking everything but his mom is the strongest catholic lady in the world every question i ask i get this answer no matter the question. Bez Boga nic nie robimy, ufaj Panu Bogu i on nas będzie nas kochał.( with out God we cant do anything trust God and he will love us.) Thats great Maria but what does the commadment dont kill people mean to you, and she repeats. its funny but really cant go anywere with them cant really be bold because they dont comprehend really good that we are not catholic we are a different church but boy do they love when we come over. Krzysztof, is a good man who when is healthy will be baptized he doesnt like the catholic church or the jdubs and understands but not enought to progress so we will see what happens with him. funny story really quick Elder Anderson really likes Beef Jerky which is hard to find in this country and when you find it its really pricy. but he wanted to make homemade so i was like sweet lets do it. but our stove doesnt stay open by itself so he tied a string to one of the cabinet doors and yeah it worked and tasted really good. but picture is in the other email it was so redneck it was awesome. but also the coolest thing happened on friday. well good and bad. first we finally got let in to see Daria the recent convert, who was baptized when i was first here by Bokinsky and vernon. she has been ignoring us for awhile but stopped by at  her house. first time i have seen her in a while. But she wasnt home, but her husband let us in. we talked and come to find out he is cleaning up. not drinking still smoking but he is wokring and they are getting a long. We then sit and wait in the house and their kids are home and it was the cutest thing playing with little Nadia. She is so cute and so i got a pic of her with me. But then Daria comes home and she walks in and was excited to see me, she remembered me. And to be honest she looked way healthy and like a cute little mormon mom you would see in utah i was so excited to see her. then we talk and she doesnt want to come back. she is telling us how she has been talking to someone and she is having a hard time believing that we are only blessed when we go  to church because life is getting good for her, but its not like God forgets us when we dont follow the commandments we just miss out on others. i explained that God loves her no matter what and always listens, but has given us ways to feel his love more in our lives. She is cool and said we can set up later again but yeah it was hard. Thats when patience comes in. I have been praying for her since i got here. I wanted to get her back, and finally i have a shot and cant do it. But its all according to Gods plan, like everything in this life. Cool to think thats its all planned out just got to be humble learn and choose. wybierz sprawiedliwość! naprzód do zwycięstwa! ( choose the right, foreward to victory ) Looking foreward to a good week. Also this week just found out some insane news, But President Dieter F Uchtdorf on June 15 will be visting our mission. My last sunday, i am so excited and feel lucky it will be my first time have a chance to met an apostle. Good way to go out yeah? anyways have a good week love you all and talk to you later!
Kocham Was!
Elder Harris

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